Glad We Had This Talk

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Finn x Reader

Word Count: 1,411

Warnings: low self-esteem, reader thinks terrible things about themselves, fluffy

Summary: I have been feeling crappy about myself as of late and just wanted to write something that would make me feel a little better so here’s a cute one shot with Finn and a chubby!Reader

Note: I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently and that I’ve been lax on answering asks, its been a tough week and I’ve just doubted and been so down on everything about myself, including my writing, so I haven’t been able to write/post anything without wanting to delete it immediately for how crappy it probably is.

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I know this is like my hundredth pregnant oneshot but this prompt was requested. So thank you for whoever requested this…. And yeah enjoy! (Sorry for any typos.) Also if you have any requests send them in I would love to do them =)


You silently sank down into the couch as you wiped the remaining tears on your faces. It had been three days since your boyfriend of four years Finn hadn’t come back home. A couple days ago you had a huge argument over something you would never ever think about fighting over. You felt extremely horrible about the fact that you had aggravated him so much causing him to storm out on you. Looking up you scanned through your shared house stopping your eyes at the door hoping it would open anytime.

You let out a deep sigh as you started to think about the last couple of days.


You looked into your full body mirror as you rubbed your tiny hand over your stomach. You had just found out today that you were going to be having a baby and you couldn’t wait to tell Finn. You started to think about all of the things you would do with your baby, about how great parents you and Finn would be. A sound of a door closing knocked you back into reality. Letting happiness take over your body you quickly jogged to your living room. Greeting your boyfriend Finn with a massive hug.

“Aha you’re really happy today.” He said giving you a light squeeze.

“Yep I am. I have big news to tell you!” You said quickly as you pulled away from his grasp.

“And what would that be?” He asked with an eyebrow raised as he took a seat you the couch.

You took a deep breath and shut your eyes tight. Opening them, you locked them with his emerald green ones.

“I’m pregnant.” You said as I smile spread across your face but soon the smile turned into a frown as you noticed your boyfriends expression.

“What’s wrong?” You whispered out.

“You’re….pregnant?” He asked as he looked down placing his hands on his face.

“Yeah babe.” You said concerned as you kneeled down in front of him wrapping your fingers around his wrists.


“What do you mean how?” You questioned back your voice raising a bit.

“No this is a joke you can’t be pregnant!” He muttered out as he looked up.

“This is not a joke. We are going to have a kid Finn.”

“No…No this can’t be happening.” He yelled as he pulled his hands back from yours. You felt tears form in your eyes as you stood up.

“Well this is happening Finn. You got me pregnant and we are having a baby.” You screamed out as tears fell down your face.

“No I can’t do this. I’m not ready for this.” He said as he got up from the couch and made his way towards the door.

“Finn where are you going?” You yelled out as he walked out the door.

End of flashback

You again wiped the tears from your eyes as you got up off of the couch. Walking into the kitchen you started to make yourself a sandwich.

After about fifteen minutes later you heard the doorknob rattle followed by Finn walking in the front door. You looked up at him as you felt tears in your eyes again. ‘And he made the promise that he would never make me cry’ you thought as you looked down. Soon after you felt two strong arms wrap around your body.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered out in to your ear. “I was just surprised and scared by the sudden news and panicked. I didn’t return because I was ashamed and didn’t think that you would ever want to see me.” He mumbled as you felt his tears on your skin.

“I will love our little baby just as much as I love you.” He whispered out wiping your tears away.

Renée and Finn 2:)

sorry this ones gonna have to be a short one, have had a few requests and still have coursework to do haha!

“Hello?” I put the phone to my ear,


I giggled, instantly knowing who it was.

"Hi Alfie, Hi Marcus”

they carried on singing for about half a minute until I heard the phone be snatched away. 

“Sorry, who’s this?” A voice on the other end asked, I could tell it was a man because the voice was deep, and had a posh tint to it.

“Well who’s this?” I asked, the caller ID was hidden, so it could be anyone.

“Finn” he paused, “the other two stole my phone, sorry” he apologized, I laughed,

“Oh don’t worry, they do it all the time, I’ll go now” I said goodbye and hung up, was it possible to be attracted to someones voice?


“Renée get your fine arse here!” I heard Mazz shout from behind Marcus’ kitchen table. I giggled and weaved my way through the crowd of the party all in Marcus’ house. It was his annual birthday party, this was the first time I’d been though, because I haven't known him all that long.

“How are you girrrrl?” a rather drunk Sam Pepper asked, slinging his arm around me. I laughed,

“I’m fine Sammy, how much have you had to drink?” he let out a childish giggle before grabbing hold of Jack Harries, someone I’d only recently been introduced to, and dragged him to the dance floor. Only revealed when Jack moved, a tall figure, looking incredibly similar to Jack, stepped forward into the circle.

“Hey Finn mate, you ok?” Louis asked, giving him a man hug. Finn, I recognize that name from somewhere.

“You alright, Lou?” he replied, smiling politely. That voice, it was him from the phone call. 

“Hey I’m Renée” I grinned, a look of remembrance flashed in his eyes,

“You the one on the phone the other day?” he laughed, I nodded. “Want to dance?” he opened his hand. I bit my lip and took his arm, being lead to the dance floor.

The first dance of many. 

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A lot of you liked the last pregnant oneshot so I decided to do another. Well I hope you like it and sorry for any typos. Oh and remember to send in any requests you have =) 


You slowly lowered yourself on the couch placing your hand lightly over your grown belly.  You were currently nine months pregnant with your husband Finn Harries. You both were having a baby girl who you would name Alexandra. Finn had been amazing help through the whole process whether it was getting you food you craved at 2am in the morning or if it was going to pregnancy classes with you. He tried his best to be there for you and you knew that he would be a great father.

