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That Butler, On the Road (86) 
Halloween 2017 coloring

Lineart and coloring: Nami (
Original art: Toboso Yana, Kuroshitsuji: Chapter 86

I’m sorry I wasn’t active lately. I had to finish my college which I did with second best grade possible to get and now I have a Master’s degree in Publishing <3. Time to find a full time job :D. But don’t worry, I’ll still be active :*.

This week was pure STRESS. Isak had two papers due and a huge physics test and Even had to take on double shifts for a sick colleague and then they had to attent two (one would’ve been quite enough thank you very much) family gatherings, because Even’s cousin got engaged and if there is one thing the Bech Næsheim’s pride themselves on, it’s throwing loud and long family parties.

So, it was fair to say that Isak was beyond tired when he fell onto the bed after school today.

When Even came home later, he didn’t hesitate and pulled the coffee stained shirt over his head and crawled towards the sleeping lump under the covers. Right when he was head to head with Isak (or, rather, nose to nose) Isak muttered something into the pillow.

“Hm? What’s that, mumbles?” Even asked, fond smile on his face and inching closer.

“Mmhhwill be up in a minute.” Isak dragged out. His eyes stayed shut and he made no attempt to get up, though. Even pulled his brows together in thought when he tried to remember if they had anything planned.

“Why?” he asked when he came up blank. Now it was Isak’s turn to frown as he tried to concentrate. “Don’t we need to be somewhere?”

Even smiled again and pouted at his exhausted boy. “No, baby, you can sleep.” He leaned in and placed a kiss on Isak’s cheek, who let out a relieved sigh at the prospect.

“Oh, thank fuck.” The bright smile on Even’s face widened as Isak made a sleepy sound and shifted on his side, arms blindly searching for Even. When he found him he buried his head in Even’s chest, arms locking under his back, one leg thrown over his hip.

Even chuckled and carded both hands through Isak’s curls. “My sleepy monkey.”

(inspired by this wonderful piece by @finny-red)


phantomhive servants and a young master

(i included the colors i associate the gang with too cause i got too lazy to color)

(ps i was this (this) close to captioning this ‘i saw seven birds’ but no one in the black butler fandom besides m likes the adventure zone lmao)

requestsssss. i sketched out designs people asked me to make for kuro characters and i chose lizzie, finny, and violet out of the few suggested! if u wanna see more lovely soft babies in my style reccomend them !!! i have a bad memory and i love every character from kuro except viscount druitt lmao so feel free to put some suggestions in my ask!!!

Regarding productivity, and the price of art.

I thought out loud on twitter today, and thought I would show it here too. It’s something I wanted to get off my mind.

I noticed something today: It’s difficult to get productive, but it’s even more difficult acknowledging that you are once you reached it.
Because when you finally are productive, productivity becomes your standart, and only more is considered “productive” by your brain again.
I wanted to fill one page of my sketchbook a day- but now, I only really feel like I did something when I have filled three or more.             
And others don’t feel like one full illustration a week is a lot- but that is because of the way artists undersell themselves.               

The standart princing for painting is area of your paining in square inches times 3 dollars, or more if you feel confident.   
That would price a standart A4 painting at 264$- charging only very little. With 5$, that’s 440$. Without material costs.           
If we sold by that (low 3 and 5$) standart, one painting a week would make you 1800-3000$ a month.                      
But instead, we offer comissions for 50$. Of course one per week won’t feel like much because you have 200$ at the end of the month. And some take even less, relying on a steady stream of new customers instead of on those who actually want to pay the price.
That way, we toggle the prices and what customers want to pay for art and illustration lower and lower with every passing month.
And end up with artists who are of course starving and sad. They are productive as hell, yet don’t make the money to make them feel so.
I too wouldn’t sell for that standart, but why?

Because we feel like our art is not worth it, because others charge so little.
Because it’s always about who charges less in industry, when really, it’s something that should not apply to art.

Art is a luxury good. Not something to be thrown around. And by underselling, we build a terrible future for young artists to come.
We build a future where you have to get galleries and a large online following to make any money at all.

Where your art is only worth something if you are popular, although you put as much work into it as you can. Although you have practiced for so long, went to art school, and got the skill. Without a name, your art is “worthless”.

And that’s a terrifying future to think about.
We need to build confidence in our skill, to become aware of our price tag,
which lies so much higher than we think it does.

We are no benefactors.

We are workers.

We need money.

Without it there will less to no art.

And maybe when some start, others will follow- and realize that you should not sell an A4 original for 30$.