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Hey, you're awesome, thanks for existing, basically ^_^ Anyway, I wanted to know if you have any tips on how to write different personalities? My characters (all of them) always end up with the same default personality that I fall back on. Thanks!

Thanks for your question, darling!  I think most of us have struggled with this – after all, we’re conditioned to one way of thinking, feeling, and acting for as long as we live.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we write characters like ourselves, though.  In fact, many of us have a “default character” that’s sassier than we are, sweeter than we are, or in some way different enough from us that we still feel like we’re writing a character.

The problem, then, isn’t that we can’t visualize a different personality than ours.  On the whole, we can.  What we’re missing are the small details that make it feel whole – otherwise, it’s like painting the same room six different colors and trying to pass it off as six different rooms.  Different dominant traits can’t hide the fact that you’re working with one template!

So the question we’re left with: what are the traits we’re missing?  And how can we change them to create a unique and whole personality?

Three Types of Character Traits

There are, as the title suggests, three major categories of personality traits as I see it: fundamental traits, acquired traits, and detrimental traits.  A well-rounded character needs some of each to be three-dimensional and realistic.

Fundamental Traits

The fundamental traits of a person’s character are not as simple as interests and preferences; they are the very base of all decisions and desires.  They are either learned in early life or developed over a long period of time, rooting deeply into the personality.  A few examples of fundamental personality traits include:

  • Upbringing – The word choice here is conscious, as upbringing encompasses many different aspects of a person’s development.  Consider who raised them, and with what morals and practices they were raised to adulthood.  Consider their influences, both familial, social, and in media; consider the relationships that were normalized during their development, as well as the living conditions (financially, emotionally, environmentally, etc.).  The people, places, emotions, and conflicts made common during a person’s developmental period are essential to their personality in adulthood.  This is why psychologists often draw present-day problems back to a person’s childhood memories – because those formative years can subconsciously dictate so much of a person’s future!
  • Values – These may not coincide with the values a person is raised to hold, but upbringing certainly has an influence on this. A person’s values will direct the course of their life through every decision, large and small.  You don’t need to outline everything your character believes is important – every moral and every law they agree/disagree with. But those values which stand above others will give your character purpose.  A few of my favorite examples are: Jane from Jane the Virgin (whose initial storyline is heavily based on her religion and desire for a beautiful love story, as well as her childhood influences who inspired these values) and Han Solo from Star Wars (whose character development rested upon his values shifting from money and gratification to more honorable things).
  • Beliefs – Different from values, beliefs are a more general set of guidelines for how a person believes things are supposed to be.  Beliefs can also be a source of great conflict, as a character tries to stay aligned with their beliefs despite other values or desires.  These beliefs can be established systems, like religion or politics; they can also include more personal belief systems, like nihilism or veganism.  A characters beliefs, like their values, can change over the course of the story – but even if a character is questioning one system of belief, like religion or pacifism, they should have other belief systems in place to govern some of their activity.
  • Reputation – A lot of human activity, whether consciously or not, is dictated by how others perceive them (or how they believe others perceive them).  There are two types of reputation: personal and passing.  For instance, a woman named Sally who gains a personal reputation of sleeping around will behave in reaction to this reputation – either sleeping around because everyone already expects it of her, or specifically not hooking up because she wants to shake this reputation, or developing a thicker skin to deal with the rumors until it passes.  A man named Billy who, because of his tattoos, bears a passing reputation as an intimidating man will either try to soften his demeanor with strangers, own up to the image, or at least learn to expect judgment from strangers as a consequence.
  • Self-Image – Also relevant to a person’s behavior is the way they perceive themselves, which can often have little to do with their reputation.  A lot of self-image is based on definitive moments or phases in the past.  For instance: for several years after I started wearing contacts and cutting my hair, I still saw myself, in dreams at night, with long hair and glasses.  One of my friends, similarly, could not seem to notice when boys would flirt with her during sophomore year – because she still saw herself as an awkward middle schooler with braces, and not as the charming cheerleader with the great smile.
    Inversely, self-image can be inflated, causing character to behave as though they are funnier, smarter, or more prepared than they truly are (see: the rest of my sophomore acquaintances).  This can be an overlooked character flaw opportunity – or flawportunity…

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Acquired Traits

Now we move on to the acquired traits of personality, which are the ones you’re more likely to find on a character sheet or a list of “10 Questions for Character Development”, alongside a million other things like their zodiac sign and their spirit animal.  But the traits I’m about to outline are a little more relevant to a character’s behavior, and more importantly, how to make this behavior unique from other characters’ behavior.  The following traits will be learned by your characters throughout their life (and their story), and are more likely to shift and grow with time:

