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✌:our muses' wedding -Sleeper and Autumn (have fUN WITH THAT)

✌: our muses’ wedding

Could it be considered a real wedding? Sleeper wasn’t sure, but that didn’t stop the wide smile that was plastered on his freckled face. Staring at his reflection, the young man adjusted his tie once more before giving himself a small nod. Too eager, the spirit ran to the girl’s room, knocking on it a few times before Autumn’s roommate popped her head out of the door, shooing the boy away. “Go downstairs, she’s almost ready!” She snapped, her face scrunching up as he heard laughter echoing from in the room. He rolled his eyes, his smile intact before walking back downstairs and straight outside.

Their make-shift altar wasn’t ideal, the setting wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t matter to Sleeper. As he walked towards it, he grinned to the small spattering of people sitting in chairs taken from in the house until he was standing underneath the altar. His hands laced behind his bad, Matthew chewed on his lower lip as he stared at the door. 

First was her roommate, a large grin on her face as she sat down in one of the chairs. Then, there she was. A vision in white, Autumn’s smile mirrored his own and, in that moment, everything was bliss.

Being dead has never felt more alive to Sleeper.