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Profanities and insults in Finnish

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Kiroilla - to swear
Kirosana - swearword
Loukata - to insult; to hurt
Loukkaus - insult
Nimitellä - to call names
Haukkua - to call names; to bark
Haukkumasana - a word used to call someone names
Vittu - cunt (used like “fuck” in English)
Vitun… - fucking…
Vitusti - fucking much 
Voi vittu! - Oh fuck!
Vitut! - Bullshit!
Haista vittu! - Fuck you!
Mitä vittua? - What the fuck?
Vittumainen - (fucking) unpleasant, annoying, difficult, obnoxious, repulsive…
Vittuilla - to annoy; to fuck around; to fuck with
Vittu tätä paskaa - fuck this shit
Hevonvittu - horse’s cunt
Saatana - Satan
Saatanan… - Satan’s…
Saatanasti - an intensifier (”Satan’s much”
Paska - shit, crap
Paskiainen - bastard, asshole
Paskamainen - shitty, unfair, depressing, unpleasant
Paskapää - shithead
Haista paska! - Fuck you!
Paskat! - Bullshit!
Paskanmarjat! - Bullshit! (”shit’s berries”)
Hevonpaska - bullshit (”horseshit”)
Kusi - piss
Kusinen - stained with piss; shitty
Kusipää - pisshead
Perkele - devil
Perkeleen… - devil’s…
Perkeleesti - an intensifier (”devil’s much”)
Helvetti - hell
Helvetin… - hell’s 
Helvetisti - an intensifier (”hell’s much”)
Mitä helvettiä? - What the hell?
Hitto - damn
Hiton - damn (e.g. hiton pelkuri = damn coward)
Hitosti - an intensifier (damn much)
Jumalauta - god dammit
Perse - arse
Perseennuolija - asslicker 
Olla perseestä - to be from the ass; to suck
Kyrpä - cock, dick
Kyrpänaama - dickhead
Olla kyrpä otsassa - to be pissed off (”to have dick on one’s forehead”)
Olla kyrpiintynyt - to be pissed off 
Mulkku (mulkvisti, mulkero) - dick, prick 
Huora - whore
Lutka - slut
Narttu - bitch
Ämmä - hag, bitch
Runkkari - wanker 
Nussija - fucker 
Tyhmä - stupid
Typerys - fool
Idiootti - idiot
Ääliö - cretin, moron
Pöljä - dumb(ass)
Hullu - crazy, mad
Läski - fat 
Luuseri - loser

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Finnish/Livvi Karelian animal vocab

🐶 - koira - koiru
🐺 - susi - hukku
🐱 - kissa - kaži
🐭 - hiiri - hiiri
🐸 - sammakko - šlöpöi
🐻 - karhu - kondii
🐷 - sika/porsas - počči
🐮 - lehmä - lehmä
🐵 - apina - oblezjan
🐎 - hevonen - hebo
🐑 - lammas - lammas
🐦 - lintu - lindu
🐔 - kana - kana/emäkana
🐍 - käärme - noloi/mado
🐛 - toukka - toukku/čyöttöine
🐝 - ampiainen - amboi/ammurjaine
🐜 - muurahainen - kudžoi/mauroi
🐌 - etana - edenöi
🐠 - kala - kala
Animal - eläin - elätti
Domestic animal - kotieläin - kodielätti

New Langblrs Shoutout #2

I’m doing this shoutout  to help new langblrs find other langblrs with the same target languages or interests, please reblog this post to help them find new langblrs to follow, and it would be great to follow them if you learn the same languages they are learning, let’s help each other, and have fun learning languages together :D


  • Native language: German, fluent in English
  • Target language(s):  Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, and Danish.

“ I’m a German native speaker whose fluent in English and has level B2 in French. I could offer help in these 3 languages. And whilst I haven’t started studying any of the following yet, I am really interested in Scandinavia, especially Danish that is. (But I’m also interested in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.) “


  • Native Language: English.
  • Target Language(s):  Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, German, Spanish, ASL, and Tamil.

