The holidays are coming soon and as it’s a time for giving/joy/love/etc so I thought I’d give back to the lovely people who make my day’s better and brighter with their; lovely edits, funny text posts, beautiful posts and being themselves. I hope I didn’t forget anyone! Also bolded are just because I talk to them a lot and I like to think we’re friends rather than me being a stalker.

I love these people and so will you!


Clafdair, Dallawin, Drunkcherson


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Itsfinnick, Jutcherson, Livludwig


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Happy Holidays to all my followers and have a great time this year!

Marie’s follow forever

So I said that as soon as I reached my goal on 4500 followers, I would make a follow forever and here I am, going to write down all my babies and the blogs I truly love and get inspired by. I can’t actually believe that so many people follow me. I started out as this little Norwegian who was lost and alone and now I have so many amazing people writing to me and saying such sweet words. I’m really excited about it and right now, I couldn’t be more grateful.

My angels:lestarkfinnickcrestalostwolflingcelebocean ♥ trevino-michael ♥ britcroftklefan ♥ deadisworsedot-dot-delenapdubberglitteringspark ♥  pointyearedelvishprinceling ♥ warlands 

people I will forever look up to: wincestering ☀ delenabear ☀ absinthefee ☀ birdysalvatore ☀ fuckbees samecoinsirmordred

 padaleckiackles ☀ ohstarks ☀ princejax ☀ eomering nightlightersmattsgilbertskywalkerss ☀ paul-sexleyindamonseyesrestarks

petrovaflamesmokeairundeadwinchesterhalliwellchildnorthernwolfsirmerlinstereksextapetabbysboobsnightleys ☀    

dornepadalesckiboobsingermordreds ☀ northerndawnprettylittlefever frompillowhi-paul ☀ rubyredwisp ☀ deanhasherpeskhaleesieinnerflametheongreyjoyscaryclary wind-paradise finnickodairrbabyintrenchcoattwin-flamesstelenaxanisundomielsoliviadoran thequeenofdrama ☀ 

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. If I follow you, I do love you.

Everyone of you gives tumblr that little bit extra and more enjoyable.

In alphabetical order;

andnoneforgalebye, catnipishiding, cloving, districtbliss, drunkcherson, finnickcresta, hawthorneaton, itsfinnick, katnup, lecresta, nayariverax, nikola-nickart, odairbear, ohmellark, rainbowcake, roseeverdeen, teacupinastorm, warrioreverdeen!

yes yes i would thank u for obliging me can we just

they could’ve gone long and scruffy or buzzcut or boyband or whatever but he just looks so adult but still like a little puppy it’s like the perfect length and style and i just want to moisturize his hair with my tears do they give out academy awards for hair can that be a thing bc jesus christcrying bc the hair

jamesfrancos  asked:

teen wolf

hhmmm there are wolves of course hm a ginger slut (?) a hawt colton haynes in the role of…………… colton haynes?? OH AND A BOY WHO HAVE a dream and this dream is to be gay and everyone likes him I think and there is this alpha male like super male that looks fucking scary and people ship him with the boy who want to be gay and who spend his time saying to his dad he is gay and his dad is like no you’re not and he is like no i am well and idk this is funny I never saw a proper wolf in my dash