finnicks poem

Where to find my drabbles

x fluff 

Finnick and Annie’s first moments in D13

Finnick doesn’t die and reunites with Annie

Finnick and Annie making up after a fight

Finnick is still alive and Annie finds out about her pregnancy

Finnick tells Katniss how he and Annie fell in love 

Finnick comes home to Annie after a tough client

Annie’s very first interview after her games

Finnick proposes to Annie at D13

Finnick and Annie’s first night at D13

Finnick and Annie’s reunion

Annie tells what happened in the Capitol during the Quell

After a terrible nightmare, Finnick runs to Annie 

Finnick and Annie go dancing in the rain

Finnick and Annie dancing in their wedding

Odesta wedding from Finnick’s point of view

Odesta fight slowly turns into a make-out session

Finnick proposes to Annie

Annie is worried she’ll be a bad mother, Finnick reassures her

Odesta first moments alone in D13

Odesta very first kiss after Annie’s games

Annie comes back from the Capitol hijacked as well, but Finnick is able to pull her out of it

Annie and Finnick finally reunite after her games

Odesta on the beach with their baby boy

Annie’s first words after her games

Finnick proposing to Annie

Finnick doesn’t mentor Annie in her games, and this is their reunion after she comes home

Finnick comforts Annie after she has a panic attack 

x angst

Annie’s reaction to Finnick’s poem during his interview

Finnick’s last moments and thoughts

Finnick dealing with Annie’s suicide

Finnick asks Mags to volunteer for Annie for the Quell

After getting out of her games, Annie breaks

The rebels receive a video of Annie being tortured, and Finnick breaks

Annie goes to Mags’ grave to tell her she’s pregnant

Annie is forced into prostitution instead of Finnick

Finnick’s thoughts during Annie’s games

Annie finds out the truth about Finnick’s visits to the Capitol

Instead Peeta, Annie does the interview where she warns D13 about the bombers.

Annie’s death on the arena - Finnick’s POV 

Annie goes to the Quarter Quell with Finnick and dies

A year after her games Annie becomes pregnant but miscarries

x sort of humor 

Annie is pregnant and Finnick won’t stop talking about it

Johanna teasing Annie about her sex life

Annie and Finnick were never reaped and met at the market

Finnick and Annie’s daughter going on her first date

Finnick tries to teach Annie to use his trident

Finnick introduces Annie to Johanna for the first time

Finnick and Annie go to the ice rink, and while Annie is a talented skater, Finnick isn’t

Finnick takes their son for a walk and loses him

Finnick is a really bad at keeping secrets from Annie, and he tries to plan something fore her birthday without her noticing

x odesta backstory

Finnick and Annie are together, he gets jealous of one of Annie’s male friends in District 4

Finnick and Annie come across a strange find during cleaning Mags’ attic

Finnick having a nightmare and Annie soothing him

Finnick and Annie at home with their baby

Annie admits how they raped her in the Capitol

Finnick and Annie’s first kiss

People around town start to notice how much time Finnick and Annie spend together

Finnick and Annie learn about an ancient celebration called Halloween

Finnick and Annie have known each other since little kids. He dies in his games and a few years later she dies in hers and they meet in the afterlife

While mentoring Annie, Finnick realises he has feelings for her

In panic, Finnick and Annie try to elope before the Quell

Annie has difficulty speaking at the districts during her Victory Tour

Annie begs Finnick to stand up to Snow

Annie is about to give birth to her and Finnick’s baby

Finnick begs president Coin to save Annie from the Capitol

Annie comes back from her games and begs Finnick to let her stay with him because she can’t stand her big and empty house

Finnick and Annie are on the victory tour and President Snow warns them not to show any signs of affection in public

A random drabble about Finnick and Annie’s life

Finnick wants Annie, but fears he doesn’t deserve her

x AU

Grey’s Anatomy + Odesta

AU: Finnick and Annie passing secret notes in class

AU: Finnick was the one to get kidnapped and is reunited with Annie in D13

x other

Clary having a nightmare about the battle and Jace comforting her

Instead Merder being the girl and guy to hook up at Joe’s, it’s Japril

Ian being protective over Wanda