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*curtsies* hullo!! i was just wondering if i could get some book recommendations? right now i'm really interested in some classic adventure?something fun, i guess? kind of like lord of the rings or dumas?? thank you!!

*Curtsies* Okay so this could be a really long list but to limit myself to a handful:

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emma Orczy
  • Kidnapped and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • believe it or not, Dracula, by Bram Stoker
  • The Lost Horizon by James Hilton, kind of a forgotten classic but so important to the genre and the novel in general and totally worth resurrecting
  • The Time Machine and The Island of Dr. Moreau by H. G. Wells
  • pretty much anything by Jules Verne
  • pretty much anything by Jack London, personally I’d recommend The Sea Wolf because it’s fucking outrageous
  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville
  • I hate Mark Twain but Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
  • The Once and Future King by T. H. White
  • getting a little more modern All the Pretty Horses and the rest of the border trilogy by Cormac McCarthy

And I haven’t actually read Ivanhoe or Robinson Crusoe yet but those would be options, too. Happy adventuring.

okay but imagine

  • charlotte stabbing an unknown delinquent (i don’t have the reason why but who cares) so wells lives but everything else goes the same (murphy’s hanged, charlotte kills herself, etc)
  • wells and clarke having time to be together
  • wells and clarke being friends again
  • wells bonding with the other delinquents
  • wells protecting the younger delinquents
  • wells showing everyone that he’s not his father and doesn’t deserve to be blame for his father’s actions
  • wells being involved in the peace talks with anya because he’s good at talking to people
  • wells being impressed at raven’s intelligence
  • wells and bellamy becoming friends once bellamy stops being an asshole and realize what a good guy wells is
  • wells supporting octavia about lincoln and being the first delinquent after her to trust him
  • wells jumping to defend bellamy from tristan with finn
  • the three of them being stuck outside the dropship after that
  • wells explaining everything to the arkers when they come down
  • wells keeping bellamy from fighting with murphy
  • wells convincing the arkers to let him bellamy and finn go after clarke and the others
  • wells helping saving mel
  • wells going back to camp jaha with bellamy octavia monroe and mel
  • wells smiling when he sees clarke running into bellamy’s arms because he wants nothing more than her happiness
  • clarke hugging wells tightly after that
  • wells helping raven with her leg but not considering her any less because of her disability
  • wells and raven bonding
  • wells and raven falling in love
  • wells helping clarke during the peace talks with lexa
  • wells doing everything he can to save finn no matter what because he’s his friend
  • wells comforting both clarke and raven after finn’s death
  • clarke not embracing lexa’s “love is weakness” philosophy because wells is here to remind her that love gives us strength
  • wells helping bellamy convincing clarke that they need an inside man in mount weather and reassuring her by saying that she will not be alone while bellamy is gone because he will be there
  • wells being the one who calms clarke down when she’s panicking about bellamy being in mount Weather
  • clarke allowing herself to grieve finn and be vulnerable because she knows that wells has her back
  • clarke talking to wells about lexa kissing her and how her feelings confuse her
  • wells being supportive
  • wells going with clarke inside mount weather because there’s no way in hell that he’s leaving his friends there
  • wells and clarke splitting up in mount weather and wells going with octavia jasper and maya to level 5
  • clarke seeing a guard pointing a gun at wells’ head and pulling the lever because she, above all people, can’t lose him
  • wells running to raven as soon as he’s able to and comforting her
  • wells going back to arkadia with the rest of the arkers
  • clarke saying goodbye to wells
  • wells and bellamy supporting each other while clarke’s gone and taking care of the delinquents
  • wells supporting bellamy when he starts being involved with gina because “you deserve to be happy”
  • wells frequently going to the dropship and seeing clarke there once
  • wells and clarke meeting at the dropship after that
  • wells being the only one clarke agrees to see during her exile
  • wells talking bellamy out of the grounders’ army execution
  • wells accepting to let clarke stay in polis because he just wants what is good for her
  • wells and bellamy joining kane miller and harper into the rebellion
  • wells refusing to take the chip when his dad comes and asks him to do it
  • wells and jasper saving raven
  • wells being a part of the delinquents squad
  • wells going to see luna with them
  • wells defeating ALIE with the delinquents
  • wells being an important part of the show
  • wells being the wonderful, forgiving, selfless and supportive friend that he is
  • wells being loved and appreciated
Star Wars Fanfic reclist Part 2

Now with more sex.