  • Interests – I know, I had to reach deep down into my soul to think of this one.  But it’s true!  Interests, both in childhood/adolescence and in adulthood, are an important part of a character’s personality and lifestyle.  Childhood interests both reveal something about the character (for instance: my nephew loves trains, Legos, and building, suggesting a future interest in construction or engineering) and create values that can last for a lifetime.  Current interests affect career choice, social circles, and daily activity for everyone.  Forgotten or rejected interests can be the source of pet peeves, fears, or bad memories. There’s a reason I’ll never play with Polly Pockets again, and it 100% has to do with bloody fingertips and a purse that wouldn’t open.
  • Sense of Humor – This can be a little hard to define, understandably.  If you were to ask me what my sense of humor is, I’d probably start with a few stupid memes, pass by Drake & Josh on the way, and somehow wind up telling you bad puns or quoting Chelsea Peretti’s standup comedy. A person’s sense of humor can be complex and contradictory!  Sometimes we just laugh at stuff because someone said it in a funny way.  But anyway, to help you boil this down to something useful: take a look at a few kinds of comedy and relate it to your character’s maturity level.  Do they laugh when someone lets out a toot?  Are they the kind of person to mutter, “That’s what she said,” or simply try not to laugh when something sounds dirty?  Can puns make them crack a smile?  Do they like political humor?  Do cat videos kill them?  Is their humor particularly dark?  Can the mere sound of someone else laughing make them laugh?  Figure out where your character’s sense of humor is, and you’ll feel closer to them already.
  • Pet Peeves – For every interest a person may have, and everything that makes them laugh, there’s something else that can piss them off, large- or small-scale.  Are they finnicky about their living space and neatness? Do they require a lot of privacy? Do certain sounds or behaviors drive them crazy?  What qualities are intolerable in a romantic interest for them? What kind of comments or beliefs make them roll their eyes?  If you need help, just try imagining their worst enemy – someone whose every word or action elicits the best eye-rolls and sarcastic remarks and even a middle finger or two – and ask yourself, what about this person makes them that mortal enemy?  What behaviors or standards make them despicable to your character?  That’s all it takes.
  • Skills – Everybody has them, and they’re not just something we’re born with.  Skills can be natural talent, sure, but they’re also cultivated from time, values, and interests.  What is your character okay at?  What are they good at?  What are they fantastic at?  Maybe they can cook.  Maybe they have a beautiful eye for colors.  Maybe they have an inherent sense of right and wrong that others admire. Maybe they’re super-athletic or incredibly patient or sharp as a tack or sweet as a cupcake.  Maybe they know how to juggle, or maybe they’re secretly the most likely of all their friends to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Where do they shine?  What would make someone look at them and think, “Wow, I wish I were them right now”?
  • Desires – A good way to “separate” one character from the next is to define what it is they want, and then use every other detail to dictate how they pursue that goal.  Every real person has a desire, whether they’ve defined it or not – whether it’s something huge, like fame or a family of five with triplet girls and a beach house on an island, or something small, like good grades for the semester.  These desires can cause a person to revise their values or forsake their morals; and these desires can conflict with other people’s desires, influencing how people interact with each other.  Remember that every character is living their own story, even if it’s not the story you’re telling.
  • Communication Style – A majorly overlooked character trait in pop fiction is unique communication styles.  Having every character feel comfortable arguing, or bursting out with the words, “I love you,” is unrealistic.  Having every character feel paralyzed at the idea of confronting a bully or being honest to their spouse is also unrealistic.  There should be a healthy mix of communicators in a group of characters. Some people are too softspoken to mouth off at their racist lab partner.  Some people wouldn’t see their girlfriend kissing another guy and just walk away without saying something.  Some people just don’t react to conflict by raising their voice; some people enjoy sharing their opinions or giving the correct answer in class.  Boldness, social skills, and emotional health all have a part to play in how people communicate their thoughts – so keep this in mind to create a more realistic, consistent character.
  • Emotional Expression – Along the same lines but not the same, emotional expression is more focal on feelings than thoughts.  If you’ve ever heard of the fight-or-flight response, the different types of anger, the stages of grief, or the five love languages, then you’re aware of different “classifications” of emotional expression and management.  Read up on some of those things, and think about how your character handles emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, loneliness, paranoia, and so forth.

Detrimental Traits

While acquired traits are certainly more enjoyable to brainstorm during the creation process, detrimental traits are as important – or even more important – to the character’s wholeness as well as their role in the story.  Not only do these negative or limiting traits make your character realistic, relatable, and conflicted – they create a need for other characters and their strengths to move the plot forward.  A few examples of detrimental traits include:

