finnish pancakes


Today I cooked them! Those are my Finnish pancakes!
So I tasted a oil/butter/grease-less one, and they are won-der-ful. I really liked the taste, so… if you have all the ingredients at your home (you can find them on my recipes blog), go ahead. It took me a long time because I was revising my philosophy courses at the same time but it’s really a quick recipe to make and it’s tasty, and you can eat them sugary or salty or whatever. -^.^-

Are you thinking what to have for lunch?

Appreciate Finnish traditions and have pea soup and a slice of pancake!
When Finnish was a catholic country (a way back before 1500′s when we began to follow Protestant christianity) Friday used to be a fasting day. Therefore Finns ate loads of pea soup on Thursday to survive through the fasting.  The pancake part has been part of the tradition since 1900′s. Before that sweets and delights like pancake were only for the richest.

The tradition continued even though the religion changed and is live to this day especially in the Finnish Army as well as in schools.