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one more list of untranslatable words

cinq à sept - quebec french: preferred time for illicit romance, or simply a social gathering that takes place roughly between 5 and 7 p.m.
hygge(lig) - danish: any place, any person and any situation that can cause you to feel an inner and deep reassuring feeling of comfort and warmth
hüzün - turkish: sadness, melancholy; a gloomy feeling that things are in decline and that they will get worse
drachenfutter - german: a gift with which one might attempt to placate a lover you have angered; literal translation “dragon feed” suggesting the giver of the gift is somewhat cold-hearted
meriggiare - italian: literal meaning “to pass the hottest hours of the day in a shady outdoor place”; conceived by poet Eugenio Montale
เกรงใจ (kreng jai) - thai: direct translation “awe heart”; the consideration one is encouraged to show towards other people’s feelings that derives from the desire to make them feel comfortable
甘え (amae) - japanese: behaving in a way that makes other people to want to take care of you; more common in parent-child relationships (The Anatomy of Dependence by Takeo Doi M.D.); greek counterpart - παλιμπαιδισμός
sobremesa - spanish: time spend at the table to chat or drink coffee long after you have finished eating a meal
ubuntu - bantu: humanity, the quality of being humane; phliosophy according to which an individual does their best in ways that can benefit the community as a whole; “I want you to be all you can be, because that’s the only way I can be all I can be.” - archbishop desmond tutu
kalsarikännit - finnish: literal meaning “boxer boozing”; drinking or getting drunk alone at home, in your underwear
恋の予感 (koi no yokan) - japanese: literal translation “premonition of love”; the sense that you are about to fall in love, a very subtle spark that may or may not develop into love over time
ξεροσφύρι (xerosfyri) - greek: consumption of alcohol without accompanying food
kummerspeck - german: literal translation “grief-bacon”; the weight gained through excessive eating after a failed romance; emotional overeating due to general sadness
kaapshljmurslis - latvian:  a person who is cramped while riding public transportation usually during rush hour
shemomechama - georgian: to continue eating even when you’re full; or to suddenly realize, with some embarrassment, that you’ve eaten it all
שלימזל (schlimazl) - yiddish: a chronically unlucky person; someone who is prone to misfortunes
שלימיל (shlemiel) - yiddish: a clumsy person who unwillingly creates their own misfortunes

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Well, hello there! You may know me as I’ve been around for a while. If you don’t know me… my name’s Weronika and I’m pleased to meet you. Message me and get to know me if you want.

What is this post then? It’s a declaration of sorts. Because, dear all, I am now running an ALTERNATIVE studyblr. Wait, what? Okay, let’s sort this out…

I’m into alternative education. I’m not the biggest fan of the system (unless it’s the Finnish one, can someone pls give me a Finnish citizenship). I went to a regular primary and lower secondary school in Poland. Then I escaped: I went to a democratic school and spent 3 years there. I am now homeschooled (learning on my own) and finishing high school in spring 2018. I’m not planning on going to a university, even though I would surely get in. 

This DOESN’T mean that I’m going to stop learning. I believe in life-long education. I’m constantly improving myself and constantly learning. Also: I’m 18 yo and I’m a writer, blogger, pl-eng translator, website developer and an eternal student. And, as I’ve mentioned before: I’m also pleased to meet you. Let’s keep in touch, shall we? Let’s discuss alternatives of all sorts. 

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Not even the English people know about the cold weather like we from Finland do

finnish friendo pls come to my home i’ll keep you all warm and safe and do cool stuff here like plant cactuses.

Hobbies/Interests in Finnish ✏️

Hobby - Harraste (pl. Harrastukset), Askartelu

To like 💞- Pitää

I like - Pidän

To love ♥ - Rakastaa

I love - Rakastan

To be interested in 💖 - Olla kiinnostunut

To hate 💔 - Vihata

Vihaan - I hate

Passion ❤️- Intohimo


Art 🎨 - Taide

Astrology 🌠 - Astrologia

Astronomy 🌌 - Tähtitiede (tähti - star 🌟)

Biology 🌱 - Biologia

Chemistry 💫 - Kemia

History ⌛ - Historia

Languages 🇫🇮 - Kielet

Music 🎶 - Musiikki

Photography 📷 - Valokuvaus

Physics ⚛️ - Fysiikka

Science 🔬 - Tiede

Writing ✏️ - Kirjoittaminen

Sports - Urheilu

Athletics 👟 - Yleisurheilu

Basketball 🏀 - Koripallo (kori - basket, pallo - ball)

Football (Soccer) ⚽ - Jalkapallo

Tennis 🎾 - Tennis

joissaki tumpluriryhmissä on tapana jakaa kuvia asiasta x ku jollaki ryhmän jäsenellä ei mee hyvin (lemmikkien kuvat, screenshotit pelihahmoista omitusissa asennoissa jne) tai sit muuten vaan extemporee

mikäköhän olis suomitumplurin versio? vois salee alottaa trendin. aina jos huomataan että jollaki on huono päivä, tägataan se tyyliin kuviin kahvimukeista ja/tai alkoholipulloista.

tai suomitumplurin selfiepäivä/yö. paitsi että selfieiten sijaan vois valita jonku random ruumiinosan (tyyliin polvi) ja kattoo ku ei-suomalaiset seuraajat hämmentyy. aina välillä joku alottais taas samanlaisen tapahtuman, tägais pari liittymään mukaan ja muut seurais täggäysketjun kautta perässä.

I’m “celebrating” midsummer this year very traditionally…by taking care of my sister’s guinea pigs that is. I was bored so I took some pictures of one of the piggies, Herra Hattu (which translates to Mister Hat what a great name). He’s a handsome one. And also very interested in my phone as you might see: