finn's voice actor

a fun little thing i drew to cope with season 4 klance withdrawal


I met the cast of Adventure Time <3 They came to do a live reading event (which was incredible, btw)

I just wanted to give them little appreciation postcards and I’m so happy with how they turned out (and they loved them! (I hope)) I didn’t post them straight away because I wanted the actors to see them first. So here: the characters dressed as their voice actors

lemme tell y’all something my swedish teacher taught us

DISCLAIMER: I have literally zero sources on this and save for the background info, I might be talking out of my arse.

Anyway, there’s this group of people called the finn-swedes. They are people who are finnish, live in Finland, but speak Swedish as a first language. It’s due to them that Finland is a bilingual country, though they are quite a small minority living mostly at the coast.

 One of them was this lovely woman named Tove Jansson; An artist, an author and a profilic LGBT figure.

The creatures on her hands and on the table are called moomins, her most known creation though not the one she was most fond of. She saw herself mostly as a painter, but the moomins were a hit, and she wrote a whole series of books, which was later adapted into a cartoon animated in Japan (so technically speaking an anime).

The show is now a staple of a finnish childhood, and many finns will regard it fondly.

BUT this is the part that gets fun (and potentially bs)

While the finnish dub of the show was done in Finland, the swedish dub was also done in Finland, by a cast of finn-swede voice actors, perhaps as a homage to the original author or maybe it was cheaper or some shit, idk. Regardless, the swedish dub was shown in Sweden as well, and if finn-swedes are rare in Finland, they are much rarer in Sweden.

 So the first and perhaps the only time that Swedish children have encountered a finn-swede accent (dialect? someone correct me) was in this sickeningly sweet (though sometimes unnecessarily terrifying) cartoon about these pastel-coloured gentle anarchists.

 So from a swedish perspective, finn-swedes talk like moomins.