“ My name is Marissa and I enjoy complaining about language learning. “


  • Native language : Arabic 
  • Target language(s) : English &  French 

 “My name is Ra’oof Hawatmah, 27 years old from Jordan”


  • Native language : English and German
  • Target language(s) :  Arabic, Hindi, German and Hebrew.

“ Target languages: (in order from most studied to least) Arabic, Hindi, German and Hebrew. Eventually Tibetan, Russian, Mandarin, Czech and loads more…”


  • Native language: English
  • Target Language(s):  Spanish and French, and eventually Russian, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, mandarin, Irish and Hebrew.

“ My name is Alexander, and my  interests are: languages, math, science, books, comic books, martial arts, mythology, and religion .”


  • Native language: English, and French (fluent) 
  • Target Language(s): German and Japanese and i’m interested in Arabic.

“ My blog is dedicated to helping people in English and French, I’m more than happy to receive messages asking for help or tips!“


  • Native language: Polish.
  • Target Language(s):  English, German, French, Norwegian.

“ I’m a student of English Philology and Scandinavian studies and occasionally I’m a translator and teacher of English, fluent in English and intermediate in French, German and Norwegian.”  


  • Native language: English.
  • Target Language(s): German.

“ I’m Lily, and I recently started learning German after wanting to learn it for a while, so I’m very much a beginner. At the moment I’m focusing on German, but am considering learning Greek in the future. “


  • Native language: Greek,
  • Target Language(s): Spanish and Japanese.

“ Hi, I’m Chrysi, 21, Greek, and i have a studyblr-langblr blog, my target languages are Spanish and Japanese which are i am learning them on my own :)”


  • Native language: Finnish.
  • Target Language(s):  English, Japanese, Swedish, German, Hungarian, French, Arabic, Northern Sami, Ainu.

“ I’m determined to find some langblrs/language friends who’re learning or speaking some of my not-so-popular target languages 


  • Native language:  Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Target Language(s):  Turkish, Kazakh, Korean, Vietnamese and German.

“ Hi! I’m Gabriel! I’m Brazilian and a language lover. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and a little bit of French, Italian and Galician! I would like to meet new partners and learn new interesting things about languages and cultures!”


  • Native language: English.
  • Target Language(s):  Japanese and Spanish.

“ I’m Cassy, I have a studyblr/langblr. I study Japanese (beginner) and Spanish (intermediate) on my downtime and make posts about those as I go.”


  • Native language: English.
  • Target Language(s): Italian and French

“ am a university student studying French and Italian, and plan on studying education later on in order to become  a foreign language teacher. It is my dream to teach overseas. I love languages, teaching, linguistics, learning about other cultures and learning languages! “ 


  • Native Language: English 
  • Target Language(s): French and Spanish. 

“My name’s Maeghan and I’m an advanced French speaker and a beginner Spanish speaker, and I’d eventually like to start Italian/Arabic/Hindi but those will have to wait for now. Hmu if yall need English/French help”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Italian and maybe Swedish.


  • Native Language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Target Language(s):  Norwegian, English, Spanish (for now).

“ Hi, my name is Jéssica and I decided join  tumblr to help myself with my target languages and others with Portuguese.”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s):  German and Japanese, and dabble in ASL

“ I am a native English speaker, study German and Japanese, and dabble in ASL. I plan to study German and Japanese at Uni year after next.


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Spanish

“ My native language is English and I’m learning Spanish, but I’m much more interested in finding blogs that post about Dutch atm as it’s so easy to find Spanish stuff but Dutch seems impossible to find!”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s):  Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (and Romanian eventually, but not seriously yet.)

