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i kind of want to do a stranger things weekend on rabbit when the season 3 comes out. we would binge watch season 1 on the friday, season 2 on the saturday, and season 3 on the sunday.


Technically, Finn had kept his word. He had talked to Breha, and she had listened respectively, though with the knowing narrow gaze that indicated that she was well aware who had sent him.

He had left her to think it over. Somehow he’d caught up to Ben in the bustling maze of alleys in the undercity of some planet he could barely pronounce. A core world, formerly occupied in the days of the Empire, now overrun by the proprietors of the underground markets.

He was a bobbing target in a sea of people, but he had his sights on his cousin and he followed him towards the back of a gambling ring, where the acrid smell of alcohol and other things rose up in the air. He would have left things alone, but things had been clear when he had spotted the familiar bounty hunter among the drawn up hoods.

“Ben,” he hissed.

They were alone in the smelly back alley, but he had the feeling they were being watched. He was starting to learn to never ignore that feeling. It was a little too late. The buzzing sound of something mechanical flew past his ear, and suddenly his feet were tangled up and he– he was upside, flown up into the air and strung up to the railing of a fire escape with a startled cry.

A shadow fell past him. It was her. Erin, whip drawn and aimed to catch the seething man. The tendril wrapped around Ben’s arm, but of course that wouldn’t be enough to knock him off his feet

In honor of the Adventure Time finale, here are my favorite bits of AT canon (feel free to add your own):

- Ice King almost destroyed the universe because Princess Bubblegum said she’d only date him if he was the last person on earth. PB responds by making out with her hand

- To get dental care, you have to fight in a war of ants vs. worms

- Jake has a clown fetish that only reveals itself when he has his butt kicked

- Finn marries a caterpillar named Erin, who’s fate is unknown (either eaten by a bird, turned into a bird, or never existed to begin with)

anonymous asked:

What did you think of the crossover episode? And the #LackofLinstead?

Overall, I liked the crossover episode. It had great pacing; the drama escalated pretty evenly across the two hours. The moment between Yates and Erin in the woods was just enough escalation to get my heart pumping before the show backed off a bit when the characters returned to Chicago. But then it was right back there with the box and the phone calls and Yates always knowing where Erin is. 

Unlike some of the CPD episodes this season, this was a pretty straightforward case to follow. It probably helped that we knew it was Yates all along. I loved how SVU focuses on the psychology of catching criminals – Rollins’ rapport with Yates, Carisi taking healthy eating advice from Rudnick – was front and center during the crossover. We don’t always get to see this from CPD so it was nice to see them, at least, try to explore Yates’ psychology even after they went back to Chicago. 

Yates – have you ever seen a more despicable human? All his little remarks about Nadia trying to bait Erin? The way he seemed to be spiraling out of control (even for him)? I kept looking at my front door during the episode to make sure it was locked. Yates  is one of the best villains SVU and, certainly, CPD have ever had, and Dallas Roberts crushed it during last night’s episode. So did Sophia Bush.

There were some plot holes with the episode, though, that I found difficult to overlook. Mainly:

  • I still don’t understand why Voight would send Antonio with Erin to New York knowing they would see Yates and Erin would be bait for getting him to talk. I would have thought Hank would insist on going with her. If he couldn’t, then he would have sent Jay with her given all his talk about Halstead having Erin’s back twenty-four/seven and Hank calling in Jay as back-up the last time they went to look for Yates in New York. I could have been sold on Olinsky going due to his long standing friendship with Hank and his semi-father like relationship with Erin. Antonio seemed like a bizarre choice. That said, I loved how in tune to Erin that Dawson was this episode. He knew she was thinking about going solo and letting the guilt eat her up again, and it was nice to see more friendship between these two. He still shouldn’t have let her out of his sight.
  • That was an awfully flimsy steam pipe that Yates and Rudnick managed to cut a whole in and escape out of. I’m surprised the prison doesn’t have more accidents with people getting burnt by the steam considering how easy it was to carve up that pipe.
  • If that was Nellie’s Mom’s phone that Yates called Erin on for the final time, then why is Finn texting Erin on it as though it was her phone?
  • Erin going in without back-up? Yeah, I can definitely see that. But three episodes ago, she promised Jay that she wouldn’t do that and he had nothing to say about her reneging on that promise? Nothing at all? Consistency – you’re doing it wrong.
  • Not to mention, Hank was yelling at Erin not to go in without backup yet didn’t bring any backup himself. He rode to the original location they all thought Yates was at with Finn and the previous scene showed the whole squad minus Erin gearing up to go after him. Not one of them went with Hank to backup Erin and find Yates? Not a single one? (Based on Sophia’s BTS picture, Jay was supposed to be there in the house with Hank, Erin, and Yates. Not sure why he was cut or how it was to work in to the scene we got.)
  • Sure, let’s take Erin out for a drink after she tried to drown her guilt in alcohol last time Yates killed someone. Makes total sense.

As for Linstead, I was actually pretty happy with the amount we got and what we got. I very nearly spiraled out over this parallel between 1x14 and 3x14. I just love how Jay looked at her like, sorry, I know how badly you want this and I promise we’ll get him, but I agree with Hank and you’re not going out there. The first time he asked her about her knee and if she was okay, I could see the struggle on Jay’s part about whether or not he should believe her. And the way he used his “warning voice” with Mouse when he wanted to know why Yates knew where Erin was? Yes, yes, yes. 

And then the final scene happened and I switched to no, no, no. I just can’t believe for one moment that after everything – knowing about the notes Yates left for Erin, knowing Yates had been in Erin’s apartment, knowing that Erin with in without backup after promising him she wouldn’t, knowing that she finally killed the guy who killed her best friend – he would settle for asking her if she’s okay and JUST WALK AWAY AFTER SHE SAYS SHE DOESN’T KNOW YET. 

Seriously? What happened to these two being so in tune with one another that they know something is wrong, which we saw very recently at the horse races in 3x12 and then again for Jay back in 3x07? What happened to Jay wanting Erin to talk to him, telling her that she has his support as she fights her demons and shouldn’t discount him as backup (3x11, 3x04, 3x01, 2x23, 2x21, 16x20, 2x18, the list goes on)? 

It honestly felt more like a moment between coworkers, a ‘I better check in my partner because it’s my job’ moment more than a scene between people who are dating. And the thing is I’m not asking for Skinstead or for Linstead to throw each other across their desks and go at it like rabbits. I love how they manage to keep things professional, but this professionalism has gone too far. If there was ever a moment when Erin needed a hug or when Jay needed to squeeze her hand or one of them needed to ask about coming over later despite the presence of the rest of the unit, it was this moment. 

Because Hank said it at the beginning of the episode – “Erin still hasn’t forgiven herself for what Yates did to Nadia”. That coupled with the obvious guilt she felt as Yates’ body count stacked up and the scene we got of her alone in the locker room struggling with her feelings, it was clear that Erin needed to know that she’s not bad news and that there are people in her corner. Antonio did this for during the SVU hour. Voight did this for her. Benson did this for her. 

But her boyfriend and her partner? The person who tried so hard to pull her out of her hole the last time Yates upended her life? The person who was shook up the last time she went in without backup? 

He hears that she’s not sure she’s okay and walks away without follow-up. Without a hug. Without squeezing her shoulder in support. Without the two of them sitting side by side in the 300 just existing in silence because he understands she doesn’t want to talk about it, but he just wants her to know that he’s there for her. Really? Come on, Derek and Co. Do better than this.