  • Flaws – Character flaws are probably the first thing that came to your mind while reading this, but they’re the essence of the category.  Flaws in a character’s personality, morality, or behavior can be a source of character development; they set an individual on their own path and provide a unique motivation for them.  Having Character A struggle with sobriety while Character B learns to be a more patient mother can do a lot to separate their stories and personalities from each other.  Even if certain flaws don’t reach a point of growth, they create a third aspect to personality and force us, as writers, to be more creative with how our characters get from Point A to Point B, and what they screw up along the way.
  • Fears – Everyone has fears, whether we’re conscious of them or not – and I’m not talking about phobias or “things that give you shivers”.  Just like everyone has a primary motivation throughout life (romance, family, success, meaning, peace of mind, etc.), everyone has a fear behind that motivation (loneliness, failure, emptiness, anxiety).  We all have something we don’t want to happen places we never want to be and things we never want to do.  We’ve all been in situations that mildly bothered others but wildly affected us at the same time.  For me, it’s a lack of autonomy, or in any way being forced to do something or be somewhere against my will.
    What does this mean for me?  It means that when other people have nightmares about being chased by an axe murderer, I have nightmares about being kidnapped and locked up.  It means that I’m continually aware of my “escape plan” if something goes wrong in my living situation, and I’m hypersensitive to someone telling me, “You have to do this.”  It means I struggle to follow rules and usually don’t get along with authority figures because I have to assert my independence to them.  It’s irrational and continual and doesn’t just affect me in one situation; it subconsciously directs my steps if I let it.  That’s how real, guttural fears work. Phobias are only skin deep, and they don’t make you feel any closer to the character.

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  • Secrets – Even goody two-shoes Amber from the swim team, with her blonde blonde hair and her good good grades, has a secret.  Everybody does, even if it’s not a purposeful, “I have a deep, dark secret,” sort of secret. We have things we don’t tell people, just because they’re embarrassing, or painful, or too deep to get into, or they don’t paint us in a good light.  While the secrets themselves tell a lot about a person, so do the reasons a person keeps a secret.  Hiding something out of shame suggests a person is prideful, or critical of themselves, or holds themselves to a higher standard than they hold others.  Hiding something painful suggests that the person struggles to handle sadness or regret, or that they feel uncomfortable showing raw emotion in front of loved ones. And so on and so forth.
  • Conflict – Whether internal, interpersonal, legal, moral, societal, or what have you, conflict will limit your character’s actions at every turn.  A story is nothing without conflict driving the plot in different directions and causing your character to rethink both their plans and their lifestyle.  Without Katniss’s moral conflict over killing other tributes, The Hunger Games would be the story of a girl who entered an arena, killed a lot of people, and lived the rest of her life rich and comfortable.  If Luke Skywalker didn’t have interpersonal conflict with Darth Vader, Star Wars would be the war-story of a guy who joined a rebellion and then… yeah.
  • Health – Physical, mental, and emotional health is a huge limiting factor for characters that often goes untouched, but it’s valuable nonetheless.  Not everyone has a clean bill of health and can jump off trains without pulling a muscle, go through a traumatic life experience without any hint of depression or anxiety, or watch a loved one die in gunfire and shove right on without emotional repercussions. Consider creating a character who’s not perfect – who isn’t perfectly in-shape or abled, or neurotypical or stable day-to-day, or completely clean and clear of residual heartache, unhealthy relationships, or bad emotional habits.  Don’t define them by these traits, of course – but don’t feel that you can’t write a character with health issues without writing a “sick character.”

So this post got ridiculously long, but I hope it works as a reference for you when creating unique characters.  Remember that you don’t need to outline all of this information to create an individual, realistic character.  These are just some relevant ideas to get you started!  It’s up to you, as the writer, to decide what’s necessary and what’s excessive for your creative process.

Still, I hope a majority of this is helpful to you!  If you have any more questions, be sure to send them in and we’ll get back to you :)  Good luck!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

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roughing something out- the last 3 panels are stand ins for now, but i wanted to see what i could feel out in about 2 hrs of work

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Headcannons for supernatural au, if you want <3 (vampire lance, werewolf Keith, werewolf shiro, pidge is a tree spirit probably... Idk what hunk would be haha)

okok ok so im watching an art stream and eating so im sorry if this is all over that place xD

Vampire Lance

  • oh god where to begin
  • so lance is still a flirt, but a successful flirt
  • he has centuries to perfect his craft of flirting
  • he only takes as much blood as he needs from people, cuz hes nice like that
  • i mean whats the point of killing your food? limited resources
  • lance is also like ancient, he comes all the way from medieval times
  • so like surviving the witch trials was an experience to say teh least
  • but knowing lance, hes all about having fun so he never really acts like the centuries old being that he is

Werewolf Keith

  • ok so this might be a bit angsty
  • but like
  • keith was forcibly turned into a werewolf
  • and then he was abandoned the person who turned him, so he was left to basically left alone to deal with these changes and try not to kill people
  • keith really has no idea whats going on
  • he really just wants to sleep ok?

