finns parents


‘Sleep, little cub.’

This may not mean a whole lot for some people, but it does to me. Finn (The small galra girl) is Keith and Lance’s adopted daughter. The song is by Abba and a song that my own mother sang to me. I imagine that Keith would sing it to his little girl when she needed it most. 

So, a week or so ago I made a post about wanting to learn about Finn’s parentage. Naturally, as with seemingly most posts about Finn that get more than a hundred notes a couple of comments were posted that derailed my post from its original intent.

Sure, some were worse than others, but even the ones that might have been posted with no ill intent still held a similar message: Finn doesn’t need to learn about his parents.

Let’s just ignore the fact that this fandom has been borderline obsessed with Rey’s parentage for over a year now and at no point have I seen anyone say that she doesn’t need to know who her parents are because “She found family in Finn” or whatever because that bit of hypocrisy is a discussion for another post.

No, what this post is going to be about has more to do with why I want Finn to learn about his parents after I got yet another person pleading the case for why Finn doesn’t need parents on that post. Because it actually goes just a bit deeper for me then just wanting Finn to have blood relatives of his own.

You see…I’m black. African American specifically, and like many people who are a part of the African diaspora I don’t know exactly where my ancestors originally hailed from. I don’t know what their culture was like, what religions they practiced, the languages they spoke etc. And being disconnected from that part of my heritage has always kinda left me with a hurt feeling in my chest.

Now let me be clear for a moment and say that black people aren’t a monolith so this thing that I’m describing is not something every black person has experienced or can relate to. I’m just talking about my experiences.
But anyway back to my point. Finn getting a chance to meet his parent(s) is more than just him getting reconnected with his blood relatives. 

Because if/when Finn meets his parents is the moment he gets to learn about what planet he’s from. What his planet’s culture is like, what language they speak, how they view or practice the Force and a number of other things and experiences that Finn will get a chance to reconnect to.

Finn reconnecting with his planet and his culture after getting ripped away from it when he was young and forced to assimilate into an oppressive and abusive regime would be pretty incredible to see and that’s why Finn meeting his parents is so important to me.

I’m sure your comments on how Finn doesn’t need parents and that Rey and Poe are his family now have good intentions, but they really aren’t needed.

Finn Wolfhard was prickly and tender as Mike, a boy who didn’t know what do to with all of his feelings, culminating in his meltdown with Hopper. Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) gave a fine portrayal of a fraught rite of passage: The first time your loyalties are torn between your pals and your crush. As Dustin, Gaten Matarazzo carried entire stretches of the show by himself. His fraternal bond with Steve (Joe Keery) — whose redemption was as delightful as it was unexpected — was maybe the most touching love story of the season.

Finn and Rey taking in at least a dozen war orphans and raising them on a peaceful, green planet with lots of fresh air, friendly wildlife and a beach where they can play from sunup to sundown. Finn is a sweet and supportive father who loves his sons and daughters equally while Rey is the patient and overprotective mother who doesn’t let her babies out of her sight.

God help anyone who tries to mess with their kids.

Morty Smith: My parents are terrible for each other and won’t stop fighting

Batman: My parents were shot in an alley

Ezio Auditore: My mother was raped, and my father and brothers were hung for a crime they didn’t commit

Stanley Pines: My parents kicked me out for a dumb mistake I didn’t even mean to cause

Daffy Duck: I was raised in an orphanage and never got to meet my parents

Finn: I was seperated from my parents for my entire childhood

Pacifica Northwest: My parents are terrble and pressure me to be like them

Clementine: My parents were on a trip to Savannah and were turned into Walkers and then my surrogate father was bit and I had to shoot him

Chloe Price: My father was killed in a car crash and my step father is a douche

Every Pokemon Protagonist Ever:

Wtf is a father?

IT and stranger things s2 have so much in common; set in the 80s, one black kid and one white girl w/ red hair, a racist bully with an ugly ass mullet, shitty ass parents, finn wolfhard lol the list goes on and on