Finye (Le Vent/The Wind)*

Bah (Fousseyni Sissoko) is the son of an African tribal chieftain and his girlfriend Batrou (Goundo Guisse) is the daughter of a military governor ruling over the region where the students live and attend the university. Both students are committed to political activism, and take shared stances that oppose the views of their parents, stances that also cause them to suffer at the hands of the brutal military. Disaffection escalates, and the couple end up in prison after the vicious quelling of a demonstration in which many were hurt, catalyzing mass unrest over the detention of innocent bystanders. Bah’s father turns to ancient ways of seeking help and protection by praying to a sacred tree and receiving instruction from a vocalizing wind. He then goes to confront the governor – the past confronting the colonial period – and although the governor tries to kill him, miraculously he is not hurt. Whether or not Bah and Batrou leave prison alive, there is a sense that change is in the wind. via

*in full with the other parts along the bottom. in Bambara with French subtitles

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