Here is part 1

In no particular order:

More of this by dreamfleet and mezmerize
E, 9,825, Poe/Finn

Poe and Finn have nice patient super delightful sex involving weak-kneed Poe and Finn being adorably intense.

Forward the light brigade by Deputychairman
E, 15,454, Poe/Finn, Poe/Others

Agh Deputychairman is just great at suffering. “Poe would do anything for Leia” (and anything often means sex). (with various people) (In variously okay and not okay ways) 

Strays by scxlias
T, WIP, 22,569, Poe/Finn, Jess/Rey

Accidental Kid Acquisition, Stormtrooper style. Finn and Poe end up with a horde of children with PTSD. Hopefully they figure their shit out soon. 

Telecosmic Alchemy by gloss
E, 2,888, Poe/Finn

The prettiest sex pollen you ever saw.

feel you from the inside by cicak
E, 1,857, Poe/Finn

So turns out Stormtroopers are very into sex. Poe is very surprised. And overwhelmed. And Finn is very good at what he does.

Songs of Experience by forthreaching
M, 4,187, Poe/Finn/Rey, Rey/Others

A 5 things fic about Rey’s life on Jakku and how it affects her life now. Rey having sex with women is great.

In Which Poe Dameron is Sleepy (but still awesome in bed) by RandomSlasher
E, 3,164, Poe/Finn

Finn is just so sweet. Sweet sleepy sex and hilarious long-suffering Finn.

Me, Him, and the Moon by hostagesfic
E, 1,845, Poe/Finn

Poe & Finn & fingering. Thumbs up.

If It Was Never New and It Never Gets Old by aimmyarrowshigh
M, 7,947, Gen

Fucking tear out my heart with a grapefruit spoon. Poe is the one who finds Rey after the padawan massacre. At 16. Poe is the one who leaves her on Jakku. 

Morale Surveys by bomberqueen17
T, 3,017, Poe/People, Finn/Rey

Cracky hilarity about everyone’s crush on Poe. “He knows, but he doesn’t know know.” Poe suffers for his beauty, he really does.

Apprentice by PInkCanary
E, 4,701, Finn/Rey, Poe/Finn/Rey

Another one about where Rey comes from and where she is now. A really nice build.

drinking from the flood by coffeeinallcaps
E, 8,730, Poe/Finn/Rey

Ugh I’m gonna fall off a bridge. Poe pining over the Bright Young Things. The Bright Young Things asking for sex tips. So much heartbreak, but it ends happy.

unofficial quarantine procedures by twofrontteethstillcrooked
NR, 2,973, Poe/Finn

Super adorable sick fic.

Exploring New Worlds by LittleMousling
E, 3,553, Finn/Rey

Rey and Finn figure out sex, which is not as straightforward as they might have expected. So sweet and super sexy.

never and always touching and touched by Wildehack
T, 1,786, Finn/Rey

Sharing minds via the Force! It’s so much!

Building from Scrap by ineptshieldmaid and Trojie
E, 17,083, Poe/Rey, Poe/Finn/Rey

Rey and Poe have some sex issues with what they like and don’t like, and Finn steps in to help out. A great romantic relationship and some lovely platonic relationships. 

Squad Goals by Elenothar
G, 14,675, Poe/Finn/Rey

The squad! The pilots! They love each other! i’m gonna die.

slowly coming back to life by lucycantdance
T, WIP, 11,377, Gen

WIP but definitely made the list because the Poe & Snap scenes are so beautiful. Basically what happens after the TIE fighter crash on Jakku.

Somebody to Love by dreamfleet and mezmerize
E, WIP, 64,153, Poe/Finn

Okay there’s only one part left. I’m suing these writers for emotional distress. This is the Modern AU Single Dad Poe fic you’ve always wanted with added Custody Battle Strife. These kids gotta get their shit together.

Hold Me Down by coffeeinallcaps
E, 5,870, Poe/Finn

Gorgeous and hot as fuck, Finn figures out that Poe’s into pain, figures out what to do about it. 

Tomorrow is Never by gloss
M, 3,373, Poe/Finn

Battlefield Hospital Sex, everything is awful forever but at least we both get orgasms. So sad.

