‘So we will speak soon yeah’ you and Jack had been skyping for the past hour and you had said that you best be off as you really have to study for your exams, you could hear Finn chuckling in the background, ‘yeah course Jack and bye Finn’. As you said bye to Finn his head popped onto your monitor ‘bye Y/N’ Jack lean’t back looking a little annoyed ‘you know Y/N Jack’s only mad because he really wants to say “bye Y/N love you” but he’s worried you won’t feel the same. How would you feel?’ Jack split his fingers to look at your reaction, you blushed ‘umm’ you were nervous and it was understandable because… well he was Jack Harries causes of many girls wet dreams. ‘I suppose I wouldn’t mind’ and with that Finn gave you a wink and ran and Jack ran after him not before saying ‘bye Y/N, i’m gonna go kill Finn now’  ‘bye boys!’ you shout before signing off. 

You’d been sat in the guys office all day; spinning round on the office chairs, distracting everyone and of course teasing your boyfriend Finn. Finn had been super busy on the India Trip video series and hadn’t been paying much attention to you as of late and so you stared at the back of his head, you got up and got him a beer to which all you got was a muffled ‘thanks’. You resumed your seating position, ‘Oi Finnegan!’ nothing! Which was strange because you know he hated his full name. ‘Would you notice me more if I started making out with Jack?” to this Finn perked up and turned to give you his classic smirk. Jack yelled out from across the office ‘I have no objections to this plan!’. You were laughing pretty hard by now. However the text from Finn had you quiet instantly, it was a link to Jace Everett - Bad Things followed by a winky face. ;)

You by Jack Harries.

Hi there! My name is Jack, and I guess I’m what you call a ‘content creator’ on YouTube.

There’s one simple reason why I’m able to call myself a creator on YouTube, and that reason’s in the name of the platform. It’s you.

You see as a creator on YouTube, you start like everyone else.

A voice amongst millions, uttering a word, with a somewhat absurd assumption that you might just be heard.

Perhaps you have big ambitions for your place in this space, or perhaps your reason here are not all that clear.

Regardless of your reason, your desire is the same.

And neat passion to connect and build your own name.

‘Cause really, if you think about it, isn’t that the aim?

To communicate and inspire? Regardless of how vain and an aim of how some consider this game.

You see to be successful on YouTube: Two things are required,

A combination of luck and a deep burning desire.

You see no one gets anywhere without the good will of others,

a kinsfolk, a community, a band of cyber-brothers.

We rely on you, to give us our start,

and once that’s done, it’s our turn to play part.

You see, no one gets anywhere without hard-work and dedication,

a fact that’s often missed by these mainstream media publications.

You see YouTube is a democracy. Laughing in the face of media’s monopoly,

They think we won this like sort of of lottery.

And as a result, they write about us with an error of mockery.

But don’t for a second, imagine that as creators we are complicit,

about how lucky we are to be in situation.

Having said that, let me make clear,

that there are some individuals who simply don’t belong here.

You see for some, a level of influence seems to lead to an inexcusable ignorance.

You see there are certain characters who’ve recently made the news,

Those who use their power to abuse.

But, believe me when I say, their names will soon fade away.

You see, the creators that I admire, are those who have the desire,

to push and reach another level higher,

those who attempt to break free from the norm,

to challenge the often repetitive form.

But, don’t think for a second, that they forgotten their roots.

Those initial subscribers who supported their pursuits.

You see as a creator, I am grateful and humbled,

but please bear with me as I haphazardly stumble,

whilst it might look like I understand what I do… Allow me to confidant you and say I haven’t a clue.

As this website expands and evolves, content-creators appear and dissolve,

Trends will come and go,

and over while, the website will grow.

But one thing stays the same,

and will continue to do so.

And the reason the website grew all those years ago,

Is in the name of the website and it won’t go away.

The reason why I do what I do today…

Is you.


(P.S: I know some words won’t make sense. I couldn’t spell/understand some of the words he stated.)


Happy Holiday’s everyone! I wanted to make a holiday follow forever because to thank all of these amazing people. I appreciate your blogs so immensely, whether it be the content you create, or just presence on my dashboard. I hope you everyone has a wonderful holiday season! -AtomicMarzia xo

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Hi, Hey, Hello!

