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Why I'd Be Kicked Out Of The Phantomhive Household
  • Bard: That's our Sebastian! Saving the day!
  • Finny: Thank heavens you're alright Young Master!
  • Mey-Rin: Mister Sebastian! Young Master! You're alright!
  • Me: For fuck's sake Ciel get your shit together and stop getting your ass kidnapped
  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> "I'm fine"<p/><b>What she really means:</b> "I wonder who Bardroy was before he worked for Ciel? Did he have a family? Mother? Father? Siblings? Girlfriend/boyfriend/datefriend? Why did he not want to go home after the war? Did he even have a home to go back to? How did he survive? How did he single-handedly take down an army? I worry because he's much more than a comedy relief character, he hides so much behind funny antics and jokes that I wonder if many people know who he really is. He clearly suffers from some PTSD and I doubt Ciel is getting him help. Hasn't Ciel noticed? Or does he not care? Because Bard is just another pawn to him. I don't want him to end up dead because Ciel used him"<p/></p>
Working at Phantomhive Manor would include

*Being friends with the servants

*Being envious of how perfect Sebastian is at EVERYTHING

*But also taking advantage of it and messing up sometimes so you have less work

*Taking care of Pluto when Ciel and Sebastian go on trips

*Occasionally knowing random facts about cases, so sometimes Ciel asks for help

*Having tea with Tanaka

*Cowering whenever Sebastian gets angry

*Judging everyone that comes to balls with Bard and Mey-rin

*“Can you believe said that?” “I know right, like if you spend 8 hours slaving over a stove you wouldn’t have time to prep for a ball either”

*Playing with and helping Finny in the garden

*Being confused when Grell comes to the Manor

*Laughing at Sebastian’s reactions to Grell, he glares at you afterwards

*“(y/n) would you like to receive extra "chores”?“ "N-no sir”

*Smiling at Christmas , but being kind of irritated when Elizabeth plans suprise parties

*But still being happy because she somehow gets Ciel into a festive mood

*But laughing hardest when she puts pink and girly things on Sebastian

*Enjoying being around them even when they annoy and terrify you

Black Butler Imagine

Imagine it being just a normal day in the Phantomhive household; Finny weeding the garden, Baldroy preparing breakfast, Mey-rin cleaning, Sebastian tending to his daily butler duties, and you and your friend Elizabeth visiting Ciel. However, unbeknownst to everyone else in the estate, the butler is the true reason you tag along; and he knows it too. So this time instead of playing dumb, he intends to thank you VERY well.

Kuroshitsuji Tumblr Usernames

-Ciel: i-write-sins-not-trageteas
-Sebastian: xcoolforcatsx
-Bard: boomgoesthekitchen
-Finny: the-solitary-gardener
-Mey-rin: maid-or-machine
-Bard/Finny/Mey-rin: the-three-stooges
-Snake: the-snake-whisperer
-Lau: London'sDealer
-Ran Mao: TheDealer'sAlphaBitch
-Alois: I’m-So-Trancy
-Claude: The-Spider’s-Web
-Undertaker: under_takeout
-Grell: xredaliciousx
-Madam Red: That-One-Crazy-Aunt
-William: sexy-in-a-suit
-Ronald: sir-flirts-a-lot


what do we make of this?

~Earl~ Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler): quiet, commanding

~King~ Byron Wagner (Midnight Cinderella/Cybird games): quiet, commanding

This similarity was more based on looks than personality, but the rest are personality instead of looks.

~Demon Butler~ Sebastian Michaelis: Loves cats, is a cocky lil shit, has a way with words and manages to charm everyone around him, very determined, bossy-pants

~Tutor~ Giles Christophe: HAS a cat, cocky lil shit, charms everyone, determined and bossy af

~Gardener~ Finnian/Finny: adorable lil shit, cheerful af, SO sweet, accessorizes (hair pins), abnormally talented

~Servant (spoiler- Secret Knight of Stein)~ Nico Meier: adorable lil shit, cheerful af, sweet, accessorizes (lucky earring), abnormally talented

If you want me to find the rest of the characters’ parallels, let me know but it’s 5:40am and I’m running on no sleep and currently working technically so this post is done lol

Animondays - Black Butler

We’ve all seen Victorian-era period dramas about masters and servants as well as the conflicts and everyday activities happening in a mansion. But this anime completely re-constructed the Period drama with a black comedy and Faustan twist as well as a portrayal of someone who happens to be one hell of a butler.

Synopsis: This is the story of a young 14-year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive who comes from an aristocratic family and was orphaned after the death of his parents at a young age. After he was on the verge of death he formed a contract with a demon who was named Sebastian, to help him in his quest in avenging his parents murders and also assist him with the mystery crimes as a Queen’s guard dog.

In his mansion, he resides with his quirky yet loyal servants: Bardroy - The Cook, Finny - The Gardener, Mey-Rin - The Maid and Tanaka - The Steward. His trusted butler, Sebastian Michaelis is one person who fulfills his duties as the head butler and does just about everything that leaves some people in awe, not realising that Sebastian is a demon in disguise to help Ciel Phantomhive with his mission as part of his Faustan contract as well as dealing with different enemies and finding the real culprit behind the death of the Lord and Lady Phantomhive.

This Victorian-era manga was created by Yana Toboso and the anime was critically acclaimed for its story and setting in London and after the Anime series, the manga became popular that it spawned spinoff series and the 2014 live-action movie adaptation.

I’ve never watched Victorian-period dramas in Anime form but I’ve heard so much about the manga series and how popular it is. I’ve watched the first season and loved how the period setting blended with black comedy as well as the complex stoicism of Ciel Phantomhive and the charming yet devilish appeal of Sebastian.

If you want to watch an alternative period drama Anime with a Devilish sense of humour, this is the Anime to watch and you’ll see why Sebastian makes one good “hell” of a butler. 😉👍🏻😈

That Butler, Shopping (my version)
  • Sebastian: *has a HUGE list* Haah... they ran out of high quality beef. Young Master, we will need to visit the butcher down the street, too.
  • The earl: Fine, but why am I even here? I'm the earl; I don't need to be on a shopping trip. Are you sure you bought enough baking ingredients? Is two 10lb bags of sugar really enough for this week?
  • Finny: *looks at garden tools and plants* THINKS TO HIMSELF: How DID Sebastian make those iris bulbs grow? Oh well, I'm just glad to go on the shopping trip today *picks up a new pair of shears but accidentally breaks them, sets them back down and walks away* THINKS TO HIMSELF: If Sebastian finds out I might not get dessert later....
  • Baldroy: *In the back area where the girly magazines are kept* Have it. Have it. Oh, this one is new! Hey! Sebastian, can I get this one?!?!
  • Mey-Rin: *Just walks behind Sebastian, staring at him, too busy fantasizing about him to even think about shopping. Then she walks right into a stack of canned goods and knocks them all over.*
  • Tanaka: *grabs a couple tins of any Japanese teas he can find* Ho, ho, ho! *Starts randomly making paper cranes once he finds his favorite tea*
  • Snake: Do they sell mice?... asks Dante.