“ I have a Bachelor’s in Spanish language and lit so I’m pretty good there, and a Master’s in TESL. I started learning Arabic in university from international students and now I’m living in Turkey. “


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

“I’m 18 years old and I’m graduating high school in a couple of months. I love anything to do with art, reading, fitness and my dog! I’m from Melbourne Australia :) “


  • Native Language: Italian
  • Target Language(s): German

My target language is German. I post all things about German study. I’m looking for others German langblr in order to share our study method and improvements. :) “


  • Native Language: Spanish
  • Target Language(s): English, Hebrew, French and Italian


  • Native Language: Spanish
  • Target Language(s): French and English

“ Hello! I’m Meg and I have a langblr/studyblr that focuses mostly on French and Italian.”


  • Native Language: English
  • Target Language(s): Farsi and Spanish

“ I am a native English speaker learning farsi and Spanish. I wouldn’t mind helping anyone with English and hope I can get some help with my language learning as well :)

Note: If you want to be added to the list just contact me, I will keep the list updated.

Studyblurs and Politics majors!

I recently got accepted into university (in Finland) to study political history/science, I’ll start my studies in august

I’m a new studyblr and I’d love to follow more people with similar interests or majors

So would you please like or reblog this post if you post about

-political science
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-general studying tips
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I’ll follow as ‘trouble-some-mind’

Thank you so much!!!


Watching this made me so happy. My favourites are Finnish, French, Swedish, Flemish, Italian, Russian, Norwegian and German, but there are so many omg.

anonymous asked:

Moi! I'm studying Finnish but sometimes I feel like I can't do this, I tried it hard but I don't know how to memorize all the words or GRAMMAR, also my phone is in Finnish. I feel so stupid or unable to express myself and it makes me really upset because I want it so bad but I can't. How can I do to be able to focus more? (sorry of something is wrong, I speak Spanish🙄)


Firstly, I believe in you. You can absolutely do this.

Also I squealed a bit cause I get so happy when someone wants to learn Finnish.

I’ve heard a lot of talking about Finnish being the hardest thing ever, which might be discouraging. So to start here are some reasons why Finnish is easy to learn.

How long have you been studying? Remember it takes a while to learn a language, even with good motivation. Do it in your own time, no need to hurry. I know the feeling, I’ve been learning Russian for two years and it feels like I can’t say anything.

For vocabulary I recommend using a fun way to learn, even if it might be slower than just reading lists up and down. Some things you can try:

-translate songs, and listen to songs. You can understand one word or phrase somewhere? Great job, give yourself a high-five.

-follow “suomitumblr” aka finnish tumblr blogs and others who post in finnish, they’re sometimes written quickly in slang though so you might be confused. (And be aware that inappropriate stuff isnt uncommon in suomitumpleri…). Some:

@saakelinsuolasirotin @ulkomaa @ristiinrastiinnaulittu @perus-suomalainen

-talk to me wait im boring tho… or someone else in Finnish!! We can chat like me and my real life friends do, multilingually. If we cant remember a word we just say it in another language. And I can correct big mistakes (nobody cares about small ones).

- stick post-its with the words written on all around your living spaces, so that you see them often even if you’re not actually studying.

-the last one is using Memrise if you don’t already, which isn’t “fun” in that way, but I find learning words using it is easy.

For grammar I’m really not helpful at all, since I’m lost when it comes to that in Russian, and in Finnish I only learn some mostly unnecessary shit at school.

What I do though, is I have example sentences and learn in what type of sentences it’s used by heart.

Try reading these articles, they seem good

Learning grammar

In this they talk about english, but it can be applied to any language

you dont need to study grammar to learn a language

You’re not stupid for not being able to express yourself, in fact you’re smart for wanting and working on expressing yourself in another language.

The best tip I have is don’t worry. no one cares if you make mistakes. except the trolls but ignore them they are the stupid ones and are only here to make you feel bad. We others only want to help. im such a hypocrite here tho

I’ll gladly help you some more, just send in a ask/message me. I hope this was helpful in some way.