finnish modern

so uh. one thing lead to another and i was invited to the opening of a contemporary art show in kiasma (the most well known, super high-profile finnish museum of modern art)

and i’m laughing cause the place was packed full of these really rich people, like the very cream of the crop, well known artists and public figures, our ex-president was there, it was huge

and it’s all shitposts and vaporwave.

these rich cyberpunk hipsters with their 12-euros-a-glass champagne were looking at stretched-out jpgs ripped from tumblr and mangled pictures of tails from sonic 2 as a form of high art and i’ve never felt more alive. the future is now

Crescent Moon sterling silver pendant by Tapio Wirkkala (Finland, c.1972) and a Buckeye maple burl, American black walnut, rosewood low table by George Nakashima (USA, c.1977). / Instagram


House Riihi by OOPEAA Architects is situated in Finland, and uses minimal scandinavian design to produce a functional and warm yet beautiful home among the trees. A modern twist on a traditional Finnish farm, three buildings are arranged to protect a courtyard from wintry gusts.

Source: Dezeen Magazine

MODERN MYTHOLOGY: Mielikki (goddess of the hunt and forests)

she’s the girl with leaves in her hair and thorns in her heart. she is not known for her kindness towards human, because she got little empathy for those who cut down her trees and slaughter her animals. but she’s always kind to the animals of the forests. people beg her to use her healing powers to save the lives of humans, but she is used to refusing their prayers. she will only help those who cannot help themselves, so she can be found in the forest, gently healing and always helping. by now, she’s used to stitching up the paws of bears, carefully carrying small birds back to their nests, crafting new wings for owls and picking rose thorns from wolf paws. she can’t help herself. it’s just who she is, and she is far too invested in her forest to ever leave its side.


Hanna-Liina Võsa is the first Christine to appear in two different non-replica production; first in Estonia (2014-15), and then in Finland (2015-16). 

Here’s comparing photos of her from Estonia (left) and Finland (right).


siperian style shaman drum por Merja Waters

At the edges of Earth was Lintukoto, “the home of the birds”, a warm region in which birds lived during the winter. The Milky Way is called Linnunrata, “the path of the birds”, because the birds were believed to move along it to Lintukoto and back. In Modern Finnish usage, the word lintukoto means an imaginary happy, warm and peaceful paradise-like place.

Birds had also other significance. Birds brought a human’s soul to him at the moment of birth, and took it away at the moment of death. In some areas, it was necessary to have a wooden bird-figure nearby to prevent the soul from escaping during sleep. This Sielulintu, “the soul-bird”, protected the soul from being lost in the paths of dreams.

Waterfowl are very common in tales, and also in stone paintings and carvings, indicating their great significance in the beliefs of ancient Finns.

—  Finnish mythology, cosmology and birds