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‘Sleep, little cub.’

This may not mean a whole lot for some people, but it does to me. Finn (The small galra girl) is Keith and Lance’s adopted daughter. The song is by Abba and a song that my own mother sang to me. I imagine that Keith would sing it to his little girl when she needed it most. 

Valentine’s Day

I know Valentine’s Day is gross and commercial and cheesy, but when you’re dating it’s sweet. Scott and I have celebrated Valentine’s Day off and on over the years as married folk. Some years we dress up and go out and eat fancy and buy presents. Some years we are busy and Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, and we are getting over the flu and agree to give each other a pass (hello 2017!). That’s how mature couples operate. 

Besides, one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts is watching Finn be so sweet to his girlfriend. He planned ahead and made dinner reservations for last Saturday (tonight’s a school night, yo!) even though he had an incredibly busy week, ordered an album two weeks ahead of time (kids these days dig vinyl–go figure), and he bought her flowers. All on his own. 

He got his dad’s heart. How perfect is that?

Daddy’s Home

Finn Bálor x reader

Finn’s parents come to visit and (y/n) teases Finn while eating dinner with them and he takes her to their room after dinner and sexy smut but it’s quiet so he makes her stay quiet so his parents won’t get suspicious.

  + #35 “They warned me about you.

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Few things we learned from a 10 minute video of Finn and his family.

*Finn powerbombed his brothers multiple times a day while his sister was on “mum watch”
*Finn and his siblings look so much alike holy shit
*Finn seems to get a lot of his personality from his mom
*Finn loves his mum’s cooking
*Finn’s parents are awesome for encouraging their sons dreams and basically letting school teachers and counselors know that
*Bray County is pretty af
*Finn’s dad is an overly excited wrestling dad and his mum is a worrier wrestling mum who adorably tries to deny it
*Finn’s parents are so supportive of him and he appreciates it so much
*Finn’s dad lowkey wants him to get a license

“Movie protags can’t be POC because it doesn’t sell!”

“Movies with a female lead never do well in the box office!”

“The movie needs to have a bland and handsome white male lead to be successful.”

parent!stormpilot headcanons

that stormpilot parent headcanon that i posted before made me really happy so now i have a bunch of them

- they think about having a child for a really long time before actually having one. and im talking a really long time, at least a year. one reason for this is because they dont feel like they have the time while the rebellion is still in progress and pretty much the whole galaxy is a mess, and they also dont want to take that risk while they could both die pretty much any second. another reason is the fact that they both have some doubts about whether they will be good parents, because lets face it; they both have some self esteem issues and tend to dwell on their past mistakes

- in the end, though, after peace is restored and theyre certain that it will last for a while, they decide to give it a shot. theyre both terrified but they still have faith in each other, and they are confident that theyll somehow make it work.

- after having the kid theyre both incredibly proud. theyre the kind of parents who show off their kid to everyone and go “arent they beautiful??? just look at their little nose and their eyes and their toenails”. they also spend a lot of time alone while just admiring the baby.

- rey is, of course, all aboard with this (i mean come on, we all know that shes been asking them when theyre having a kid for years) and once the baby is old enough to crawl she begins taking it on little adventures. poe and finn, of course, are a bit worried, because rey grew up defending herself on a desert planet and doesnt really know how old a kid normally should be before being exposed to difficult situations, but she handles things surprisingly well. it doesnt take long until she officially becomes the cool aunt that does a bunch of exciting stuff with her nibling

- also poes pilot team are all cool aunts and uncles to the child. this kid has a whole army of aunts and uncles who would do anything for it fight me on this

- actually, jess and rey kinda become the Cool Gay Aunts™ who attempt to teach the kid how to fly an x-wing and the milennium falcon respectively and just do generally awesome stuff and the kid just admires them (and the pilot team) so much

- alright sorry im sidetracking this was supposed to be about finn and poe

- anyway so finn is like, super gentle with the kid. we all know hes the kind of person who has some tough moments but deep inside hes actually really soft, and this shows when hes with his child. he sometimes spends hours just talking or singing to them.

- actually poe is really gentle with them too and i love it. imagine this guy, who is normally so cocky and confident and sassy being completely transformed as soon as hes with the child. its beautiful.

- ive written about this before but poe and finn are both super protective parents and rey just really wants them to chill (even though she finds it kinda cute)

- poe tries to teach the kid how to fly an x-wing as soon as they get old enough. hes very much aware of the fact that rey and the pilots are teaching them as well and constantly tells them that techically its his job to teach the kid this since hes the dad and all but they never listen smh

- finn really tries his best to make sure the kid has a bloody awesome childhood because he was raised by the first order and he wants his child to have all the things that he never had. poe eventually realizes this and when he does he just holds finn for hours

- shit sorry that was angsty

- even though poe is protective of the kid hes also the kind of parent who always allows their child to bend the rules a little. finn hates him for this.

- Kid: *walks up to finn* “Daddy, can i have a cookie?”

Finn: not before dinner, sweetie

Kid: *sighs, walks up to poe* Dad, can i have a cookie?

Poe: sure darling but dont tell daddy

Kid: *evil giggle*

- alright i gotta stop or this will go on forever but please talk to me about parent!stormpilot

Baby, Please Come Home - Finn Bálor One-Shot

A/N: It’s Christmas and this little idea came to my mind!

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“If I have to spend Christmas without you, I’m literally going to cry.” You expressed to your boyfriend through FaceTime who was currently in the states while you just so happened to be in Ireland. “We were supposed to spend it together!” You mumbled, resting your chin under your hand.

Finn stared at you through the camera, his eyes softening at your tone. “I know, love. I wanted it more than anything. I’m going to try my hardest, but we both know there’s a possibility I might not make it.” 

There was only two days until Christmas. You took time off of work and flew to Ireland to stay at Finn’s parents house. They welcomed you with loving arms. You flew out there four days ago because you thought Finn would be home in time, but with the way everyone’s schedules were running, it seemed hard to believe.

“I’ll just go cry and play “Baby Please Come Home”.” You said, causing Finn to laugh. “It’s not funny, Devitt. My heart is broken right now.” You hissed, making him cover his mouth to muffle the chuckles escaping him. Grinning to yourself, you stared at him. “If you can’t, it’ll be okay. Just make it up to me when you’re home. I’ll be in Ireland for the next two weeks. I’ll head back to work after the new year.” You assured him.

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