Pt1 of an undead high elf army origin story...hope it's not crap

Alright so we’re going back to the old world here. Finubar (Or tyrion I haven’t decided yet) told Prince Lortharem (the head elf in charge of my possible army) that he’d gotten wind of a plot cooked up by a vampire in estalia to somehow attack and conquer coastal ulthuan. Unbeknownst to them however this particular vampire had captured a skaven engineer and was forcing him to build the vampire a new weapon under the threat of death. The skaven being a coward obliged. So after he’d received his orders Lortharem and his arch mage Althaeis mounted up to go put a stop to the undead abomination’s schemes.

Finubar the Seafarer

Finubar is the current phoenix king of the Asur, also known as high elves. Their fair island, Ulthuan, has stood as a bastion against the forces of chaos since the elves first drew breath. Exceptional warriors, these mighty and proud elves have had a legacy of tremendously powerful warrior kings.

Finubar is not such a king. He is, as any elf, a superior swordsman compared to a human, however in an age of constant war the high elves already have enough generals and champions. No, Finubar is a great king because of his rational thinking, humility, and his exceptional watch and care of his people. He is a superior diplomat, and his policies have seen the high elves survive this current age of bloodshed, against dark elf, daemon,cultist and beast.

Finubar may not be the most skilled warrior among the proud warrior race, but he is still a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and woe betide any foe foolish enough to face the Asur in battle.

Coloured, finally. Got bored on a train journey today. 35 min color job on the Ipad. I had fun on the 2 blades. Still got a lot to learn in colouring.

Finubar the seafearer

wip sketch before bed

So here is my idea for the warhammer high elves king. I based it off the warhammer online version, I even used a similar angle pose, but I have done my own take on the armour, which is toned down and I hope a bit more pratical and believable. I also did not like the online versions staff, so I am making him a staff/spear and a sword. He may not be a warrior by nature, but he is a warrior by duty.

now the sketch is done, I can play around with it in the morning. its half 3 now, and I have fully sobered up. time for bed now.