Werewolf Shiro

  • shiro is the one who finds keith during one of the full moons
  • was able to get him to come out of the blood lust and not attack any people
  • from then on shiro and keith were a pack, shiro the leader. 
  • they basically keep each other out of trouble
  • shiro never lost his arm btw, but he has this super cool tattoo that a full arm thing
    • its basically inuit wolf markings, telling a story about a specific wolf that warned hunters if there was danger every full moon
    • ps, thats shiro
  • shiro likes the cold, so he hung out in the arctic a lot but he traveled to the warmer places as he got older
    • those old bones hate the cold and he hates being old
    • he doesnt look old, but hes been around for awhile

Fae Pidge

  • idk why but i was feeling this more than a tree spirit, sorry!!
  • but pidge is basically a faery and she basically has the same powers as the Olkari
  • fae can be kinda finnicky about who they hang out with, but for some reason, pidge enjoys a vampires and a half giants company
  • she really enjoys trying to learn about other supernatural species and their tendencies
  • it also helps that Lance hunk and pidge basically always look out for each other while theyre mixing with regular humans, or in places where they shouldnt be
  • essentially the garrison trio

Half-Giant Hunk

  • hunk is my baby and i love him ok
  • hunk is essentially the big friendly giant
  • he and lance are pretty much bffs from day one
  • (hunk totally saved lance from hitting on the wrong person and getting seriously hurt)
  • for as big as hunk is, hes super gentle, he really loves kittens ok? 
    • he really likes the calicos
  • pidge likes to ride around on his shoulders, just to feel tall (the guys its 7′10′’ and huge, pidge literally takes up one shoulder)

OK some plot to this because im getting carried away and i have no life at 12.30 am apparently xD

  • eventually these fice all run into each other
  • lance hits on keith, knowing full well hes a werwolf
  • lance likes to mess with people sometimes and keith just happens to blush really easily and get flustered
  • keith and lance bicker, while pidge and hunk talk with shiro
  • find out that the two of them are on the run from whoever turned keith
  • apparently the wolf that had turned him had been waiting for him to go through his first blood lust to prove that he was worthy of joining his pack
    • idk something really twisted like that
  • he hadnt planned on shiro being there and helping keith get through it
  • lance hunk and pidge agree to give them a place to stay while everything blows over
  • toss in som klance pining and we suddenly have a forest
  • which sucks because werewolves and vampires were never meant to be compatible, but somehow they make it work
    • prolly comes from keith being human for most of his life before being turned
    • kinda more human than wolf at this point, works in lances favor most of the time
  • and yada yada yada, they eventually get found, theres a big fight, keith gets hurt, lance freaks out aaaaannnnd imma leave it there and leave the rest of it for you to decide~ ;3c

thanks for the hc ask hun!!


(full entry, with footnotes, here. art notes and whatnot behind the cut.)

Art Notes

Pretty straightforward this time! Nitocris wears a leopard skin, as folk were known to do in the Old Kingdom:

Her wig and headdress are modeled off of this:

The musicians are modeled off of this:

And the banquet chairs and outfits are modeled off of this:

Shout-outs (guess success rate: 99%)

Almost a clean sweep this time!

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Two bitter rivals for the title of worst woman in Sydney, these gang leaders’ deeds were far from Devine.

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okay, i admit, i know nothing about reptiles, but why does that regrown tail look that way? i'd love to learn more, pls teach me 😅

This is a really great question and I hope you have something really nice to drink, because this might take a while.

alright, so you can probably guess that a lizard’s tail has little tail bones and everything.  But did you ever wonder what happens to those bones after a gecko loses its tail?  Bones are expensive to heal and grow, as anyone who’s ever broken a bone can tell you.  So what does a lizard do instead?  They grow a cartilaginous rod, instead of fussing around with all those little finnicky bones!  Cartilage has many advantages over bone, as it heals much faster and is less costly to regrow (from an energy perspective).

The new tail is structurally different; an original tail is comprised of many short muscle fibers, while the new one is just… pretty much a bunch of long ones, which means less mobility in the tail. It’s like going from links in a chain to just one long link. 

So THIS further means that the tail can’t move very well, forcing it to be shorter.  There’s no evolutionary advantage to a long tail that doesn’t move very well; if anything, this would be a disadvantage.  This doesn’t bother leopard geckos much, since they just use their tails for fat storage.  THIS in turn means turnip-butts.

The truth is, many species of lizards who regrow their tails have some visual distinctions between original tails and regenerated tails.  It’s just a LOT more obvious in leos.



two of a kind


@stephy-succubus (won’t let me tag but I hope you see this) @teacup-herbologist

Wild betta are often kept in pairs, and some in groups. They’re all kinda different. Betta brownorum generally do better in pairs than in groups, because males and females can pair up and bully others! But others can be kept in groups. I believe @finnicky-art keeps her betta pallifina in a social group, with multiple generations!

My fishies squabbled over territory for the first few weeks they were put together, but have since been very peaceful! They do stay out of each other’s way though. And out of other wild betta species, brownorum are some of the more likely to kill each other.

Wild betta are social, it’s uncommon to see them kept alone. And it’s unfortunate that domesticated Betta splendens have had aggression bred into them, because they still occasionally show signs of wanting to be social.