Fonder by disco_vendetta
G, 7,107, Poe/Finn/Rey

A great OT3 fic, but the best thing is foul-mouthed Chewbacca.

Also, here is a shameless self plug for shit I wrote:

An Old Song, T, 4,513, Poe/Finn/Rey pre-slash: folk music in space

Interlude: In Flashback, T, 1,842, Poe/Jess: Poe and Jess meet and bang.

The Mountains and Hills Before You, T, WIP, 7,546: Poe & Religion & Trauma & shit. Should be updated in May.

Little Tumblr stuff:

Deleted Scene about Poe & Leia

Married People Sex Verse (where Poe & Rey are married and seducing Finn)

Stood Up #3 - MMFD Fanfic

Let me know what you all think :)


The moment their hands connected Finn felt a shock travel from his hand directly to his heart. Something about her touch made him feel alive like never before and he felt his cheeks instantly warm. He didn’t want to let go, but he also didn’t want to freak her out, so he let go and took a large gulp of his drink.

Finn didn’t really like talking to anybody. He would rather light a cigarette, sit back and watch the people around him chatting each other up. When you kept mostly to yourself, it was easy to see people for who they really were. He knew loads about people he had never even met.

It’s not that he wasn’t sociable, he had plenty of friends, it’s just that he preferred to listen only interjecting when he felt something really needed to be said. The only people he talked to in depth was Chop and Archie. They had all been friends since primary and for some reason when he was alone with them, they couldn’t get him to shut up.

The boys could talk for hours about music and which girls they were fancying at the moment, but the second they were no longer alone, Finn felt like he had nothing to say. Not even to Stacy. Most of their talking had been mouth to mouth.

Yet, here he was talking about his Nan, to a girl he had only just met.

“I think you need to go first” Rae said as the waiter came to remove their plates and bring the check.

“How do I know that if I spill the beans, you will when your turn comes?” he questioned in all seriousness. He had a feeling that she had a closet full of secrets she didn’t want to share.

“I guess you will just have to trust me Finn Nelson, can you do that?”

Her smile nearly caused him to have a heart attack and in this moment he would have said yes, regardless of what she had asked.

Finn tossed some money on the table and stood up, holding his hand out towards Rae. Let’s get out of here and then we can chat.

She looked like she was contemplating whether or not to take his outstretched hand, and Finn almost pulled it back when she put her hand in his and stood up. This time it was her that blushed.

“And where is it that we will be going to talk?” she questioned following him past the crowd and out of the door, her hand still in his.

The second they were out the door she dropped his hand and he had to pull out a cig and light it to stop himself from gabbing it back up again. What the hell was this girl doing to him?

“Well, we could go to the park out by the bluffs but it’s a bit cold” he shivered taking a puff before delivering the second option, “We could go to mine if you’d like. I could make us some tea and put a record on. Make it a proper story time” He hoped to God she picked the second option.

“That is so gross,” she said making a face at him as he took a drag blowing the smoke out. “I don’t want no lung cancer” she said swiping the smoke away from her mouth.

“Sorry,” he said throwing the cig to the ground and stomping it out. It didn’t matter how much Stacy complained about his smoking he still did it. But, one comment from Rae and he never wanted to smoke again. Truth be told he only started because people didn’t rag on you for not talking when you had something occupying your mouth. It had become a bad habit lately and he needed a cig anytime he was stressed out. “It’s a bad habit, I’m trying to quit.”

“Good, well you really should Finn.” She smiled at him looking a little less annoyed. “What kind of record would you put on”

They had already walked about two blocks away from the park, toward his house. “Maybe some Oasis, Babylon Zoo, or this new Weezer album that just came out.” he shrugged but secretly hoped she was a fan of his favorite music. Stacy hated his music, and only listened to repulsing stuff like the backstreet boys and new kids on the block, yuck.

“Your a fan of Oasis?” Rae asked stopping dead in her tracks.

“Shouldn’t everyone be?” he asked. Actually going to see them at Knebworth in a few weeks time with my boys.

“Shut up, I want to go to that!” she replied her eyes lighting up causing Finn to smile. He didn’t think he could have liked her more than he did in this moment.


“So you know your music then.” she praised “well aside for the Babylon Zoo, that Spaceman is the worst song.” she added causing him to laugh.

