Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Unless there really is a secret fourth episode, as some of you seem to think. Ha! That would be silly. Ha ha! [exaggerated shifty eyes] (x)

Cards on the table? I don’t think there’s a secret fourth full episode they’re going to surprise!air on TV. That would have… all sorts of problems in execution.

But I have noticed that there might be just enough unexplained stuff concentrated at one point in the filming timeline to suggest Rachel Talalay could’ve directed a short bonus minisode. And of course the official YouTube channel people would be the ones to know about that.

Not trying to get anyone’s hopes up, including my own.

But I guess what happens next depends on how dangerous a game the marketing folks have decided to play here…

Celebrate Adventure Time Season 8′s Premiere with #8IMERS

Watch out for the first two episodes, Two Swords/Do No Harm airing 7:30PM EST and make sure not to miss out on the rest of the week (airing 7:45PM EST). Each day has an episode!

Check out KingofOOO’s post for more schedule information on the whole Advrnture Time S8 Bomb.
More information on the fanart promo fun here! Make sure to come join us~

Stay tuned for the rest of the episode promos!

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BAHAHAHAHA RACHEL "Horton hears a bitchass liar"

niall heard the song first?? right, yeah, and the ocean is actually blue gatorade, and you actually have a penguin on your ass to match your beard’s weirdly close little brother.