It was Sunday afternoon. You and Finn layed in bed all morning and now decided to watch Toy Story. You looked up at your loving boyfriend as you placed your head on his chest while placing your small hand into his. Half way through the movie you were feeling an odd feeling in your stomach region. All of a sudden a drastic pain ran through your body causing you to jolt up from Finn’s grip.

“What’s wrong love?” He asked calmly placing his hand on your back giving you a confused worried look.

“Oh n-nothing it was just a cramp.” You said as soon as the pain went away. You slowly lowered yourself onto his chest cuddling closer.

thirty minutes had passed and that odd feeling came back. This time ten times harder.

“UGG!” You screamed as you placed your hand onto your belly.

“Oh my god (Y/N) your water broke!.” Finn yelled out as you felt a wet substance run down your leg. “Alexandra is coming!” He yelled again getting up, slowly trying to pull you up.

“No NO!.” You cried out as you resisted against his force. “I CAN’T DO THIS I’M NOT READY TO GIVE BIRTH!”

“No baby you will be fine. Come on get up we need to get to the hospital fast.” He said calmly trying to get you up again.

“PLEASE HELP!” You yelled again as the pain was unbearable now.

“Love breath! Do what we learned in all of those classes.” Finn said as he did the exercise that was taught to you. You copying his actions slowly made your way onto your feet.

“No Finn I can’t do this. I’m going to be a horrible mother. The baby is going to hate me!” You sobbed out as Finn helped you to the door.

“No (Y/N) You are going to be an amazing mother. Little Alexandra will love you.” He said tightening his grip around as you both made your way to the car.

A long twenty hours had passed and you had given birth to a healthy baby girl. As soon as you had given birth you had passed out into a deep slumber. The only thing that you could remember clearly about the baby was that she had Finn’s emerald green eyes.

Finn and Carolina:)

All my oneshots so far are with Finny boy! If anyone does want one, pop a Q in my ask and I will try to do it, doesnt have to be with Finn:)

Bang! “Casper!” I threw my hands in the air as the blonde boy gave me an innocent grin, trying to pick up the plate he’d just smashed. Caspar was the first ‘big youtuber’ to get in a video with me, we were trying to cook, I emphasize the word trying. Clearing up the plate, the oven beeped, we both looked at each other.

“That looks nothing like a rainbow cake” he muttered, examining the black mess on the oven tray. I turned to the camera and put on a smile, 

“As you can see, a perfect rainbow cake, how about you taste it, Casp?” before he could protest, i took a handful of the warm cake and shoved it in his face, causing him to scream. This will be a good video.


“No, i haven't heard of Jacksgap, someone send me their channel?” I told my younow viewers, and straight away about 50 copies of the same url came up. I clicked one and it opened up onto a video of a rather fine looking boy about my age, on the video he introduced himself as Jack, and started talking about some weird skills he had. I pressed the subscribe button and smiled at my viewers, “he seems cool”. Thats when messages popped through asking who was my favorite twin. I frowned, “he has a twin?” I clicked on a video that said Twin Mail 2, and thats when I saw him.


Just watched @Jacksgap and @FinnHarries, such a funny pair!

@Jacksgap: thankyou, we are both big fans of you, especially Finny!;)

A few seconds later I received a DM from Jack,

Hey! me and Finn just wanted to let you know that if you are ever up for doing a video together or something, we would be very interested!

I grinned at my laptop screen and replied,

Hey:) yeah that sounds like a really good idea! I’m in London for this summer with Caspar and Kimmi, if you want to do something soon?

Really?! OMG yes we will have to, when you free?:)

How does Tuesday sound?:)

It was set.


“Finn’s out at the moment, he should be back in a minute so we can start the video” Jack grinned, climbing the stairs to his room. “Just to let you know, Finn has a massive crush on you” he stuck his tongue to the back of his teeth and raised his eyebrows in a cheeky manner. I blushed and bit my lip,

“Lets set the camera up”


Finn burst into the room, “Jack what have I told you about keeping Sydney in my roo-” he stopped when he saw me sat on Jacks chair, “Oh, you’re not Jack”.

“Well worked out” i giggled, as he blushed slightly before sticking his tongue out. “Where is he?” he asked, sitting down on his brothers bed.

“Here Finny boy!” Jack hollered, re-entering the room.


“That was fun, we have to do it again sometime” Finn grinned, as Jack went downtairs to fetch his laptop. I smiled and nodded, picking up my camera.

“I’ll DM you” i grinned, before descending the stairs out of sight.


26th December, it was the Harries twins christmas party. My summer in London ended up being a full time thing, with me finding work from Youtube and sharing a house with a few students. 

“Carolina!” Finn yelled from across the room, beckoning me over. I grinned and made my way over to him, apparently so did someone else. The girl that came up next to Finn looked at me before pushing herself against him. He frowned, “Lisa, get off" 

"Why whats stopping you?” her perfect eyebrows formed a frown.

“I.. err..” His gaze caught mine, “I have a girlfriend!” he said quickly.

Wait, what? 

“Yeah, meet Carolina” he put his arm round me, which, by the way, was totally hench. The girl seemed to get the message and back off, sending me dirty looks all the way. 

“So.. girlfriend?” I raised my eyebrow, expecting an answer. He grinned cheekily, 

“I was going to ask you more romantically, but I guess we’ve said it now, you’re stuck with me” he laughed, bringing me in for a kiss as Jack and Casper took a picture and 'wooped’. A perfectly imperfect first kiss.

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