“You’re breaking my heart girl.” he laughed and she couldn’t quite be sure, but she thinks he blushed.

Rae was having such a good time, that she didn’t barely even realized they were walking away from the park. She had already made up her mind that she was going to his house, but the fact that he just assumed sort of pissed her off.

“Isn’t the park the other way?” she asked and the smile on his mouth instantly fell.

“Oh shit, yeah I’m sorry Rae, it’s I just thought that you wanted to go to…”

“it’s okay Finn, I was joking.” she shrugged, not having meant to upset him. “It’s been a while since I’ve had some tea and a good laugh.”

“And how do you know my story is going to be a good laugh, maybe it will bring you to tears” he teased as they arrived at his front steps.

Rae paused as he walked up the steps to the front door. Was she really going into this boys house? She had just met him and for all she knew he could be a serial killer. Panic started to fill her chest, but before it engulfed her, she felt a warm sensation on her hand.

“Come on girl, it’s getting cold out here.” Finn said pulling her hand towards the front door.

She instantly felt relaxed when the door opened and they were met by a long haired man with a smile that matched Finn’s. Maybe it was because he seemed so happy, or because it meant that they weren’t going to be alone, or maybe it was that her hand fit perfectly in his, but Rae felt a calm come over her.

“I’m headed out Finn, I will be back on Sunday, yeah. I’ve left some money in the kitchen for ya, make sure you visit your nan tomorrow.” He said rushing out of the door and instantly Rae felt the panic start to creep up again. “Hey, you two better behave yourselves” he added climbing into a car in the driveway and taking off.

“Sorry about that, he’s headed for a bowling competition out of town and me dad couldn’t be on time to save his life.” he said closing the door without releasing her hand. He led her up the stairs not allowing her to stop long enough to see the photos on the wall of him when he was little. She would have to remember to grab a proper look when she left.

His bedroom was fantastic and she was instantly in love with his record collection and the posters on the walls. She was relieved that there weren’t any photos of naked women, but just loads of smaller band posters surrounding a giant Oasis one. She had the same one on her wall.

“Have a seat,” he said pointing to his bed as he turned around looking through a big bin next to the desk. The room smelled faintly of cigarettes, but mainly she smelled the familiar smell of records mixed with a bit of musk. It was the best smell in the entire world, but she would never admit it.

Just then the song ‘spaceman’ by Babylon Zoo began to play and she groaned loudly which caused him to laugh.

“I thought this was your favorite song, girl?” he grabbed her hand pulling her to her feet as he started a silly little dance. She laughed as he threw his arms up and did circles around her and before too long she had a cramp in her stomach.

He reached for her hand, but she pulled away before he could force her to dance and make a fool of herself. “This is not proper dance music Finn, you look like a monkey having escaped from the zoo.” she teased and he just laughed and continued to dance until the song came to an end.

“Okay, I’m going to make us some tea, put on whatever music you want.”

“I’ll try, but from the looks of it, you might not have any music that doesn’t suck.” his eyes widened in shock and she laughed, both of them knowing the statement wasn’t true.

“Care to make a bet?” he challenged, eyebrows raised and the tea all but forgotten.

“What kind of bet would that be?” she asked, suddenly feeling a bit uncomfortable as if she had backed herself into a corner with no escape.

“You name your three favorite songs and If I have them, I get to read something you’ve written in your notebook.”


Finn didn’t know where this confidence was coming from because usually around people he didn’t know he was a wreck. But, he felt so comfortable around Rae that the words came freely, before he could even comprehend what he said. He instantly knew it was the wrong thing when smile on her face turned into a frown.

“What I write is private, for me and no one else.” she whispered taking a seat back down on the bed. “I… I just can’t… They are my…” she stammered and he immediately felt bad.

“Rae, it’s okay, it’s not a big deal. I understand, how about we make another bet?” he suggested, hoping to pull her out of the solemn mood his request had put her in.

“Like what” she asked not meeting his eyes.

“Let’s say if I win you tell me a secret, it can be anything you’ve never told anyone before.” he suggested, still hoping to get more information about her. He just wanted to know her better, can’t she see that?

“And If I win?” she asked looking from the floor to meet his gaze.

