finnish coffee

okay let me try to do a Roundup of notable events from the last couple… days? some time

- finnish man at the breakfast today and yesterday complaining about the coffee being too weak. we’re making the coffee the finnish way here - even some norwegian customers need to water it out which means we can’t start making it stronger. at this point i suspect he might just be too finnish for his own good……… also why does he add so much milk if he thinks it’s so weak

- the card reader losing connection to pretty much all the major credit card companies just as a large group of chinese bikers roll in. that was a fun time

- there’s always gotta be something Wrong. on popular demand we got the coffee machine up and running again, and it took one day before it stopped being able to make hot chocolates and two before it stopped working altogether in the middle of making cappucinos. currently the lamp above the counter has stopped working, shrouding whoever’s at the cashier (me) in shadows.. we were gonna get new stock today but it never came. COOL BEANS

- camping reception worker hailed me down so i could use my Norwegian Speaking Expertise to make a phonecall to ask if someone haven’t forgotten to deliver their room keys. i found said keys on the desk in the shop, but only after making the phonecall.

- please imagine your five foot one haiz going up to a german giant to ask if he has the breakfast coupon

- the breakfast is held in the dining hall, separate from the counter with all the cake and waffles and the cash machine, because the cakes and waffles are for sale and not part of the breakfast buffet. somehow the french always think the waffles are included in the breakfast.

- i keep having NO TRACK OF TIME whatsoever. i thought a customer was joking when he wished me a happy weekend on saturday. i kept telling people to visit the convenience store on sunday to get [item we don’t have] - the convenience store is notoriously Not Open on sundays. on friday,  in a moment of realization, i startingly said ‘it’s friday!!!’  to a coworker and she was equally startled and confused. my new wristwatch keeps going wrong every once in a while. help

- i was refilling stuff at the breakfast table when i thought an old lady was yelling a Certain Spanish Insult at me but she was just asking for more butter in a very thick french accent

- i missed out on receipt #9999 and #111111 so i guess that’s that :T

Gubbe (Swedish = “old man / grandpa”. It is really common to call horses with “gubbe”, or “gumma” in case they are mares)

Kupponen (Finnish = “little coffee cup”. It kind of have a cute-like sound.)

Gubbe — Kuppe —- Kuppo —- Kupponen

I noticed today that I am now calling all our geldings “little coffee cups” because my brain desperately wanted to “Finnish” the word gubbe.

I don’t know why, but they are “little coffee cups” now.

novvaik-deactivated20160102  asked:

Do Finnish people really love coffee or is that a stereotype? If they love coffee as munch as I've heard they do, I think I'd fit in great.

I think many things revolve around coffee in Finland. In every formal situation you’re served coffee, if you visit someone you’re served coffee, if someone you don’t know quite well asks you for a coffee it’s a date proposal, in a children’s name giving party, wedding, funeral - you name it - there’s always coffee.