HELLO EVERYONE! 2014 is ending and I would like to give a shoutout to all the pear blogs that I follow for being frick frackin awesome and such this year.


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I hope 2015 will be as wonderful as you are!

If you aren’t listed, it doesn’t make you and/or blog less lovely! You keep doin you, because you’re finntastic!!

Happy New Year, everyone!


I just want to thank everyone so much for 8,000 followers! That’s just absolutely amazing! I am so grateful for every single one of my followers, both the ones who have been with me from the start and those who have just started following me. Here are some lovely blogs for you to check out:


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I’m sorry if I forgot anyone!

hellooo, so yeah I’ve made (finally) a quick follow forever because I’ve never made one and today is a special day in The Netherlands: Koningsdag (Kings day) and everybody is celebrating it, so i thought why not celebrate it on tumblr heyy. okay but yeah here is a list of people who are absolutely perfect and have absolutely perfect blogs. If you’re not in my follow forever don’t worry, I’m sorry, I still love you! Bolds are my favorite blogs :)


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Hello everybody! So I’ve finally hit 1,000 followers and I’m really grateful for all of you!  Everyone here makes me very happy and  I love you guys so so so much! 

So all these blogs are my favorite and I recommend you follow them all. If I’ve forgot you I’m sorry ( i still love you ) <3    


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oh hey my first follow forever, it's also six months since i started this blog today!!! yay, celebrations. ok, so i've been meaning to do a follow forever for so long now but i'm just really lazy and suck a lot basically. i finally managed to get around to doing it though, yay. i can't believe it's been a full six months since i've had this blog, it's even crazier that i have 3 AND A HALF THOUSAND FOLLOWERS LIKE WOW I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ME. ahem, anyway these are the lovely little nuggets that make my dash a really cool place, so if you're not already following any of these blogs go and do that now 'cause they're rad as heck ok.

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also i’m really sorry if i forgot anyone, i love everyone i follow ok i just didn’t want it to get too long because if i put everyone i love on here it would end up looking like a god damn literature essay and nobody should have to deal with that mess on their dashboard. x