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Finnish mythology series: Metsänväki

All mythical beings and creatures of the forest are called metsänväki [metsä: Finnish word for ‘forest’]. Forest was believed to be a magical place that holds a large amount of power. The said power of the forest was also called metsän väki [väki: old Finnish word for 'power’ or 'strength’, modern word means 'group’]. Metsänväki lives mostly in the distant, deep woods.

Entering the war in 1941 alongside Nazi Germany presented a problem for Finland. The Finnish political and military leadership was well aware that Hitler intended to utterly destroy the Soviet Union, and, in such an event, they were prepared both to annex former Soviet territory as well as to share in the spoils of war. At the same time, there was little enthusiasm towards adopting an openly pro-German foreign policy, which would have alienated Finland from the Western democracies, especially the United States. The Finnish solution was to present Finland’s participation in the war as a Finnish–Soviet affair; a parallel operation, but not subordinated to the German–Soviet war. The wish was to have it both ways; Finland would safeguard her political capital among the Western allies as far as possible, unless an overwhelming German victory would release her from the need for Western sympathies. Thus the separate war thesis was born.

The inherent contradictions of the thesis remained palpable ever since its inception, as it was obvious to any observer that Finland was conducting her operations together with Germany. Indeed, the Finnish authorities agreed to constitute the northern half of the country in its entirety as a German-controlled theatre of war, with the consequent heavy presence of not just German troops, but of the German security and police organs as well. Finland was also heavily dependent on Germany for her supply needs. The insistence on a separate war is thus essentially an example of a similar type of exceptionalism as has been prevalent everywhere amongst the former allies of the Nazi regime.

—  Antero Holmila and Oula Silvennoinen, “The Holocaust Historiography in Finland” Scandinavian Journal of History 36, no. 5 (December 2011): 606

Finnish FN Herstal High Power pistol

Manufactured by Fabrique Nationale Herstal in Belgium c.1935-40 - serial number of the bottom one 12866.
9mm Parabellum 13-round removable box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic.
Not sure the Finns could get a better handgun. Except they only got about 2400 of them for their Continuation War.


“This song was written during the Civil War of 1918, when the Finnish White Movement, backed by The German Empire, fought against the Red Army of Finland, backed by the USSR.
It resulted in the White victory over the Reds, which consequently led to Finnish independence, although Finland claimed the rest of Karelia, which was under Russian rule, and also did the Soviets, leading, years later, to the Winter War, and later would make Mannerheim align Finland to the Axis Powers“


Stratovarius - Eagleheart [HD] (official video)

Stratovarius - Another Finnish power metal band, this one formed in 1984 under the name Black Water, changed to Stratovarius in 1985 after a major change in line-up 👍  Eagleheart is from their ninth studio album Elements Pt. 1 released in 2003 🎶   

cryptobotanical  asked:

Hello Minna ! I hope you're having a wonderful day c: I have a question regarding the mages and what exactly determines if they're an Icelandic or Finnish mage, is it more bloodline or place of birth ? Such as if someone's parents were born and raised in Finland, but they were born in Iceland, what type of mage would they be ? Or what if someone had one Icelandic parent and one Finnish parent and they were born in Sweden or Denmark ?

Well, let’s see if i can provide a decent picture of the magery framework! 

Finnish mages get their powers from withing themselves and are determined by genetic lineage. Got lots of powerful Finnish mage relatives? Well you’ll be more likely to find some mageness coming out of yourself. Birth place in this case wouldn’t matter, but the further away from their native lands a Finnish mage goes the harder it’ll be to cast spells that require help directly from the gods, since they’ll be less likely to hear you. Someone born in Finland but with Icelandic would not become a Finnish mage, but if they had one Finnish parent with notable mage lineage they’ll have a chance on getting that passed on. 

Icelandic/Norse mages are chosen and given power by the gods themselves, so the distribution of Norse magic is more spread out across families, but also more limited overall. Non-believers are lost cases in the eyes of the Norse gods, which is why there really aren’t many mages hailing from Sweden and Denmark. They will also reject anyone who they deem to be claimed by other gods, much like a mommy bird might reject a chick that has even the slightest scent of a human on it. So someone with Finnish heritage who was born and raised in Iceland.would still not have a chance at becoming an Icelandic mage if there’s a detectable connection to the Finnish pantheon hidden inside them. 


Sinergy Midnight Madness

Finnish power metal 🤘   Sinergy - Midnight Madness from 2000 album To Hell And Back 👍   


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