finnick fanmix

ETERNAL | {listen here} | (these violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die. like fire and power, which as they kiss, consume.)


i. the calm - of mice & men | ii. preface - fka twigs | iii. deathbeds - bring me the horizon | iv. hold back the river - james bay | v. can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots | vi. only love - ben howard | vii. my understandings - of mice & men | viii. sextape - deftones | ix. r u mine? - arctic monkeys | x. give it lift off - covette | xi. when you can’t sleep at night - of mice & men | xii. river flows in you - yiruma

THE CAPITOL DARLING | {listen here} | (the water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the ocean is dark. the small truth has words which are clear; the great truth has great silence.)


i. the devil may cry - the weeknd | ii. what the water gave me - florence + the machine | iii. gasoline - halsey | iv. angels - the xx | v. breathe me - sia | vi. saturn - sleeping at last | vii. iris - goo goo dolls | viii. control - halsey | ix. intro - the xx

SOMEWHAT BEDRAGGLED | {listen here} | (oh, no, don’t rescue me, i like the salt water sting, it feels so good just to f e e l  s o m e t h i n g.)


i. don’t look back - amarante | ii. mothercreep - fka twigs | iii. crystalised - the xx | iv. cut all trees - matryoshka | v. in the sea - ingrid michaelson | vi. west  - sleeping at last | vii. song for a lover of long ago - justin vernon | viii. kiss the rain - yiruma