TL;DR My wild betta are intended to be housed together, but don’t do it with your regular pet store Betta

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Hey, how do you think Brittany and Santana being intimate with each other changed when they officialy started dating? I mean, we know that prior to  that they still had more than just sex, they  were cuddling and kissing each other's neck very very tenderly. Also we can safely assume that it was much better for Santana than it was with guys. Just like we know that Santana didn't do it because she needed something warm to digest her food, (Part 1)

i also don’t believe that she prefred doing it without eye contact. And sure, even if unspoken, there were a lot of feelings there. So what DID change? Also, do you think they were comfortable enough  to experiment in that field with different kind of things before they admitted they loved each other or was it too much of gay panic for Santana? I hope it’s not uncomfortable for you to answer 😅 thank you (: (part 2) 

DISCLAIMER: Here be talk about sex. Read at your own discretion.  


So I’m going to start out by saying that my whole understanding of Brittana’s sex life during S1 and S2 is firmly rooted in these two wonderful fics, which I very highly recommend and would suggest you read because they provide better and deeper insights into this topic than I ever could. 

Note that the author has retired from fandom. Please respect her privacy while you enjoy her archived work.

Starting from there: 

I tend to believe that despite what Santana tries to pretend (and despite the Glee writing staff’s overfondness for the term “scissoring”), even prior to the Hurt Locker, Brittana’s intimate encounters tend to be on the affectionate side. 

While the girls undoubtedly sometimes scissor or even just plain fuck each other, there is a reason why Brittany’s chosen adjective to describe their interactions is “sweet”—and there is also a reason why Brittany knows that Santana is in love with her even though Santana keeps loudly protesting that she isn’t.

Baby Girl can talk about lizards and football players all she wants, but at the end of the day, the fact is that her actions speak louder than her words. 

The reason that Brittany can be so reasonably certain that Santana is in love with her even before Santana is willing to admit as much is that Santana treats Brittany in a demonstrably loving way when they’re alone together—especially within the context of the bedroom. 

What Santana won’t say with her words, she can’t help but say with her body language, and for as fluent in physicality as Brittany is, Brittany has no trouble parsing out just what it is Santana is actually telling her.

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may i request some sad ones where the mc wants to break up with the minor trio?? but then she realizes that she was just having a hard time and wants to be back w them :-) i love ur headcanons btw!!! ☺

✿ *claps hands together* hello naughty children, it is time for angst. warning: there’s physical abuse in the Saeran section. (also vanderwood’s is really stupid.)


  • god fucking damn are you sick and tired of being a replacement for Rika.
  • It’s not even just that. If it was, maybe you could salvage this train wreck of a relationship. V has some serious issues that go deeper than just using you as a replacement goldfish for his cult leader ex-girlfriend, and you can’t deal with the way he continually puts you on a pedestal.
  • he idealizes everything about you - from your appearance to your actions, he treats everything you are as something to be admired. even when you’re in the wrong, he stands valiantly by you, telling you that it’s not your fault and your pain does not make you unlovable.
  • on it’s on, that’d be fine, but… he treats you like he’d treat art
  • that sounds romantic, but fuck you’re a person and you don’t want him to admire your pain, you want him to help you work through it and become better. stronger.
  • you are human, sometimes you are wrong, but V will never, ever acknowledge that. he airbrushes away all your faults and only sees you for part of who you really are.
  • Living up to the image of you he has in his head is so stressful. It’s like you’re living in a glass tower, and any moment he could realize “you’re not what he thought you were” and shatter the entire facade.
  • it’s too much. the constant worry, the constant sensation that the person he thinks he’s dating isn’t really who you are… 
  • you find yourself getting nauseous whenever he smiles sweetly at you. (you don’t want to be his light! you don’t want to be his entire world! you just want to be you!)
  • You tell him over coffee. Quietly, like you’ve rehearsed the entire thing - because you have. You still love V. You still care for him, and you know you could wound him deeply with a misplaced word, so everything you say is very composed. Cool. Clinical, almost, as you try to restrain your own emotions.
  • He listens to you without interrupting, the only sign of his upset being the way his fingers tighten around his ceramic cup. And, when you’re done, his reply is a simple, “Ah.”
  • “I see.”
  •  (is that it? you can’t help but wonder. you thought he’d fight you at least a little. maybe he’d beg, say he wants to fix things -)
  • But he doesn’t do any of that. He just sits there, staring into his coffee, before saying, “I - I respect your decision.”
  • maybe it’s irrational, but that just reinforces everything that you’re feeling - that he’ll automatically accept any decision of yours without trying to debate it at all. that your relationship has never been anything more than worship from him, and he’ll do whatever you say without an ounce of push-back.
  • that you can’t trust him to have opinions of his own.
  • You don’t feel good about it at all as you take your leave. It wasn’t satisfying, it didn’t feel complete… kind of like the underwhelming ending to a M. Night Shyamalan film.
  • You go through the next few weeks in a daze. V in the messenger is indistinguishable from normal - that is, distant-yet-kind and horribly polite. You wonder if you actually mattered to him, or if he already found something new to fill the void that you left.
  • (or… maybe you just momentarily filled a void that Rika had left behind, and had never made an impression of your own?)
  • it hurts.
  • like a wound that’s just ignored instead of treated, like an unwanted child that everyone prays will go away… it hurts.
  • You’ve resolved yourself to this growing numbness when, in the middle of the night, there’s a series of furious knocks on your door. Opening it you find, to your shock, V.
  • Disheveled, drunk, eyes red from what clearly was a fit of sobbing… he sways at your doorway, puts his hand against the wall for support, and asks if you’d consent to let him in.
  • Now, V is not a man who rants. V is a proper, composed, polite man who has trouble killing bugs because he feels bad for them. But he’s also a man who’s been bottling up emotions for too long, and everything spills out that night. How he’s pissed off that you ever thought that he didn’t love you, how he’s pissed off about how he tried his best to be supportive but no matter what he does apparently it’s not good enough because that was why you left him, how he’s pissed off at you, at the world, at himself because he knows he shouldn’t be mad but shit
  • shit.
  • But it’s V, so like, he doesn’t actually swear. He doesn’t even really know how to express anger, so his frustration is wholly ineffectual, trailing off in parts as he gets quiet and mad at himself. He doesn’t even yell! There’s a stark disconnect between what he says and how he says it that is really very surreal.
  • it’s… something you’ve wanted to see for a long time. his true feelings. him, for once, standing up against something and taking issue with it. He ends up falling asleep on your couch, and you’re left with a lot to think about.
  • You don’t get back together tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after… But you do actually start talking again. You start breaking down that wall V put up around his heart, and what’s opened up is a path to an actual, functioning relationship between two people who can share their feelings equally.