I just recently hit 1.8K, so here are a shit ton of blog that are absolutely amazing and stuff and you should totally go check them out and follow them♥

People who have a special place in my heart♥:

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         I never understood how people became friends online, like, it never                 made sense to me that you could be friends with people who you had               never met in real life. Until I met you guys. You are the bestest friends I’ve         ever had,  and all because of tumblr and youtube. Meeting you guys in RL         was unreal,  and I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces again hopefully             soon.  I love you ♥

I got a lil cheesy there, oops, okay but anyway, here is a list of blogs I follow and absolutely love: (faves bolded)


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Im pretty sure i forgot to bold most of my faves, or even forgot to tag them, im sorry!

ok yeah hi i know that i make a lot of follow forevers (i literally made one less than a month ago lmao) but its the end of the year and i felt like making another one and this one’s actually kinda organized and sorta long i guess but yea idk um happy holidays & happy new year & i love you guys :)

ok first things first my squad

420normanidanielle you’re always so nice to me & we don’t talk like all the time but we’ll literally pick up a conversation right where it left off after a few days & i feel really comfortable talking to you and idk i just love you

camilascabello: om.g.. i can’t believe i’m frie nds with th eREal. camilac abellllo.! thats so crazy….. surreal…ama zming…. ok anyways in all seriousness you’re really fuckign funny and we have a lot in common and you could literally say the word pudding and i’d be like o .kk me ! and i really love talking to you like i honestly feel like we’re not speaking english half the time because i’m pretty much just slamming on my keyboard but i love u and u were like the only person i could talk to about how annoying a****n is when that thing we don’t ever speak of happened… anyways i love u and i can’t wait for u to fight fifth-harmony-army !

godmaliks: ruthy we’ve been friends probably like 2 years now (actually probably a lot less i have no concept of time) and i still can’t put into words how much i love you and how much you mean to me and i know we don’t talk to each other as much as we did last year (that’s like 98% my fault bc i don’t answer ur texts a lot but maybe if u didn’t send them at like 2am i’d actually remember to answer) but you’re still just as important to me as you’ve always been and i’m gonna make sure we meet someday ok i lvoe you

jadelust: SHANNEN i love u so much i can’t believe we’ve only been friends since the summer like we became close so easily i feel like we really just clicked which is kinda weird i guess bc if you think about it it’s not like we have everything in common like we’re actually pretty different yet somehow we still work perfectly. you’ve helped me through so much and i feel really comfortable talking to you i trust you completely and i’m so glad we started talking because i’d be a completely different person w/out you

normila: i don’t remember how we started talking tbh i think one of us just messaged the other about normila probably and now literally all we do is talk about normila and it’s great tbh bc i don’t know anyone else that would put up with me talking about them so much for so long

niallhoran2k15: dani!!! we like barely ever talk anymore and even though we always say we’re gonna start again we make it like 3 days before we stop again but i still consider you to be a really good friend and we have so many great memories and you’re one of the nicest and most helpful people i know and hopefully we’ll start talking again and actually stick to it lol

richkink: literally half of our conversations just consist of us saying we either hate or love like 4535464 people but we became friends really easily and even though we haven’t talked that much these past few weeks i really love you and you mean a lot to me and i’m glad you started talking to me bc you’re a really good friend and i miss u tf

tommocrave: benjiiiiiii i love you beyond words we have so many hilarious memories that i’ll never forget and even just thinking about some of them (the cone) makes me crack up. i’m really glad we became friends because whenever we hang out i always have a really good time and being around you makes me happy and i know we don’t really talk as much as we used to which is really dumb bc we probably talk more on here than in real life but we should really start again bc i miss hanging out with you (unless you’re just gonna force me to watch the kardashians again)

zarriallau: i know we aren’t really like that good friends but we talk a decent amount i think??? you’re really nice and extremely funny and i think we share a lot of the same opinions and i hope we become better friends soon & i can’t wait for OTRA :)



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also shoutout to waakeme-up 4 making me really ridiculously happy just by existing i hate u