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Everlark 9, please!

#9 meeting online au

“I still can’t believe you met online, especially knowing you, Brainless” Johanna says for about the hundredth time tonight.

Katniss rolls her eyes and shrugs her shoulders . She knows Johanna is fishing. She doesn’t believe her. Katniss is telling the truth. Well, a form of the truth anyway. She’d never live it down if their friends knew the absolute truth.

“You’re a horrible liar.”

“I didn’t even say anything,” Katniss exclaims. 

“You didn’t have to,” Johanna says pointedly. 

They stare at each other heatedly before they’re interrupted by a stumbling Peeta returning from a game of pool with Finnick. Oh no, Katniss thinks. A drunk Peeta is never a good thing. Because a drunk Peeta is a chatty Peeta. She tries to cover the panicked look in her eyes, but judging by the smirk on Johanna’s face it’s too late. 

Katniss stands from the bar stool she sits on, trying to get to Peeta’s side, but Johanna has already beaten her to it. Damn it.

“Hey, Peeta bread,” her voice comes out in sugary sweetness. Katniss throws her a scowl. Johanna only snickers under her breath. Peeta drunkenly looks her way with an goofy smile on his face. “So Peeta, Katniss here has been telling me an interesting story while you were away.”

“No I wasn’t,” Katniss growls. Johanna ignores her and continues.

“But I want to hear your version of the story,” Johanna smiles wickedly. Peeta hardly notices, his goofy smile still plastered on his face.

Peeta reaches for his beer and takes a drink before answering her, “What story might that be?”

“The real story of how you two met.”

Peeta gives Katniss a sly grin as he moves toward her, placing sloppy kiss on her cheek. He’s going to give us away, she panics.

“That’s easy, “he drawls out lazily, throwing an arm around her shoulders. He gives Johanna his best smile, as if it’s the first time he’s giving one tonight. “You already know we met online.”

Katniss tries one last feeble attempt at stopping him. 

“Peeta, we’ve already told her this story a thousand times. We don’t need to keep going through this. It’s so boring,” she says, desperately trying to meet his eyes.

Peeta raises his hand to stop her from talking, only succeeding in spilling his beer around them. Luckily, Johanna is too preoccupied with trying to read Katniss’s face to notice the not so subtle wink Peeta throws her way. Upon seeing the horror on Katniss’s face, Johanna rubs her hands in glee at her discomfort.

“So, Katniss was trying to order a birthday cake for Prim, using my family’s website. Only she couldn’t get the order to place correctly. Katniss, being the socially awkward person that she is didn’t want to just call the bakery and talk to someone to help her so she emails us instead. Of course, I’m in charge of the emails…”

Peeta  is talking a mile a minute, effectively reciting the speech they had both come up with should anyone ask how they met. As he continues with the story, embellishing it in the right places, Katniss can literaly see the glee leaving Johanna’s body as she hears the same story she’s heard before. 

“Ugh. Stop.” she exclaims, causing Peeta to pause in surprise. “Brainless is right for once. Your story is boring. I need another shot.”

Katniss sighs in relief as Johanna gets up to leave for the bar to get her shot. Their secret is safe. Hopefully Johanna will stop asking now that even a drunk Peeta won’t relay a different story than the one she’s heard before. 

Peeta turns to her with another goofy smile in victory. Just as Johanna is passing around their chair to get to the bar, Peeta exclaims happily, “Aren’t you proud of me babe?! I didn’t tell her how we hooked up on Myspace.”

“I fucking knew it!” Johanna cackles as Katniss’s face meets her palm.