The RFA as Black Butler Charas

Jumin Han as Sebastian

Both black haired hotties, have weird humor and love cats. 

Yoosung as Finny

I mean seriously, they could be twins xD

Seven as Grell Sutcliff

The mischievous, mysterious weirdo. Crossdress!

Zen as Pluto

THE BEAST™!!! Also both show their abs… a lot

Saeran as Snake

Poor, misunderstood babys. Just want a family… and a cuddle

Rika as Lizzy

Innocence on the outside, drama on the inside

MC as Paula

Has absolutly no idea how she ended up in so much drama. Kind and happy marshmallow


Miss Vanderwood as Mey-Rin


kuroshitsuji seiyuu events are an absolute gift to this world pt 2

Can I just say...

You guys, not gonna lie, I’m a decent amount disappointed with a number of you. Yana puts her heart and soul into her work and just because this theory was confirmed, you start leaving her?

That is a ridiculous concept to me. It’s okay to not like the idea of it but seriously, guys, trust in Yana that she has big plans for this. Don’t set Black Butler aside because this makes you uncomfortable, that’s what she’s TRYING to do. She wants to make us uncomfortable so the manga can take a turn.

This is hardly cliché. People are saying it is but let’s be honest. Yana executed the setup brilliantly. Hints as far back as the CIRCUS arc. She’s planned this for a while. And with how Black Butler has gone so far, this is a truly interesting turn. She constantly reminds us “Once something is truly lost, one can never get it back again.” Which is blown away by this new concept and that’s what she’s TRYING to do. Make it shocking because something that was so solid in the series, in real life, is blown out of the water. It’s supposed to distort us. It’s supposed to have us on edge.

You guys who are leaving the series behind because of this turn… You really didn’t have that much faith in the series to begin with, did you. You need to trust in Yana that she will take this to a most interesting length. Not only that but this has felt like such an important step in the series that there’s not a doubt in my mind that this will take our characters another step towards exacting Ciel’s revenge. And that’s exciting to begin with.

I’ve been hearing a lot from Japanese fans saying how ridiculous westerners have been taking this. And I couldn’t agree more, you guys. You have unrealistic expectations for a series that it always has to be satisfying, always has to fit your ideals. But that is never true. Yana took a leap with this one because she has plans. Because she knows what she’s doing. Because it’s HER series and not yours. This twist has opened so many doors that I don’t think all of you are thinking about. It has so much potential to be a true challenge to our young Earl who normally sits on top, always one step ahead with Sebastian by his side. This has put our boy in a completely different spot. Wait to see how this turns out. Wait to see where Yana takes this. Wait to see where Ciel ends up next.

Trust in Yana.

Ciel in Wonderland Connections

I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but in the Ciel in Wonderland season OVA, there’s a scene where he’s in trial and I feel like it all ties back into the manga. It’s a strange scene to watch knowing it was made far before the twin reveal.

The first important thing to point out is what he says to Madam Red here, because his birth date is brought up. Applied to the manga this reminds me of how Ciel is a spare and how in a way his birth was a mistake.

They tell Grell to bring out the people that Ciel has wronged, which is coming together in the manga with Elizabeth, the police, and the rest of the Midfords arriving.

The first to present her case is Elizabeth, who says that he’s caused her suffering by leaving and lying to her, and in the manga, he’s been lying to her about his identity and they’ve been separated for quite some time.

Soma then comes out, saying that Ciel is the reason he lost Mina. However, when he talks about the person he loved the most, in the manga this can be applied to Ciel being the reason that he lost Agni.

The servants then say that they’ve lost their home, which could be telling the future of Ciel’s earl status, and Abberline (who has just arrived to the manor) says that Ciel took away his future.

Then when Undertaker comes out and gives Ciel a speech about what’s happening, he asks about his true name. In the dub it’s even weirder because he says it doesn’t feel right, which of course applies to him using a fake name to fool everyone.

And then there’s this, which is what he’s been repeating the entire manga, and is especially important in this arc. I just wanted to point out the strange and weird similarities that Ciel in Wonderland foreshadowed in a way. (Also, at one point Lau arrives, which will probably happen in the manga soon)