Finn Harries-Sleepless Night (SMUT)-Submitted by asheliabunny

    The alarm read 4AM, you sighed wide awake. Throwing the covers off your overheated body, and sitting up. Swinging your legs over the bed and getting up. Taking a few steps before freezing in spot. Your face immediately flushing. Your hands covered your face as flashes of your dream came back to you. His lips crashing onto yous and the hands roaming everyplace they could reach. Red stained your cheeks as his face flooded your filthy mind, and apparently your dream. Gasping you run out of your room and into his, since you were roommates with the twins. You stared at your flatmate and friend. A tingle ran down your spine, starting below your ear all the way to between your thighs.        Looking at the sleeping figure, his chest uncovered and you raised an eyebrow at his naked muscled chest. Another blush swept across your cheeks as you watched Finn’s chest rise and fall. You mind pictured running your tongue over his well toned abs but you shook the indecent thought. He was your best friend for goodness sake. Your more reasonable side butted in. But on the second hand you were both single for the first time in a long time. Your hand smoothed around your neck sliding down curving around your breast before skidding across you midsection till falling off your body. You let out an frustrated groan. This dream left you in a bind. You started to bite the inside of you lip deciding if what you were thinking was reasonable. A few steps toward to his bedside. You smile seeing his mouth slight open. Finally you decided to just try and go back to bed, ignoring your urges. Walking back to the door, when you forced still.
    “Y/N?” Finn raspy voice filled the room. Your heart dropped into your stomach. You turn to face the sleepy twin. He sat up rubbing his eye.
    “Uh, sorry I uh, couldn’t sleep.” You laughed trying to edge towards the door. He tossed the covers off his bottom half, revealing his stripe boxers and the rest of his toned stomach.
    “It’s really hot in here.” He grumbled. Your eyes widen seeing a tent forming in his boxers.Your face forming a full blush, thankfully you were still in the shadows. Catching your lip between your teeth once again you moved forward, closer to Finn.
    “Uh, Finn?” You gestured awkwardly to his erection. He looked to where you were pointing, he half smiled, looking embarrassed.
    “Sorry!” He chuckled, grabbing a corner of the blanket to cover up his front. You were now right next to him.
    “Don’t be.” You giggled, straddling his waist. He raised his brows at you.
    “What are you doing Y/N?” He laughed shifting slightly. You pulled the corner of the blanket from under you and from his front. You placed yourself back down onto his slightly damp boxers. He groaned feeling the heat of your womanhood pressed against his manhood. You held in a moan. Hands gripped your hips, holding you from moving.
    “Y/N? What gotten into you?” His English accent melting in your ears. You could barely hear him over your heart pounding in your chest. Your core screaming for attention and you were losing your own mind. Losing any common sense that was telling you to stop. You leaned forward seeing Finn eye you waiting for an answer. Pressing your flushed lips to his. Your tongue skillfully sinking into his warm mouth and slicking across his. You moaned into the kiss unable to keep yourself quiet. This distracted him, you could feel his grip on your hips loosen. Rotating your hips in circles, grinding into his rock hard erection. He moaned into the kiss, his hand leaving you hip and pushing on the back of you head. His fingers entangled into your hair. Your breathing escalated so much you had to pull back for air. A smile played on your lips as you tried to catch your breath. Your hands gripped the hem of you tank top, lifting the top over your head and letting it fall to the floor. . You could see Finn was about to question your actions again, holding your finger to his lips silencing him.
     "Shh, Finn. Please I need this..“ You whined, pushing your hips to his again. Groaning, you removed your finger. Finn’s hands timidly cupped around your naked breast. He squeezed gently, you arched your back into his palms. Enjoying the feel of his touch. You reached down between you too and gripped his throbbing manhood. Pulling it though the hole in the boxers, it standing at full attention. Not to be bothered with your panties you pushed the soft cotton to the side. Sitting up on your knees you placed yourself over his manhood, sliding down his shaft. Moans escaped both of you lips. Sweat already forming on your brow as you rocked back and forth on his hips. His hands pushing you down to him furthering him into you. Moans leaving your lips every few seconds. Panting out his name, hoping Jack was in a coma and couldn’t hear your sounds of ecstasy. Finn must have thought the same as he growled his release. Shouting his name one last time before clasping on his warm chest. It was somewhat cool compared to your own fiery temperature. Trying to slow your breathing, Finn kissed the top of you head, wrapping you in his arms. You smiled, feeling satisfied and finally exhausted. You knew tomorrow you would have to explain all of this, but for now you were just happy and fell asleep almost instantly.