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It’s Been Years ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Buttercream squad X Kendall Jenner X Justin Bieber

Word Count: 1417

Summary: Jack and reader meet again for the first time in three years, reader meets the rest of the boys as well. 

Requested: Part Three

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You and Justin walked into the club judging the clubs to yourselves, you were wear a cute tight white dress that hugged your figure completely and Justin wore a white t-shirt and black ripped jeans. Smirking Justin put his hand near your butt and pushed you towards the stairs, leaning down he whispered in your ear. “Let’s get ourselves something to drink baby.”

Nodding you swayed your way upstairs where a row of booths was placed and bar stretched across the top near the glass window looking out onto the dance floor. Yourself and Justin made your way over to VIP section of the floor to see a few celebrities you had met before, talking to a few before you told Justin you were getting each other a few drinks.

Making your way from the VIP section you noticed a very familiar group of people sitting a few booths away, you stood frozen in your place when your eyes locked with electric blue eyes that haunt your dreams and nightmares.

The electric blue eyes that belonged to Jack Maynard.

You had dreamed of this moment for the past three years, you had dreamed meeting him again when you would have gone home for Christmas but you had been having Christmas with the Biebers. You had dreamed of running into him when you had shoots in London or running into him with interviews, you had dreamed of flying back home and just showing up on his doorsteps in tears.

Three years of dreaming meeting him again and what do you do? Well you did this.

Looking over the shocked face of the younger Maynard, you smirked seeing him practically drown your appearance. Giving him a wink and a small wave you turned your head seeing the older Maynard and the ginger boy you recognised as Josh from Jack’s videos, passing you at just the right time.

“Well. If it isn’t my Conbon.” You watched as Conor froze in his place, while Josh turns to face you with a big smile on his face.

“Um, Hi.” Josh nodded while Conor spun around so fast the drinks fell from his hand.


“Y/N.” Conor breathed pulling you into a hug from which you laughed at.

“That’s me.” You laughed as he spun you around.

“Oh my god I’ve missed you.” Conor muttered into your hair as he pulled away holding you by arm’s length.

“I’ve missed you too Conbon.” You grinned noticed Josh had walked away back to the booth. “I think I should go buy you guys some drinks as well you dropped yours.”

“No, Y/N/N you don’t have to.” Conor protested still holding you at arm’s length.

“It’s my ‘sorry I left three years ago and haven’t come back since’ starter present.” You smiled sadly watching the look of sadness and anger come onto Conor’s face. He went to open his mouth but you dragged him to the bar before he could say anything that would cause shit.

At the bar you could feel a pair of eyes burning into your body like they were trying to melt you into the ground, funnily enough you felt the same feeling on the side of your face while you flirted the bartender into free drinks. Once the bartender left to get your drinks, Conor spoke up. “Why the hell did that come from?

Confused you turned your head towards him, “What?”

“That.” Conor exclaimed his hand flying out towards the bartender whom was undressing your body, “You just word fucked the bartender.”

Laughing you realised Conor hadn’t seen you like this before, “Conbon, I do it all the time.”

Conor’s eyes turned dark and it scared you slightly, “What do you mean?” He demands in the voice he would use when someone was giving you trouble in your younger years.

While Conor was getting very protective over you, you had lit up like a Christmas tree. Conor hated that you used that technique in front of guys that could take advantage of you, but he also knew you hardly went anywhere without Justin and he hoped to god that he would protect you in ways Conor couldn’t have over the years.

“When you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no…” You sang causing a grin to appear onto Conor’s face but disappeared in seconds remembering why he was getting riled up.

“Look, Y/N it’s obvious you have changed… a lot. Jack he still believes you’re the same shy quiet girl but your far from it, don’t hurt him again.” Conor shook his head grabbing the tray of drinks, while you grabbed the two vodka cokes for you and Justin. “Please, Y/N don’t hurt him again.”

You turned around locking eyes with the same electric blue ones and turned your head to Conor, “I would never.”

Smiling you and Conor walked back to the table, on your way over you felt the nerves building up in the pit of your stomach but like hell were you going to show it. The closer you got the more you started panic inside, if there was anything you had learned over the years it was not to show any weakness.

Upon arriving at the table everyone went into a shock silence besides Josh, “Hi…again.”

You drank in everyone’s appearance, from Joe to Caspar, Oli, Mikey, Josh and finally Jack. Everyone kind of looked quite shock that you had walked up to the table with Conor whom was laughing at everyone’s reactions, shaking your head you gave the boys a smirk that to them gave one word.


