‘So we will speak soon yeah’ you and Jack had been skyping for the past hour and you had said that you best be off as you really have to study for your exams, you could hear Finn chuckling in the background, ‘yeah course Jack and bye Finn’. As you said bye to Finn his head popped onto your monitor ‘bye Y/N’ Jack lean’t back looking a little annoyed ‘you know Y/N Jack’s only mad because he really wants to say “bye Y/N love you” but he’s worried you won’t feel the same. How would you feel?’ Jack split his fingers to look at your reaction, you blushed ‘umm’ you were nervous and it was understandable because… well he was Jack Harries causes of many girls wet dreams. ‘I suppose I wouldn’t mind’ and with that Finn gave you a wink and ran and Jack ran after him not before saying ‘bye Y/N, i’m gonna go kill Finn now’  ‘bye boys!’ you shout before signing off. 

You’d been sat in the guys office all day; spinning round on the office chairs, distracting everyone and of course teasing your boyfriend Finn. Finn had been super busy on the India Trip video series and hadn’t been paying much attention to you as of late and so you stared at the back of his head, you got up and got him a beer to which all you got was a muffled ‘thanks’. You resumed your seating position, ‘Oi Finnegan!’ nothing! Which was strange because you know he hated his full name. ‘Would you notice me more if I started making out with Jack?” to this Finn perked up and turned to give you his classic smirk. Jack yelled out from across the office ‘I have no objections to this plan!’. You were laughing pretty hard by now. However the text from Finn had you quiet instantly, it was a link to Jace Everett - Bad Things followed by a winky face. ;)