fino alla fine forza juventus!

you know what? I’d really like Juve to win UCL because all of the boys deserve it and GIgi is the one who does it the most cause of the fucking amazing living legend he is. We’re doing an incredible journey that is giving us good sensations and let’s hope good memories too. 

I’d really like Juve to reach this goal also because I wanna see my dad happy. He loves this team with all his soul, seeing him happy with the victory would be really really great even if I can’t be able to see him physically and hug him.

And we also need to win this trophy in order to defeat what in Italy is known as “the curse of UCL” because it really pisses me off.

So we better win this time, ok?! 


i remember season 14/15 when i discovered that there is a football fandom on tumblr, i only knew maybe around 10 juve blogs. some of them are deactivated today, only a few of them are still active or still in the same fandom. my dash was mostly flooded by madrid, barça or bayern post. But during the past year/months i discovered so many more juve blogs or more people started to like and follow juve and i just loved seeing new blogs popping up in the juve tags or in my recommendations. it feels like there are so many more of us tonight than two years ago.

i wished we could have all celebrated together tonight, but life sucks. the thing about juve is, that everytime someone/something tries to kill us, we come back stronger. there’s always a next season. we’ve already gone through hell once, it sure won’t kill us the second time around. and maybe, hopefully soon, we can all celebrate together.

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I miss your posts :(

Me too. Just joking😂 making gifs is unbelievably time consuming. The photos i post are going to end up on instagram….

I have been running this blog for 6 years, hope you can understand the lack of motivation. Maybe one day i’ll return, until then i can enjoy watching the games instead of having the pressure of keeping the blog up-to-date right after the match. 

We are having an incredible/historic season!!🙌🏻



marchisiocla8: Non sono riuscito a trattenere le lacrime, questa volta proprio NO!
Perché l'anno scorso non ero presente, perché questo scudetto è il sesto di fila, perché ogni scudetto è importante come il primo, perché festeggiarlo insieme a VOI è sempre qualcosa di unico e magico!! Siamo nella storia, fino alla fine forza @juventus 🏳️🏴🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

@marchisiocla8: Non sto a descrivere il rammarico che abbiamo in questo momento, come tutti i nostri tifosi che ci hanno seguito fin qui e chi ci ha seguito da qualsiasi luogo del mondo. Merito ai nostri avversari per la finale giocata, un applauso a noi per questa stagione, ricca di emozioni e momenti forti, intensi come questa sera, anche se non si è conclusa come tutti NOI speravamo. RICOMINCIAMO. Questa deve essere la parola di questo momento, ricominciare per migliorare, per continuare a sognare, per arrivare a obbiettivi sempre più importanti. Fino alla fine, forza @juventus ⚪⚫💪 #UCL #cardiff #MC8