Dipper does some thinking

(I hate this part, everything looks so bad, but whatever, I’m posting it anyway)

Continuation of: this

Also here are some random Tomco comics that belongs to this au if you didn’t see it before: sexting and Marco ask about Tom’s tongue 

Couples in cartoons
  • Princess Bubblegum/Marceline (Bubbline): PB sacrifices her most precious thing to help Marcie get her most precious thing back. If that's not love, I don't know what is. *quietly cries in a corner
  • Finn/Flame Princess: Finn is hurting so much and I know he made a mistake but it's time for FP to forgive him so they can be together again.
  • Jake/Lady Rainicorn: My girlfriend speaks Korean. Also, have you seen our 5 adorable kids?
  • Ruby/Sapphire: Don't worry about us, guys! Our relationship is so stable we even made a song about it.
  • Pearl/Rose Quartz: TEARS. SADNESS.
  • Korra/Asami (Korrasami): Started as rivals, then became friends, next they fell in love, and that's the end.

Another Adventure Time fanart for Katsucon! Finn and Flame Princess (as well as Fiona and Flame Prince in the pool’s reflection :>) Colors in this one drove me nuts as well, but overall it turned out close enough to how I imagined it.