  • oh saeran, baby. you wish things could be different, but he frightens you.
  • You understand why he’s like this. He had a horrible life that didn’t give him the skills to properly handle his emotions, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying when he yells at you, when he gets frustrated and punches things, and when he gets this horrible look in his eyes that makes you want to hide the knives.
  • You try. You really, really do. You want to give him the things that he’s never had - love, support - and for awhile? It seems like it might actually work. Like “love will find a way” and help fix his problems. But he loses his cool, he loses control, and you start getting scared to get in disagreements with him because
  • because if he could try to strangle his brother
  • would he do that to you?
  • the answer is, apparently, yes, because after a particularly explosive argument where he’s afraid you’re cheating on him (spoiler alert: you’re not but that’s another problem, his paranoia and suspicion) he shoves you against the wall and hurts you pretty badly.
  • Once he realizes what he did, everything evaporates - the anger, the rage - but it’s too late. you’re scared, you’re sobbing, and you’re tired of trying to change him.
  • At first, he begs. God does he beg. Never in person - because one of the first things he says to you after you leave him that day is “he won’t visit you until you say it’s okay”, and he stands by that. That respect of your space is almost enough to get you to give him a second chance, but Zen - bless his soul, he’s been listening to you talk endlessly about this - says no fucking way holy shit he hurt you.
  • After awhile, the begging stops. He goes quiet, actually, and you check in on Seven to see how he’s doing. (he’s not hurting himself, is he? he’s eating? he’s… is he doing okay?)
  • The answer is… kind of surprising. Obviously he’s doing pretty bad, but he’s been calm. After that first really bad week, he hasn’t lashed out at anyone - Seven, Vanderwood, even himself - and he’s been -
  • wait. whoops, sorry, Seven wasn’t supposed to tell you that last bit.
  • You’re like - what? before Seven hangs up.
  • A few weeks later, you get a message from Saeran asking you if he could meet you somewhere. A coffee-shop or something. Somewhere public. There’s some things he’d like to say to you.
  • You’re like - okay, particularly because you haven’t seen him at all since that day and there are things you want to say yourself.
  • Stepping into the coffee-shop, you look around and almost don’t recognize him at first. He’s still the sweater-wearing loser you knew before, but something is… different about his posture. More restrained.
  • You sit across from him, nervous, and he looks up at you and gives you a little wave.
  • There’s a bit of small-talk. About you, about your lives… and then he brings up the real reason he wanted to meet you.
  • “I’ve been going to therapy lately, and it’s been helping. I promise that I am trying to change, so I was wondering…”
  • (Deep breath.)
  • “If you’ve like to be friends again.”
  • You’re honestly shocked. You’d been afraid of more begging, more of him telling you that he can’t live without you, please get back together with him but this is…
  • …A really mature response!
  • He’s collected. He’s composed. And he seems to genuinely just want to be your friend again, even if your trust in him has been broken forever.
  • It…. admittedly doesn’t take long for “friendship” to turn into “well let’s try a round two of this shall we”, though to your credit, you do put some rules on the relationship. He hurt you, and abuse is not something to treat lightly. However, he genuinely wants to recover… and as long as he keeps putting his money where his mouth is… things will work out.


