Бал вампиров - Кромешная тьма (Totale Finsternis)
Иван Ожогин, Анна Тесс
Бал вампиров - Кромешная тьма (Totale Finsternis)

Yesterday’s performance. Fresh audio. Totale Finsternis. Graf von Krolock - Ivan Ozhogin, Sarah - Anna Tess. 14.05.2017.

Tanz der Vampire songs rated by the amount of Unnecessary Krolock Drama in them
  • Hey Ho Hey: 0/10
  • Knoblauch: 0/10
  • Eine schöne Tochter ist ein Segen: 0/10
  • Nie geseh'n: 0/10
  • Gott ist Tott: Dude goes out just to stand under a window and have a dramatic, Shakespearean level monologue and makes some pretty strong statements on religion, but pretty chill for Krolock. 7/10
  • Ein Perfekter Tag/Wahrheit: 0/10
  • Einladung zum Ball: Oh my God. Such unnecessary, such drama. Clearly the optimal time for inviting the fair maiden he has his eye on to the Hell Ball is when she's in the bath. Naked. And clearly the optimal way to invite her is to talk about topics like morality. And keep talking. Not even checking to see if she actually accepted his invitation. Or telling her when the ball is taking place. Iconic. infinity/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit: 0/10
  • Die roten Stiefel: Technically, Krolock may be only there for a Hot Two Seconds, but he and his love of histrionics clearly have left enough of an impression on Sarah so that she imagines him dancing with her in the Most Extra™ way possible. 3/10
  • Tott zu sein ist Komisch: 0/10
  • Vor dem Schloss: The Pinnacle of Krolock Sass and Drama. The man walks out to greet his guests and ends up talking about his himself, his emotions, and wraps up by trying to seduce Alfred. Classic Krolock. 15/10
  • Totale Finsternis: He spends an entire song building up to An Epic Finale and then decides to leave Sarah human and sexually frustrated just so he can have A Moment. Amazing, but not as dramatic as we know he can be. 8/10
  • Carpe Noctem: He's left such an impression on Alfred that Alfred dreams of Shirtless, Ripped Krolock With An 8-Pack wearing leather pants. No Krolock, but points for Dream!Krolock being as unnecessarily dramatic as the real thing. 6/10
  • Für Sarah: 0/10
  • Die Gruft: 0/10
  • Wenn Liebe in dir ist: 0/10
  • Sie Irren, Professor: He appears out of nowhere just to sass Alfred and Professor Abronsious while hiding so his voice echoes dramatically around. The Extra™ in this scene is overpowering. 9/10
  • Ewigkeit: 0/10
  • Die unstilbare Gier: Oh my god holy moly this is It. The absolute definition of Extra™. The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of of Needlessly Dramatic™. Krolock goes out to the graveyard just to complain about his life and be nihilistic. He goes beyond the human comprehension of Drama™. 150/10.
  • Tanzall: It seems that Krolock used most of his daily allotment of drama in Gier because he's surprisingly chill in their scene. Points for dropping Sarah on the floor just to make a Point and for swearing in the name of Hell itself just to get a few humans back though. 4/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit (Reprise): 0/10
  • Der Tanz der Vampire: 0/10
Tanz der Vampire songs rated by the amount of Herbert in them
  • Hey Ho Hey: 0/10
  • Knoblauch: 0/10
  • Nie geseh'n: 0/10
  • Got ist tot: 0/10
  • Wahrheit: 0/10
  • Einladung zum Ball: 0/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit: 0/10
  • Die roten Stiefel: 0/10
  • Vor Dem Schloss: Herbert has only one line, but he steals the entire show. The highlight of act one. Could use more Herbert though. 8/10
  • Totale Finsternis: 0/10
  • Carpe Noctem: Herbert's full potential for this scene is sadly squandered. He's there, but not front and center. 6/10
  • Für Sarah: 0/10
  • Die Gruft: He's techically there, but he's. In a coffin. Points for Herbert nonetheless. 2/10
  • Wenn Liebe in dir ist: Oh my god. If you came to Tanz der Vampire for Herbert von Krolock, this is it. This is the song of the show. The best three minutes out of two and a half hours. Solid Herbert. Infinity/10
  • Ewigkeit: 0/10
  • Die unstillbare Gier: 0/10
  • Tanzsaal: Herbert may not have any speaking lines, but his gestures and facial expressions are everything and definitely are the highlight of this scene. 8/10
  • Draußen ist Freiheit (Reprise): 0/10
  • Der Tanz der Vampire: Hell yeah Herbert dressed in leather and singing about taking over the world. 11/10

