Finn One Shot.

I was at a meet and greet in LA, ok it wasn't a meet and greet but me and these 21 girls out front of the crews hotel were gunna make it one.

We have been wait for over four hours and my stomach started to growl. I groaned and looked at my newly made friends, “Im Hungryyyyy” I belted out as if I was dieing.

 "We ordered some pizza it should be hear soon.“ Samantha said, I smiled at her and rubbed my stomach, pizza sounded brilliant right now.

"Jete want to go wait with me at the corner for the pizza man.” Caylie asked. I smiled and nodded.

A couple of people passed by, and finally the Dominoes Pizza car pulled up across the street on the hotel side.

We crossed the street, being as we were on the playground park side, and walked over to where the guy parked, he got out and he looked a lot like Louis, not Tomlinson, foodforlouis.

I heard screaming girls and turned around to see the crew, oh no, food, boys, food, Finn, food, or Finn. My stomach growled, well looks like food wins.

Caylie took off toward the crew leaving me to carry two large pizzas, a bottle of Dr.Pepper, and a bottle of Coke. I huffed as the guy handed it to me.

I gave him his tip and he got in the car driving off, I heard the screams silence as I was guessing I missed the crew, eh im sorry, im not a fatty, but its pizza.

I slowly turned trying not to drop anything and came face to face with FInn, “Do you need some help love?” he said smiling down at me. Me being the brainless one stood there looking at him like he was a god, which he was, a sex god.

He laughed and took the drinks, “Come on follow me.” he said guiding me threw the crowd and into the hotel, dont ask me where I was going because at this moment I couldnt tell you, But then again I’d go anywhere with Finn.

As we entered the elevator I remembered it was fine that I took the pizza since I did pay for it all, “So were you planning on eating this all by yourself?” Finn asked with that beautiful voice.

“Uhm, no actually I was gunna share with whoever wanted some.” I said blushing a little.

“Well I know some people who will eat it.” He said guiding me to a hotel room.

He opened the door and I was just amazed to see all my youtube crushes, and idols. I could feel my heart go a mile a minute, “ Guys this is…” he stopped realizing he didnt know my name, “Jete.” I said looking at my converse. 

“Beautiful name,” Finn whispered so only I could hear making me blush more, “ Jete, Jete this is the boys which im sure you know.” And that was the start of something new.