  • the breakup happens when you just so happened to drop a glass at their house and they got SO passive aggressive and SO whiny about it, and then they cut themselves on the glass and WOULDN’T LET YOU HELP THEM, and it’s like
  • oh my god
  • you are done
  • you say you are finished with them being a stubborn child and stomp out the door as they stare at you with a shell-shocked expression on their face.
  • You ignore all phone calls from them for a good two days afterwards. No one else in the RFA even knows the two of you had a fight, because LMAO would VANDERWOOD ever TELL SOMEONE ABOUT A PROBLEM? HELL NO. So nothing changes there.
  • you basically just stew on your annoyance until you open the door one day to go out shopping and
  • there’s vanderwood
  • shuffling about awkwardly with a bouquet of flowers.
  • you stare at them and ask what they’re doing on your doorstep, and they’re like
  • “uhhhhhh i was. i was just.”
  • (pause to come up with a convincing lie.)
  • “i was just about to knock.”
  • (you are 90% certain that they’ve probably been there for fifteen minutes.)
  • “What do you want,” you say, and look at the flowers in their hand, to which they reply…
  • “to prostrate myself before you and beg for your forgiveness.”
  • To your shock, they actually do, getting on their knees and bowing their head on the shitty carpet of your apartment building. and, for once in their life, vanderwood is honest.
  • “I’m a complete dumbass, I’m sorry that I repeatedly pushed you away in some sort of fucked up defense mechanism, I’ll try to chill out about unimportant shit and I’ll stop say “it’s nothing” when there’s clearly a problem so please take me back I love you and I miss you.”
  • You’re already kind of melting from the initial bout of psychoanalysis, and the fact that they remembered your favorite flowers sort of takes the cake, so… yeah.
  • yeah, you’ll forgive them.
My First Animation!!

Well, actually, it’s just the first one I made with my tablet.

Below, I am going to go on with a little rant about my trouble just getting this animated GIF to work. It would mean a lot if y’all would click on it, see if you can provide any sort of help with my finnicky software, Krita, and etc.

How d’you guys think I did on my first animation? ^^

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The Lost Light Does Your Makeup (S1 Cast)

(I’m leaving it up to the reader to decide whether these losers are using holomatter avatars or are in robot mode btw so I guess you can apply these to either a human or Cybertronian reader if you want lmao) (also why are there so many god damn robots on this ship this is so long holy hell)


  • He tries giving you smokey eyes. It doesn’t work out.
  • No seriously he’s so bad at doing makeup don’t let him near the eyeliner he’ll poke you in the eye with it and scream because he thinks you’ve gone blind.


  • He loves painting your lips, because he likes how it makes your smiles even prettier!
  • Probably forgets to use a setting spray/powder/whatever and gets a bit sad when it rubs off though (unleSS IT RUBBED OFF ON HIM CAUSE U WERE SMOOCHING).


  • He thinks it’s kinda dumb, but will do it anyway if you ask nicely. If you ask him pre-Delphi his hands might seize up and he’ll like. Smear lipstick across your entire face.
  • Post-Delphi when he’s got New Hands smearing stuff across your face won’t be a problem. He’s great at doing your eyeliner, and other more finnicky things but he’s gonna need you to explain what each product is and which brush you gotta use it with.

Ultra Magnus

  • It takes a lot of convincing to get him to do it, but he’s actually not bad if you’re okay with staying still for a long time (he’ll make mistakes and then remove everything and start over until you look flawless)
  • He will up your eyebrow game by an insane amount and your eyeliner will have perfectly even wings. Get Mags to do your makeup.


  • He’s constantly cracking jokes while he’s applying the goods, so you end up laughing really hard when he tries to do anything.
  • You look like a disaster when he’s done, but you both had fun and he did his best so it’s okay. You do his makeup too and take some selfies together.


  • He gets very excited because you’re so cute!! And he gets to help you look even cuter!! He’s determined to make you look amazing.
  • He’s got no idea what any of these things are. Please guide this big baby through the whole process so he doesn’t get lipstick on your eyes or something.


  • He saw you do your makeup once and was all “hey can I try” so you were like “sure thing lol” because you couldn’t get your eyeliner right.
  • He managed to do everything perfectly on his first try and even did a bit of contouring. You hate how perfect you look. This isn’t fair Skids. You don’t even wear makeup, Skids. 


  • He’s either terrible or really great at makeup, there’s no in between with him.
  • He’s gonna screw conventional makeup looks and go for something very elaborate and avantgarde just because he can. You either look glorious and majestic or monstrous and terrifying when he’s done with you. Get Brainstorm to do your makeup.


  • He’s not gonna do it, so don’t even bother asking.
  • I mean I guess if you try hard enough he might give in and teach you some old as balls Cybertronian makeup techniques that have been otherwise forgotten (spoiler alert: they’re all war paint patterns), but that’s all you’re getting and he’ll only do it once, so you better remember those looks. You look badass tho.


  • He’s honored you’ll let him do your makeup tbh, because hardly anyone on Cybertron wears makeup except for like, war paint or for religious reasons.
  • Probably opts for a subtle and/or simple look though, because he doesn’t want to make you look bad on accident. It takes him a bit of practice, but once he gets the hang of it you look absolutely radiant. 


  • Don’t let Whirl do your makeup. He will break all your brushes and products with his Big Metal Claws. If he uses his holo avatar it should be ok though.
  • Holo!Whirl decides you’re gonna have a look that says you killed a man. When you’re done, you look like extremely hot, and also like you’ve murdered not just one man, but a hundred.


