Chapter 7 & 8:

Hey people! It’s Tuesday. I know. I’m belated. :)

Ugh. So many things happening here. I’m going to leave it ope and straightforward since you guys are creative and come up with beautiful posts and meta. 

Here are some jumping off points:

  • District 8: The hospital bombings, the propos & the Galeniss thang.
  • Peeta. Emaciated, hurt, and shocking. He’s something they’re keeping from Katniss. 
  • Katniss & Finnick: Why is their relationship important?

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I heart you guys! 


Hunger Games + Book Moments

“They’re playing with you because you’re so … you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” I say. And I really have no idea what he’s talking about.

“It’s like when you wouldn’t look at me naked in the arena even though I was half dead. You’re so … pure,” he says finally.

“I am not!” I say. “I’ve been practically ripping your clothes off every time there’s been a camera for the last year!”

“Yeah, but … I mean, for the Capitol, you’re pure,” he says, clearly trying to mollify me. “For me, you’re perfect.”


I felt a comic strip reference to this scene from the movie Step Brothers was the perfect way to depict how I think Finnick would react to Nick becoming a cop :)