More then ever I think Millie Bobby Brown’s situation reflects we live in a culture that does not care about children. Mbb was forced to sign sexualized fanart of her character on stranger things made by a man who makes a living off drawing child rape porn. Her parents let these people around their daughter and now they’re letting a 31 year old man talk to her about “things that should stay in text” and who is already being disturbingly possessive saying “I miss you” everyday. And the entire entertainment industry and us the public are just standing by and watching it.

And then there’s the other stranger things kids like Finn Wolfhard who had a grown adult woman call him sexually attractive granted there was immediate backlash but still him and the cast of It had erotic FanFiction and fanart made of them even some where they were raped by pennywise which made the children extremely uncomfortable. Even with the “fiction =/= reality” it still made them uncomfortable.

We can already see how children especially young girls like mbb are being sexualized younger and younger. It doesn’t stop at famous children either. Look at any Instagram account of a young girl and you already see her sexualizing herself wearing styles and cuts of clothes meant for women much older and wearing full faced make up. With the excuse “I thought she was over 18” coming up more and more this is especially troubling. And I honestly doubt any child would really want to dress like a 21 year old if she wasn’t given attention by older men when she did. When I think of how I dressed at 14 I remember I wore anime and graphic tees. I wore sloppy mascara and bright purple eye shadow. I wore gaudy jewelry from Claire’s with cupcakes and cartoons on them. I dressed like a child because I was one.

Every child wants attention from adults it makes them feel special and mature. Now adults are taking advantage of that. We are watching children being groomed and abused right before our eyes. The parents do nothing, we do nothing, no one does anything. How many times do we watch the media hound a celebrity woman showing signs of obvious past sexual abuse? How many children in foster care get caught up in sex trafficking and we ignore them? How many abused and raped children never get help? We live in a culture that doesn’t give a fuck about children. We see them as objects, toys, and as investments Not as actual living human beings. And it is most obviously in them media we consume we just don’t care.


Stranger Things again… #sorrynotsorry Ok first of all, drawing with color pencils is the most nerve-calming activity on earth. I should probably do it more often. Second, I love season 3 radiant colors, I just had to draw these new outfits (from the season which isn’t even out yet I know).
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when you see a cute service dog but you can’t pet them bc they’re just trying to do their job

i can’t get over this goddamn video. i nearly pissed myself from laughing so hard. it’s an absolute fucking gem

  • Finn Wolfhard
  • matt’s expression when he realizes he lost
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Dan Avidan of Ninja Sex Party
  • the Ikea Boy himself, Matt Watson
  • yeti spaghetti
  • matt’s horrible rat scream
  • sean getting headbutt in the neck
  • dan’s “did sean’s neck hurt the back of your head”
  • matt crying so realistically
  • sean trying to lift matt’s entire body in the first place

(from Game Grump’s Ten Minute Power)