Lady Writing a Letter (1887). Albert Edelfelt (Finnish, 1854-1905). Oil on panel. Nationalmuseum.

This small painting by Edelfelt is a reminder of the central importance of hand-written letters and the writing desk in the bourgeois household. The glass inkwell on the table is open and the woman seems to be replying to a newly-opened letter, careful not to keep the sender waiting. A technically exquisite detail is the envelope in her hand, or, more specifically, how it appears translucent in the light.

Some nice summer vocabulary for Finland

Vitun runkkari pois mun nurmikolta: please to do not trespass on my property while exploring the beautiful nature

Saatanan hiekkapillu: there is no need to be mad

Voi jumalauta ku ihmiset jaksaa soittaa roskamusaa: I hear cool beats from the nearby music festival

Tää oksa on kohta sun perseessä: plese behave responsibly

Perkele! Alkoholia ei voi koskaan ottaa liian vähän: Let us have a nice drink

Voihan vitun vittu: Oh bummer!

Ihan kyrvänsyylä: I have to disagree

European queer lady artists

Ängie - Bisexual Swedish pop & trap-hop artist often labelled as one of the most shocking and controversial pop stars of the last few years. She’s talked about falling in love with a woman for the first time at 15 and how she felt ostracized by friends and family due to that and how her music is born from a desire to express her sexuality. Listen to “Smoke weed eat pussy” and her first album “Suicidal since 1995.”

Beatrice Eli - The lesbian Swedish pop artist who blessed us with the gay anthem that is “Girls.” She’s been dating Silvana Imam for about four years now! She’s said she prefers the term lesbian over gay and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get new music from her soon!

Christine and the Queens - The stage name of Héloïse Letissier, a pansexual French pop/”freak pop” artist. While visiting London she was inspired by local drag queens and they became her backing band. She dedicates her music to them and to transgender people. Listen to “5 dollars” and “Girlfriend.” 

Cœur de pirate - The stage name of Béatrice Martin, a queer French-Canadian indie/folk pop musician. She came out as queer in 2016 and was briefly involved with Laura Jane Grace. She sings mostly in French and released a new album “ en cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé” this year. 

girl in red - Lesbian Norwegian independent bedroom pop artist. Marie writes, records, and produces all of her own music. She released Chapter 1, a five song EP, on Spotify this year. “girls” and “i wanna be your girlfriend” are both amazing and gay. I can tell we have a lot to look forward to in the future from her!

Ji Nilson - Lesbian Swedish alternative pop artist who came out in early 2017. Listen to “In my Blood” and “Proud.” Ji Nilson said this about In my Blood: “I’m so in love with this song. I think people can relate to the feeling of ending something and kind of being ok with it, but someone you love will always, always be in your blood. You can live without them, but you can’t escape the love you once shared.”

Saara Aalto - Lesbian Finnish pop artist. She represented Finland in Eurovision in 2011 and 2016, and placed second both times. On her sexuality she said she was “Very proud to be a lesbian” and thats a mood. Her newest album “Wild Wild Wonderland” was released this year. 

Silvana Imam - Swedish lesbian rapper. She’s been in a relationship with fellow singer Beatrice Eli since 2014! She’s talked about how her music is seen as political because of her being gay and a woman and has said “I want to be the best of all rappers, not the best female rapper.” Listen to “For Evigt” and “IMAM COBAIN.”

Soko - The stage name & nickname of bisexual/pansexual French indie pop/new wave musician Stéphanie Sokolinski. She briefly dated Kristen Stewart and has said “I’ve always been open with my sexuality, meaning I don’t really care about gender.” Listen to gay anthem “Who wears the pants?”

Tove Lo - Bisexual Swedish grunge influenced pop artist. She unapologetically owns her sexuality and has been vocal about the double standards in the pop industry for men and women. Her very gay song “Bitches” got remixed this year and now features Charlie XCX, Alma, Elliphant, and Icona Pop. 

My new favorite word in Finnish is:


It means “either one of two persons/things has” which can be used in a sentence like “Avain on jommallakummalla veljistäsi”,“Either one of your brothers has the key”. Word is derived from “jompi kumpi” (either one of something) which is great term on itself.

Word “jommallakummalla” has 4 double consonants and both of the original words (jompi and kumpi) have “-lla” ending to indicate having something. Because it would be tricky to simply put the ending after the original word (jompilla) ancient Finns ingeinously changed the last part of the words “jompi” and “kumpi” from “-mpi” to “-mma”. If you don’t change the ending of those words, it becomes “jompillakumpilla” which actually is casual version of “jommillakummilla” which is the plural of “jommallakummalla” and means “either one of these groups has”

I love Finnish language.


peruskoulussa: ok katotaan mikä meni väärin

lukiossa: ok katotaan mikä meni oikein

I have always loved the month names in Finnish

January = tammikuu = the oak moon

February = helmikuu = the pearl moon

March = maaliskuu = the ground moon (“maalis” doesn’t mean anything but it comes from the word “maa”, meaning “ground” because you can usually see ground beneath the snow in March)

April = huhtikuu = the burn-beaten moon

May = toukokuu = the field moon

June = kesäkuu = the summer moon

July = heinäkuu = the hay moon

August = elokuu = the harvest moon

September = syyskuu = the fall moon

October = lokakuu = the slush moon (the kind of half-melted snow that no one likes)

November = marraskuu = the death moon (altough “marras” is a really old word that no one uses anymore, I had to actually google it because I didn’t know what it means)

December = joulukuu = the Christmas moon

It’s really cool that we have original names for months while most languages use the Latin words. And I think our words for months sound really beautiful, too.