  • Honestly? He probably doesn’t want to do your makeup but Rewind took your side but that’s probably because he wants to film Domey trying (and failing) to do your eyeliner.
  • He’s not very good at it, but he’s also not terrible at doing your makeup. He avoids doing your eyeliner though and just sticks to using mascara and some lipgloss. Rewind is disappointed.


  • This smol boy doesn’t take it seriously. At all.
  • He films himself doing your makeup. He does it badly on purpose and then makes you watch the video before you look in a mirror. It’s entertaining but the end result is awful. Don’t let Rewind do your makeup.

corade2  asked:

Hi Bev, I was wondering if I should write you or not, but I decided to ask for some advice since I'm a bit frustated with my work. I think my drawing skills are decent enough and I'm happy at the progress I've made... however, speed and efficienty is my main problem, and it drives me nuts. I want to be productive and work faster, but once I finish sketching, lineart comes in and it takes me forever since I'm perfectionist... Has this happened to you at some point? Any tips? Thanks for reading.

I think being a perfectionist and things taking too long go hand in hand. learning to just ‘finish’ but not ‘perfect’ things is a skill (and can be a hard one.) Overall I don’t think there’s a huge problem with perfectionism; I admire people who can be really clean and concise haha. But of course it becomes a problem when it’s getting in the way of finishing things and deadlines. Here’s some tips to help improve speed while still improving:

1. keep a ‘draw whatever’ sketchbook. draw freely, things you see, things you’re inspired by, from imagination, literally anything, and make sure to not care too much about how polished it looks, but rather on shape and mood.

2. gesture drawings. try to draw a gesture you observe in just a few strokes, starting with the bend of the spine.

3. draw in thick brushpen sometimes. when my lines get too finnicky it helps to use a bigger brush/pen, and have to limit myself to using wide, general strokes instead of tiny scratch marks.

4. if it’s something you’re interested in at all, try storyboarding or even just thumb-nailing for a potential comic. focus on getting the ideas down expressively rather than making them look perfect 


She picked a spot for her pillow, investigated some more, drank/ate/peed, and is now fast asleep^^

anonymous asked:

hi sinmom! can you help me? i have a crush on a girl in robotics with me, but i've always considered myself straight. it's more of an emotional attraction, i think. after i met her i was terrified. i couldn't stop thinking "i want to cuddle with you/smash my face against yours" and it's so scary? my parents are very homophobic and religious so i don't really feel safe telling them about what i'm feeling. some days it's "bi is me!" and other days it's "heh, you're not bi, idiot" please help!

I know where you’re at right now, I’ve been there, and I’m lending you all my strength. <3 Finding out you might not be straight is a simultaneously wonderful and scary experience, and I wish I could tell you the “questioning” phase goes away eventually, but if it does I have yet to encounter the end of it. 

Coming to terms with any non-straight sexuality can be confusing, but bi-ness in particular I think comes with an added measure of confliction. This is mostly because “same sex attraction” (and I’m using this term very loosely) is something that frequently comes and go in bi people, as well as differ on a person to person basis. Bisexuality is a finnicky mistress, and when you combine that with the popular narrative that bi people are just “confused” or “secretly gay/straight and faking for attention”, it’s easy to fall back into that pit of “maybe im not really bi what the heck is wrong with me”. 

In the end, I think it’s important to remember a few things:

  • You can be bi if you love men and women equally. 
  • You can be bi if you’ve dated 100 men and only one woman.
  • You can be bi if you’ve only ever dated people of one gender.
  • You can be bi if you’ve never dated anyone!
  • If you are attracted to more than one gender, you are bi. Regardless of how sporadic/uneven your attraction may be <3

Also, dont feel pressure to come out of the closet??? Like… figuring out your own sexuality with yourself is hard enough, and under no circumstances are you required to share that with anyone else. Take your time. Breathe. Do some thinking and find some peace. Then it’s up to you who deserves to know that information about you.


Here’s the Brandy doll I got from @dollsahoy. I’ve always wanted one because she has such a lovely face sculpt and face paint but oddly enough I’ve never remember Australia ever getting any of Mattel’s singer based dolls let alone a black doll like this.

The front of the hairline was rooted with micro braided hair but the rest of her hair was this weird twisty kanekalon hair that looked ridiculously flat in comparison. So, this was my first time trying to do a whole lot of braiding on a doll.

It was definitely much more tedious than just rerooting and a lot more finnicky due to it being kanekalon and being hard to handle on a small scale. I ended up super gluing the ends of the hair just to speed up my progress.

Anyway while I adore the effect, it was such a pain in the behind to do so I’m glad I did it on a special doll like Brandy.

°☆.。  ——  open  /  mutuals.  ——  °☆.。

        °☆.。  struggled  breath  and  a  taxed  inhale  ,
                           a  wheeze  to  puncture  the  grave  silence.

                           she  was  damaged  ,   wasn’t  she   °☆.。