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99 Problems - Auston Matthews

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Notes: More filthy, raunchy, dirty smut for y’all. I’m going to have to cleanse myself by the end of this week. Hope you enjoy! Ok but isn’t it sad that my longest imagines are always smut because I can’t do smut without a plot I hate myself.

Mentions: Patrik Laine

Warnings: Smutty, smut

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Up Next: Connor McDavid

Teaser: “Are you seriously fucking sexting Laine right now?”

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BTS trending in Finlands twitter for 3 days. (WARNING: A LOT OF MEMES)

Part 2 Part 3

#BTSinFinland has been trending in Finlands twitter for 3 days now and it has been the most tweeted tag in Finland today with almost 40k tweets. #BTS & #Armylaine (self created fandom name for Finnish ARMY) has been one of the most tweeted tags on twitter for 3 days. #Armylaine was also trending yesterday.  BTS is having a vacation in Finland right now and Finnish ARMY are making BTS memes on #BTSinFinland tag to celebrate it. Don’t expect to see any photos about them in Finland. Finnish ARMY respects their privacy. BUT THE MEMES ARE HILARIOUS! When Finnish fans don’t want to take pics of BTS they’ll photoshop BTS in Finnish sceneries. These are SOME of the best from literally thousands of #BTSinFinland memes. It’s a bit hard to understand the jokes if you’re not finnish but i’ll try to explain some of them. :D Credits to the owners. 

(Snow white, the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö)

(Finnish “rednecks” ALWAYS use the flame beanie/ugly sunglasses combo. They also drink a lot of koskenkorva and hang out with bears.)

(Patrik Laine is the most popular Finnish ice hockey player and the name Armylaine comes from that. This is really hard to explain, if you are not finnish, you won’t get it)

(Karhu which means bear and it’s also a beer brand is the most popular beer in finland. everyone drinks it)

BTS talked about finnish mythology in their latest v-app. This is a part of Kalevala, which is finnish folklore. 

Here we have the president again, Sauli Niinistö (sale), Patrik Laine and Arman (armyn) Alizad who is one of the most ppular finnish tv hosts and producers. He retweeted a lot of the memes and said “Bts is really good. they are a super fresh group” to his almost 200k followers

Here’s Jungkook with Patrik Laine & Seppo Taalasmaa (from finnish soap opera, Salatut elämät) Patrik Laine’s & Jungkooks ship name is #laikook and it was also trending on finnish twitter. Jungkook was also paired with one of the most popular singers in finland Robin and their ship name is #robkook. It also trended.

more #laikook

Finnish traditional dance “tanhu”

this is “ruisleipä” a finnish bread.

Let’s be real. Finnish ARMY are the memelords.

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This Finnish hockey player kid called Julius Nättinen is so pretty (his last name literally translates to Pretty so no coinsidence here) and man do I wish he made it to the NHL he's great

Lol He is very pretty tbh… but the Ducks jersey kills it


Reviving Memories

Title: Reviving Memories

Athlete: Michael Latta

Word Count: 2,160

Requested?: No

Author’s Note:  I know I said Torment Anew Part III would be next out but my Latts muse just sort of grabbed ahold and wouldn’t let go until I got this one written.  I hope everyone enjoys this one about ½ of the brobeans.

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“You need to see the picture I just put on Instagram.  #TBT never looked so good.” Throwing your phone back onto your bed you went in search of another box.  “Y/N.  I’m serious.” Was the next text received from Jasmine while you were out of the room.

Taking a seat on the floor you logged into the app.  The notification you had been tagged in the picture making you a little more interested.   Once it loaded, you found a picture you had not seen in years.  You and Jasmine in your freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was staring back at you.  Your first Milwaukee Admirals game attended, both of you proudly showing your UWM pride in matching hoodies.   #bestroomiesever  #LetsGoAdmirals were hashtagged to add emphasis.

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songs to listen to if finland wins gold tonight
  • Den glider in (”it glides in” in Swedish). Finland won gold for the first time in 1995 in a match against Sweden. The song is in Swedish and was team Sweden’s theme song but we Finns kind of took it.
  • Taivas varjele! (”Good heavens!”) In 2011, Finnish hockey player Mikael Granlund scored an “ilmaveivi”, kind of an amazing goal. Antero Mertaranta, legendary sports broadcaster who is known for his expressive and enthusiastic commentary, naturally went nuts. Later on his reaction was remixed into a song.  
  • Poika (saunoo) (”Boy (goes to sauna)”) Originally composed for a Finnish hockey team JYP in 2011 so it could be played when they win the national championships. In the end, though, JYP didn’t win. But later in the same year Finland won the world championships - and what matters the most, beat Sweden in the finals by scoring six goals! So instead, the song was dedicated for the Finnish national team Leijonat. Poika also means “son” in Finnish and it is a nickname for the trophy.
Awkward is only half the story

#49 - “Well this is awkward…”

I will admit this turned into some sort of [{Den(Nor]Fin}) thing ……… yeah…

“This is not what it looks like!” Denmark exclaimed, crossing his legs as Norway stared blank-eyed at him and Finland sitting naked on the sofa.

“Really?” Norway raised one eyebrow and turned his attention over to Finland. “Care to explain?” he added.

“Okay so this might seem a bit awkward,” Finland laughed. “But we’ve got a very good reason here.”

“I’m sure you do,” Norway replied and rolled his eyes. “I’m frankly almost impressed you thought as far as to find towels to sit on.”

“Hey, we’ve both been naked on this sofa before!” Denmark huffed.

“That’s different…” Norway frowned. “Maybe,” he added and shot Denmark a suspicious look.

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