“If you win, I’ll let you call me Finnley anytime you want” Finn said suddenly really hoping he would lose.

“Deal” she said, “how about some tea and a story first?”

Shit, Finn had completely forgotten about that. He didn’t really want to ruin the mood by talking about Stacy, but a deals a deal.

“Right err, I’ll be back in a flash.” he walked downstairs with a smile on his face not believing his luck. He pinched himself while waiting for the tea to brew, just to make sure this wasn’t a dream.

Rae, the girl who had filled his mind for the last year is upstairs in his bedroom laughing and having a good time. How had he managed that?

Once the tea was done, he rushed back upstairs as quickly as he could without spilling a drop.

“Here you are” he handed her a glass, taking a seat close to her on the bed. “Cheers M’dear” he said and they clinked glasses before taking a sip. He watched her drink and she sighed as the hot liquid went down her throat.

The sound nearly made Finn have to adjust himself as he tried thinking of football, cars and anything except her lips as she drank her tea.

“So, you were supposed to meet who?” she asked setting the steaming cup down on his nightstand and turning to him.

Finn sighed knowing he had to do it, but not sure where to start. He didn’t want Rae to think him stupid, but he didn’t want to lie to her either.

“I was supposed to be meeting Stacey” he said and laughed at the look on her face. It wasn’t quite disgust, but the way she rolled her eyes made realize it did sound really stupid.

“Before you say anything, I know it makes me pathetic because the way she cheated on me with my mate, but she was crying and begging for a second chance and I just sort of panicked. I don’t think I would have gotten back together with her because I was so relieved that we had broken up, but I just can’t handle it when people cry. I proper felt sorry for her.”
To his surprise Rae didn’t laugh, but looked as if she might have understood what he was saying. It made sense, to him but when he had told his mates, they just told him what a knob head he was being.

They sat in silence for a few moments as they both sipped their tea. “Earlier tonight you mentioned that I’ve never talked to you before.” Rae said and Finn just nodded not sure where she was going with this. “Well, truth is I thought you must have been a pretty awful person to be dating someone like Stacey. I guess I figured that if she was so horrible to me, than you would be too.” She shrugged and Finn instantly was angry with himself.

“I’m a bit ashamed to say this, but what Stacey and I had was purely a physical thing. Half the time I couldn’t even stand to hear her talk.” Finns shrugged glad to have finally admitted it out loud to someone other than himself.

“That’s pretty horrible Finn.” Rae said looking away. “I don’t see why guys would date a complete bitch just because she looks good naked.”

“That’s not what I said, or what I meant” he stated a little bit annoyed that she would think him so shallow.

“Than what, you dated her because she enjoys putting hurtful letters in peoples lockers, and calling people names and putting Chloe down because she is jealous of her. What is it Finn that made you date her, if is wasn’t because of how beautiful she looks?”

This is exactly why he didn’t like talking to people. He never could explain properly how he was feeling. Now here Rae was, finally letting him get to know her and he was mucking it all up.

“No, it’s just she was the only girl who never cared to get to know me. Yeah she wanted to date me, but she never made me talk, she never made me tell her things, she just left me alone unless she, well you know. It was just easy. And I know it makes me sound like a prick, but it’s the truth.” Finn felt ashamed and not for the first time.

He hadn’t meant to tell anyone all this, especially not Rae. Now he had gone and screwed everything up. She must think him a total dick.

“And just so you know, it had nothing to do with the way she looked. Most the time I was imagining someone else anyways.” he didn’t know what made him add that last bit, but he was glad he did because her face softened just a little bit.

“It’s getting late” Rae said, setting the cup down.

“So that’s it. I spill and you bail?”

“I’m not bailing, just making an observation.” she calmly said, scooting back on his bed so that she could lean against the wall.

“Oh.” He was such a prick.

“‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis” she said raising her eyebrows at him.

“I’ve got two copies.” he quickly said, realizing she was taking him up on his bet.

“‘Love Spreads’ by The Stone Roses” was she joking? Any respectable love of music would have this track.

“Would you like me to play it now for you?” he asked getting up and grabbing the well loved track and turning it on.

Rae smiled and seemed to be in deep thought for the last one. “Come on don’t try to pick some obscure song you know I won’t have. Pick your all time favorite, one you can’t live without.”

