alright–ive finally gotten to it!!!!!!!

today, we will be making

cute fins!!!!!!!!!!! (that cutie is neonnebulosa ))

first– materials. you will need:

a large white(optional but easier) foam sheet, i use the medium thickness foam sheets

glue gun w glue


a pencil


a needle

a thin, wire headband.

and paint!

(jewelry is optional as well!!))


BAM theres your foam sheet. now fold that son of a bitch.

good, now draw your fins!

then follow your child like instincts and cut them out so you have two of each.

like so

try to cut as evenly and cleanly as possible.

now fold them and line them up in the ordered desired. then take your string and thread and start  sewing them together– this is just to keep them together better! its TECHNICALLY not needed but definitely safer. try keeping the strands off to the side,  itll be easier for later.

now take your glue and glue where they connect. youre gonna have to hold it in place for a bit


now take your thin wire headband

and you are going to have to take a tooth pick or a thick needle to make a hole for the wire to go through to make it easier, but you need to force the wire through the area that they all join– not close to the edge but tucked as close to the fins as possible. then hot glue the edge of the fin to the headband to keep it up and perky!

aw ye


paint those suckers grey

add markings and whatever else

add jewelry

and put them on a cute friend.