“Boy’s…” You trailed off, “I don’t bite.”

It was like an instant reaction clicked in their minds because they all started saying things at once besides the younger Maynard, raising an eyebrow you looked at Conor who was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

However, they all stopped like you had pressed a pause button and stared at something behind you. Confused you went to turn around but stilled when you felt to arms snake around your waist and someone kissing your neck, smiling you through your head back on Justin’s shoulder.

“Play along.” He whispered into your ear as he picked his head up, looking up towards the buttercream squad. “Baby, you left me and you didn’t come back.”

“I was speaking to some old friends Jay, remember me telling you about Conor and Jack? Well look who I ran into.” You smiled pointing your hand at the boys who had looks of excitement and shock on their faces.

“Going to introduce us princess?” Justin asked coming round to stand by your side his left arm around your waist.

“I’m Joe and this dickhead next to me is Caspar.” Joe pointed to Caspar, “The ginger tree is Josh, next to him is Oli and Mikey.” All the boys waved or nodded their heads towards Justin who nodded back at them.

“I’m Conor.” Conor spoke out sticking his hand out for a bro hug.

“Conor Maynard right?” Justin asked a smile on his face.

“Yep that’s me.” Conor nodded.

Justin smile grew wider, “Bro you have a sick voice, this girl here is always playing it. We should get together some time.”

Everyone was shocked but not as shocked as Conor who nodded and agreed. You had noticed that Jack hadn’t said anything so tugged Justin’s arm and gave the award winning smile that Jack’s heart stop beating. “This quite one is Mr. Jack Maynard, my babyJ.”

“So this is the boy that you do not shut up about, good to meet ya man.” Justin smiled.

“Do you protect her?” Jack asked causing Conor to angrily mutter Jack’s name.

Justin startled by the question shook his head, “I protect her more than myself.”

“Do you treat her like a Queen?” Jack asked again.

“Nothing less.”

Frowning you looked towards Jack that hasn’t said one word to you yet, “Do you love her?”

“She’s my best friend, she has stuck by myside through everything, she’s the only one who showed she really cared. I love her more than anything.” Justin answered back look directly into Jack’s eyes.

Jack turned to look at you, he took in the frown on your face, the ring on your finger and then the necklace on your neck. He stood up and opened his arms ignoring the pain in his chest from Justin’s words, “I missed you so much munchkin.”

Laughing you through yourself at the boy you still deeply loved.

I feel like I should say sorry for not posting in two weeks, I have had so much school work to do and I’ve been trying to finsh my art course work as we started the exam. I have also have had family problems and I’m sorry for making you wait, I’ve spilt this into two parts as it was originally 5,000 words long and  thought I would put a cute meeting one before the dark games one. Again I am sorry fro all the people that have been asking me to post.

anonymous asked:

This is something that happened to me but has it to you? Basically you show some artwork to someone an they say "Nice rough sketch!" then die a little inside because you were finshed. My art teacher did that to me alot

Definitely, though I’m sure they didn’t mean it badly. Sometimes some of my old stuff would be taken as rough sketches just because I tended to have sketchy linework or because they assumed I would be adding color to my work or something else. If someone does that again, you can always ask what you think you could add to it. It’s nice to get other people’s input, but always make sure to take it and remind yourself that sometimes people have their preferences. “Hey maybe you can smooth out the lines and add some shadow and highlights” is different than “Yeah you used black and blue is better. I use blue and my stuff is phenomenal etc etc” 

Take what people say, identify things you definitely agree you can fix to make your stuff stronger and drop stuff that may not be as pertinent.

~_~ I had an art teacher look at a piece I did once and say I did some “nice anime.” ….>_>;;; It was supposed to be realistic and I took a really long time to try to make it as photo-realistic as possible and just…..

what the fuck even lol? Like I can laugh at it now but xD;;; that was kinda brutal;

Highschool me:

She didn’t like anime but I guess I can take that my drawing was still somewhat stylized so…I can at least take that from it, y’know?

I had instructors and friends and even tumblr people who have made commentary and I’ve panicked and tried to adjust everything to make things better, when maybe like 40% was actual good advice while the other stuff was just their own tastes. Someone told me speech bubbles were eyesores and made it such an atrocity, I didn’t use them for a while and tbh, that severely limited how I could do my panels and how much I could fit. >______>

TLDR: Keep in mind that people have their own tastes and you could get a million different perspectives from a million different people. Do you, be open to take advice from people and see where you can make yourself better, and learn what you can discard.