Okay, so there had been this whole Ardyn-Usurper-thing on the dash and I was wondering, since in the german version Ardyn never gets called an usurper but instead “the once savior”, which is literally the complete opposite.

@ofnoconsxquence was curious how a literal translation of the answer Bahamut gives would be like, since the english one is different (also in sub) and Bahamut gives a far better explanation. 
Ardyn doesn’t even get called “The Accursed” but simply “the fallen son of Lucis”. German Bahamut is so much nicer…
So if anyone is interested, I translated the german answer into english literally:

Wer ist der “gefallene Sohn” von Lucis wirklich?
Ardyn heilte die Siechenden und nahm die Parasiten der Finsternis in sich auf. Doch statt Krankheit brachten sie ihm ewiges Leben. Den Körper besudelt, vom Kristall verschmäht, blieb dem einst selbstlosen Retter die Regentschaft als König verwehrt.

Seitdem wird er einzig vom Sinn nach Rache an den Lucis getrieben. Und so ward die Welt in Finsternis gestürzt.
Doch erst wenn er dich, den vom Kristall erwählten und von den alten Regenten beschützten König vernichtet hat, wird er Ruhe finden.

Who really is the “fallen son” of Lucis?
Ardyn healed the ones wasting away and took the parasites of darkness into himself. But instead of illness they brought him eternal life. The body stained, despised by the crystal, the once selfless savior was denied the reign as king. 

Since then he is solely driven by the brooding of revenge on the Lucis (weird to translate). And so the world was plunged into darkness.
Though only when he destroyed you, the king chosen by the crystal and protected by the old rulers, he will find peace.

Think it is quite interesting.]

1# Shadow Princess                  

Einst traf ich einen Heldin groß und stark,
die einige Talente tief in sich barg.
Furchtlos war sie und ohne Tadel.
Ihr Benehmen wahrlich wie von reinstem Adel.
Sie hatte Humor, war überaus Charmant
und hielt schon bald mein vertrauen in ihrer Hand.
Ihr edles Antlitz dem eines gütigen Herrschers gleich.
Sie legte mir zu Füßen ihr strahlendes Reich.
Voller Wohlwollen war dort die Atmosphäre
und es sprühte nur so vor Anstand und Ehre.
Die Hoffnung dort schien heller als Tausend Sonnen.
Mit einem Lächeln hatte sie mein Herz gewonnen.
Ich wurde zur Maid, die es zu retten galt,
deshalb machte sie vor keinem Monster halt.
Die Gefahr, welche sie nicht kommen sah,
war von Anbeginn so erschreckend nah.
Diese Kreatur war nicht leicht zu bezwingen
und doch hoffte ich es würde ihr gelingen.
Die Bestie die sie zu bezwingen wagte,
war die Einsamkeit mit der ich mich plagte.
Die Heldin nahm den Kampf dennoch auf
und erlitt Blessuren sogar zuhauf.
Als ihre Chancen gegen den Nullpunkt sanken,
umschlang ihre Liebe mein Herz wie Ranken.
Sie erfüllte mich mit Glück und Fröhlichkeit
und verschwunden wart die absolute Dunkelheit.
Diese Frau ward von nun an mein Licht,
das auf ewig meine Finsternis bricht.

Tanz der Vampire - St. Galler version

Or as I like to call it: the Very Gay Version™

Sooooo where do I start? IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! Never would I have thought that this version could grow on me so very much! I must admit, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical whether I would like our masterpiece to be modernised or not - but after I saw the St. Galler version, all my doubts disappeared! And in my review of the dernière show (26th May 2017) you shall see why:

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