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Victor is a fan of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish and one evening, Yuuri walks in on Victor laying on the floor while crying and he asks al worried: "What's wrong Victor!?" and Victor replies, "I watched the end of an era concert and I know that it's the last time Tarja was with them. It's so sad!" and then Yuuri is like: "Victor, this is the 3rd time we talked about this, this happened 10 years ago goddamnit."

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Some time ago i started listening to this relatively new finnish glam metal/hard rock band called


and i don’t think they get nearly as much attention as they deserve
So let me introduce you

To this day they have released two albums with a lotta awesome songs like “My Remedy”, “Aiming High”, “Wasted and Wounded”

They got a lot of energy onstage and really rock their asses off every single time

The members are

Archie Cruz / Arttu Kuosmanen (Lead Singer, Guitarist)

Johnny Cruz / Joonas Parkkonen (Guitarist)

Middy Cruz /  Mitja Toivonen (Bassist) cough*myfavourite*cough*

and Tazzy Cruz / Tapani Fagerström (Drummer)

when you follow their social sites you get a lotta adorable pics like these

And here is one of my favourite songs live:

Fun facts:

Middy’s got a fabulous bun

Tazzy likes to drink …a bit more thank the other guys

Johnny seriously looks like a gangster with his hair tied up 

and don’t fuck with Archie’s lederhosen

sometimes they like to get a bit messy

they are also total dorks, so be prepared

that’s it
check ‘em out!