“‘The more you ignore me, the closer I get’ by Morrissey” She spit out quickly and the irony of the song title wasn’t lost on him.

“I believe you owe me a secret girl, and don’t forgot you also got to hold up your end of the bargain and tell me where you’ve been.”

Rae started to look a bit uncomfortable and Finn instantly knew that he was pushing her too hard. It was like he could sense that she was ready to bolt.

“Listen Rae, you don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want. Can we just listen to some music for a while. I don’t like being in the house alone.” he asked, hoping that she would accept his offer to let the bet go as long as she stayed.

“It is really late Finn, and I’ve got to walk home.” she looked just as upset about it as he did.

“Can’t your mom come get ya?” he asked not wanting her to have to walk in the cold.

“She’s out of town with her boyfriend.” she shrugged not making a move to get off the bed.

“We’ve got a guest bedroom if you want to stay seeing as no one is home at yours or at mine. That way we can listen to some music and you don’t have to walk at night in the cold.”

Finn would have got on his knees and begged, but from the softening look on her face, it wouldn’t be necessary.


She had to say no right? How could she agree to spend the night at this boys house? They had just properly met and no matter how much she had come to like him in the last few hours, he was still a stranger, AND A BOY. She had never even been in a boy’s room much less spent the night at his house.

“I ‘spose that would work” she replied. Bloody hell. What was she thinking?

She was thinking that the smile on his face right now was worth the row she would have with her Mum when she finds out Rae didn’t come home. Mrs. Dewhurst, the spy of a neighbor was such a rat.

“So tell me some more of your favorite songs” Finn said climbing on the bed and leaning back on the wall. They were close enough to touch, but far enough away that Rae didn’t feel like he was evading her space. Her really was beautiful. His smile went on for days and she wanted to run her fingers over the freckles on his nose.

“I was thinking I could tell you a secret. I did lose the bet after all.” she shrugged offering  an olive branch after he had been so kind and not pushing her into telling him where she had been. She didn’t want him to think she was a freak. Everyone else already did. “I would have never pegged you as the type to have good music taste” she teased.

She laughed when he placed a hand over his heart like he had been shot. 
“You wound me, girl” he joked.“But please only tell me if you want to, I don’t want you to feel like you have to tell me anything.”

The thing was, she really wanted too. She wasn’t going to tell him about the hospital, or her crazy home life, but for some reason she wanted him to know her better.

“Last year I put a laxative in stacy’s drink when I walked past her at the pub. She was with Chloe and she had just said something really mean to me and I don’t know what came over me but I did it.” she stifled a giggle waiting for his reaction to something she had never told a soul, not even Chloe.

Finn doubled over with laughter and in between breathes he said, “Oh man Rae, that was actually really mean.”

“Nothing she didn’t deserve” Rae said sounding a bit more serious than she had meant to. It were true, Stacy was a horrible person, but Finn was right. “If it makes you feel any better, I felt kinda bad afterwards especially when Chloe told me all about how Stacy had to miss college because she couldn’t stop shitting herself.”
They laughed a bit more and before she knew it, they were laying side by side on their backs pouring over the latest magazines featuring Oasis.

It had just past four in the morning and they had been talking and laughing for hours.

Every time she made a joke and Finn laughed, she felt like she had won some sort of prize. He was always so serious when she saw him at college, that she was shocked to see him so free.

Before she knew it the conversation had turned a bit serious as he told her more about his Nan and his childhood growing up without his mom. She wanted to tell him all about how much it had hurt her to grow up without her dad, but he looked so content just talking that she didn’t want to interrupt him.

“You know, I really like talking to ya and I don’t like talking to anybody.” he said, causing her heart to swell.

“Right back at ya” she said smiling, her eyes barely staying open now.

“Rae, can I tell ya something” Finn asked, yawned for the millionth time.

“Yeah” she groggily said nodding, barely able to lift her head from the bed.

“I only come into The Daffodil so that I can see you.” he confessed, not opening his eyes.

There was a million things she wanted to say, but sleep overtook her before she could reply.


He knew she had heard, him before she fell asleep because he heard the small intake of breath at his confession. It didn’t bother him that she feel asleep, because he was barely awake himself. He almost couldn’t believe he had the guts to say what he just said.

He knew one thing was for certain tho, he was falling deeply in love.

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