Hey whats up its me, Finn!! or Finch to some people.

I’ve finally decided to open up commissions!! Wow!! As a transgendered youth I thought it might be time for me to actually start saving up for top surgery(not cheap)! So basically if you get a commission from me your well spent money will be transferred straight into my surgery fund and you have made a difference in my mad struggle to be comfortable in my own skin!!   

So here’s some more info on my commissions!

Things I can and will draw: Humans, furries, monsters, fanart, gore, some light nsfw depending on what it is.

Things I can’t or won’t draw: Mecha stuff, heavy nsfw, anything with super complicated designs, anything I find offensive basically.

Extra character will be another 4$, and I won’t draw more than two characters interacting.

If you’re interested in purchasing a commission from me email me at 

Thank you!! -Finch