finny draws

requestsssss. i sketched out designs people asked me to make for kuro characters and i chose lizzie, finny, and violet out of the few suggested! if u wanna see more lovely soft babies in my style reccomend them !!! i have a bad memory and i love every character from kuro except viscount druitt lmao so feel free to put some suggestions in my ask!!!


And that’s the story of how Mabel will destroy Bill and end Weirdmageddon through the power of sweaters.

In an ideal world this is how they will end Weirdmageddon Part III in 2 minutes and then they can spend the rest of the episode showing a happy Pines family.

Sorry this is so sloppy looking I couldn’t be bothered to put effort into this.

apparently its a HOT NEW TREND to draw this guy in your clothes??? SIGN ME UP MY DUDES
i actually never wear these, or at least, not together, but i wanted finny to 1) wear a dress and 2) not match