Hi everyone! I just hit my first thousand followers (thank you asdhjkl) and i thought i’d make a follow forever :) These are some amazing and absolutely flawless blogs and i hope you all will give them a follow too! It’s almost been two months and i know i’ve only talked to some of you but i already feel welcomed and loved. It feels so good to be able to spaz with everyone without you guys thinking i’m crazy haha I love you all so so much. Thank you for accompanying me day and night with all your lovely posts on my dash <3 (Ps, i’m following on impenetrablefacade since this is a sideblog aha) Lastly, thanks to all my followers for putting up with me and for following me even though i bore you guys at times lol I love you! xx

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Lolla’s Naughty List!

HO HO HO! It doesn’t matter if you have been a good or naughty kid, you can still follow some of the coolest blogs in the youtube fandom. Actually I have no idea of what to write here, this is awkward. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Well, I hope you all have an amazing christmas and new year!

ps: Santa, I know I might not have been the greatest kid ever and I know I hate you since I was a baby but I still want my present and what/who I want is Jack ok, thanks, bye! xoxoxoxoxo - Lolla

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Merry Christmas! 

necromancergone-deactivated2013 asked:

You locked the preview for 014, was that intentional?

Nooo, just plain stupid on my part LOL ugh how embarrassing :|

finncity replied to your photo: #014 What might we deduce about his heart?#…

i can’t see preview

consulting–dick replied to your photo: #014 What might we deduce about his heart?#…

livepreview is password protected?))

Thanks for your messages … it’s working now

finncity asked:

i can change scroll-bar on Theme #28 - “Lazarus”?

You can change whatever you like. Simply throw the appropriate CSS before </style>. 

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical {
background-color: SCROLLBAR FACE COLOR;
height: 30px;}
::-webkit-scrollbar {
height: 30px;
width: 6px;

You can find other customization options through a google search. Although I recently have not been adding scrollbar options because things have been messing up with Chrome. 

I was tagged by spooningfinn
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her questions:
Favourite band? One Direction and All Time Low

How tall are you? 5"1.5 sadly

Yellow or orange? yellow

Opinion on justin bieber? don’t mind him. i like his acoustics album

Where are you from? Dublin

three words that best describe yourself: small, procrastinator, random

Life goal: to succeed

Favourite holiday you’ve been on: France

Chocolate or sugary sweets? sugary sweets

Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp (Caspar Lee is it’s a youtube celebrity)

my questions

favourite colour?

favourite Disney film?

favourite Disney character(s)?

your hobby/hobbies:

what’s the story behind your url?

cake or muffins?

type of music you listen to:

city you live in:

favourite book(s):

where do you wanna be in 5 years?

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jennifer lawrence!!! (or cara delevingne because i love her *hint hint*) hehe

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omg umm okay i guess i’ll edit Jen, i’ll do anne a bit later or tomorrow maybe :)

as for you Sandra…..i’ll edit you soon enough 

just wait

*evil laugh* MWAHAHJHJHAA