finns brain

hey, do you like musical theatre? how about gay characters? catchy songs? then pay attention yo

so there’s this musical called A New Brain by William Finn (yes, the guy who wrote the Marvin Trilogy) and it’s just as wonderful as those three musicals!!

the basic plot is there’s this guy named gordon schwinn who is a songwriter for a man named Mr. Bungee, who runs a children’s show where Mr. Bungee dresses as a frog. he’s stressed because he has a deadline for two songs that Mr. Bungee wants to use on his show that he just can’t seem to abide to. he meets up with his agent, rhoda, and ends up collapsing. the rest of his musical has to do with him dealing with his illness and his thoughts about how he doesn’t want to die before he can get music out to the world.

the actual songs in this musical are so amazing (i mean, william finn made them, what do you expect?) they can be dancey (Mother’s Gonna Make Things Fine and Brain Dead), sad (A Really Lousy Day In The Universe), funny (You Boys Are Gonna Get Me In Such Trouble and The Homeless Lady’s Revenge) and so much more!! 

so please, do yourself a favor and listen to this amazing musical! you can hear the original cast recording here which is amazing, or the Encores! version from 2015 on spotify

I love Bill Finn musicals because he’s so good at writing for neurodivergent characters and queer characters and it comes across so brilliantly in the scores and lyrics and orchestrations and I feel like I “get” his shows more than any other composer at the moment because he just taps into everything so gorgeously imperfect

current mood:

WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE ABOUT VIRGINITY?! THIS IS A GOD DAMN CHILDREN’S SHOW! LOOK, I NEVER KNOW WHAT YOURE WRITING ABOUT! SCHWINN, S H U S H, I WANT A SONG! YES, I WILL DO MY HOMEWORK, YES I WILL work in the garden, YES I WILL GO WITH MY GRANDPARENTS…TO ISRAEL! instead i get this nonsense about someone who loses,,,their virginity t-to those with whom they have no affinity?! THIS IS A GOD DAMN CHILDREN’S SHOW! i-i..youre sick, youre in the hospital, you’ve got this…. brain thing. you know what? you know what? im gonna get my son to write the song. where is my son?! HEY! where’s my son? somebody find my son? where’s my son? 

me: william finn is such an amazing dude. have you heard of the marvin trilogy? in trousers, march of the falsettos and falsettoland? they are all so amazing and i have so many questions about each one. whats with the block? the green shirt that trina, whizzer, and mendel all wear? why does whizzer make the slap during marvin hits trina? and why the fuck do people say marvin is bisexual when he is clearly gay? like fucking listen to in trousers its not hard and holy shit dont even get me startED ON A NEW BRAIN THAT SHITS SO GOOD I-

taxi driver- we’re here