The Dinner - Michael Langdon Story P2

I decided to write a part two of my Michael story because you guys liked my other one so much and kept asking for it. So let’s get into it

Summary- It is dinner time at Outpost 3.

Warnings - swearing, some noticeably more steamy stuff no smut, ahs stuff (murder)

You lay on your bed, looking up at the ceiling. You couldn’t stop thinking about what happened with Langdon during your interview. You hoped it secured you a spot to stay alive. But you didn’t do it for that. You were attracted to Langdon. Who would'nt be? He is incredibly seductive and him being intimidating just adds to it. It was compl-

“Y/N.” Venable said, entering your room. You sat up in your bed.


“It is time for dinner. Please be downstairs as soon as possible.” Venable told you.

“Alright.” You responded. She left your room, closing the door. You got up off your bed and took off your night dress you had put on after the interview. You grabbed a purple gown and slipped it on, then brushing your hair out.

You headed downstairs and were greeted to a full table of people, with the exception of one empty chair.

“Where’s Coco?” You asked, sitting down in your seat beside Langdon and Emily.

“Coco decided that instead of staying inside, away from the radiation, she wanted to take a stroll outside.” Venable replied.

“So you killed her?” Emily asked.

“We tried to clean her, but it was no use. So yes, we had to kill her. For our safety.” Venable said.

“Please do not tell me that tonight’s meal is made of Coco.” Timothy murmured, rubbing his eyes.

“We are having our usual cube tonight.” Venable looked directly at Timothy.

“I’m glad she’s gone. I don’t know if I could stand that bitch any longer.” You thought to yourself.

As dinner went on, you could feel Langdon’s eyes on you. You didn’t want to look over, because you didn’t want anyone to become suspicious. But you also did want to look over. You wanted to look into Michael’s eyes. But you didn’t. That was until you felt a hand rest on your knee.

You looked down to see Michael’s hand on your knee. You looked up at him and made direct eye contact. You widened your eyes as to signal him a ‘what are you thing’ look. He knew exactly what he was doing.

You look away as he moved his hand up to your lower thigh. You tried to keep a straight face and continue eating your dinner. His hand kept inching up your thigh. He kept moving his hand until he stopped to rest it on your upper thigh for the rest of dinner.

“Alright everybody. You are dismissed from dinner.” Venable said, getting out of her chair. Everyone headed to the lounge room, except for Venable and Ms. Mead. Langdon also headed a different direction, and you followed him.

“Langdon!” You shouted, your shoes tapping on the floor as you hurried after him.

“Please, Y/N, call me Michael.” He said, stopping in his tracks, but not turning around.

“Ok, Michael.” You say, slowing down until you are a reasonable distance away from him.

“Why the fuck would you do that?” You exclaim. Michael turns around.

“You know if Venable caught us, she would’ve whooped my ass. Not yours though, because you know, it would probably ruin her chances of surviving.” You pace back and forth.

“You seem stressed, Y/N.” Michael says, tilting his head and looking at you.

“Of course I’m stressed, Michael!” You exclaim again, pushing him back lightly, to which he has a minimal to no reaction to.

“You were feeling me up all dinner, and it was very hard to refrain from reacting.” You look down at your shoes and rub your head, starting to calm down.

“I’m sorry. Would you rather I don’t have any sexual contact with you, Y/N?” Michael tilted his head at you once again, raising his eyebrow.

“Well, no, obviously n-” You were interrupted by Michael pushing his lips into yours. It took you by surprise, and you pulled away just an inch or two.

“Michael, we’re in an open hallway. We could easily get caught.” You whisper, him still holding you close.

Michael opened the door to a bedroom, pulled you in, and shut the door. He pushed you up against the wall and passionately kissed you.

You wrapped your legs around Michael as he lifted you up. He planted kisses on your neck as he moved them down to your collar bone.

He took you over to the bed where he laid you down. He took of your dress, which left you in your underwear and corset. You pulled him on top of you. You quickly took of his jacket and threw it across the room. You took off his shirt to reveal his toned chest.

You ran your hands through his hair as you felt him smirk through your kiss. You pulled him in closer and put your hands on your corset, about to take it off.

Just as things were starting to get good, you heard the door be torn open. Ms. Mead and some of the guards burst through the door, ripping you out from underneath Michael and dragging you out of the room.

“Michael!” You called as they tugged you out of the room.

“Y/N.” Venable spoke, walking into the foyer where the guards took you.

“You can’t do this, Venable! If you punish me, you have to punish Michael too!” You shouted, you didn’t want them to punish Michael, but you wanted to be treated fairly.

“No, we don’t. Michael has only been here for 2 days, where as you have been here for almost 19 months now. You should know better.” Venable responded.

“Ms. Venable.” You heard Michael say as he entered the room.

“”Aa, Mr. Langdon.” Venable, stepped closer to you.

“You cannot punish Y/N. She has done nothing wrong.” Michael hurried to your side.

“Nothing wrong? She broke one of the rules.” Venable chuckled.

“You made up that rule. Venable. It does not count.” Michael protested.

“What are you accusing me of?” Venable replied.

“You know exactly what I am accusing you of.” Michael stepped closer to Venable.

“Fine,” Venable scoffed, “Take your little girlfriend and run off.” She left the room, and so did Ms. Mead and the guards.

You rushed into Michael’s arms, as he hugged you tightly.

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