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This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the boys from Stranger Things at the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta (2/4/17) and seeing their panel.  I thought I’d share some cool things the kids talked about:

  • Finn got his first acting jobs off of Craigslist ads.
  • Stranger Things was originally called Montauk and took place in Long Island.
  • Before auditioning, the kids were sent movie clips to watch from Jaws, The Poltergeist, Let Me In,  E.T., and  The Goonies to get a “feel” for how the Duffer brothers wanted the show to be like.
  • At the auditions the boys read from the script of Stand By Me.
  • Stranger Things was originally going to be a mini-series.
  • Gaten was the only person the Duffer brothers auditioned for Dustin.
  • Noah originally auditioned for Mike.
  • The cast (with the exception of Gaten) complained that the 80’s clothes they had to wear were uncomfortable. They were even given “tighty whities” to wear, which they said they refused to do.
  • When talking about the technology from the 80s that they had never seen before, Finn said that Millie had never seen a record player before prior to filming the first season. The boys couldn’t believe this, because as Finn said, “you can get one at Urban Outfitters.”
  • Gaten said the worst scene for him to film was the scene where Dustin and Mike are being chased by the bullies in the quarry because he hates running. When told he needed to keep up with Finn, Gaten said “then Finn needs to slow down.”
  • In the last episode, the scene where Jonathan picks up Will from playing D&D was improvised. Lucas says that Dustin farted, but he originally said “Dustin sharted.” However, the voice was dubbed over in the final cut because the Duffer brothers said that nobody said “sharted” in the 1980s.
  • Gaten said that his favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan. Finn’s is Trainspotting, and Noah’s is Castaway. Caleb couldn’t pick a favorite movie.
  • Gaten’s new charity, CCD Smiles, should be up and running in the next month or so.

Plus some cute things:

  • Finn said when he went to his audition he was excited because the Duffer Brothers had bought him business class plane tickets, much to the disbelief of Noah who said he was given an economy class ticket. 
  • Caleb corrected his own grammar once when answering a question.
  • Noah recently bought Dungeons and Dragons, much to the delight of the others who can’t wait to play and they all exclaimed “let’s play tomorrow!”
  • When the panel moderator said no more questions and thanked the boys for coming, Finn said “Wait, we’re done? No we can take more questions.” When the other boys joined in the moderator allowed 10 more minutes of questions.
  • At one point a lot of static came out of the microphones, prompting the boys to say things like “hello?” and “it’s here.”
Take Your Medicine

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Finn Shelby x Reader

Prompt Request: Take your medicine

*Peaky Blinders Requests Are Open*

“This is what happens when you get into fights, Finn, now take your medicine!” Finn and Isaiah had gotten into a fight with two foreigners outside of the Garrison the previous night. His face was beaten pretty badly. His right eye had a ring of purple around it. His bottom lip was split right down the middle. There were scrapes along his chin and forehead, and god only knows what damage he didn’t show Y/N.

“It’s disgustin’,” He squirmed, trying to get comfortable on the sofa.

“You know what else is disgustin’? Eating dirt, which is exactly what you did the second you picked a fight with some bloke twice your size. Snorting Tokyo and huffing petrol don’t make you invincible. Now drink the damn medicine Finn Shelby.”

“Listen to ‘er, lad. The girl knows what she’s talkin’ about,” Arthur chuckled, sitting in a chair near the fireplace with a glass of whiskey and the newspaper. “At least you’ve got a pretty girl to nurse you back to health, yeah?” What wasn’t bruised on Finn’s face turned beet red in embarrassment.

“Shut up, Arthur,” Y/N smacked Finn’s arm lightly, making him wince.

“Leave Arthur alone. He didn’t do this to you, did he?” Finn shook his head. “Didn’t think so. Now Take. The. Medicine. Before I hold you down and force you myself.” Finn gave Y/N a dopey grin and wiggled his eyebrows.

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” Y/N flicked him on the forehead, causing him to open his mouth in surprise, giving Y/N the ample time to shove the spoonful of morphine into his mouth. The look of horror was clear in his eyes and Y/N gave him a smug grin.

It was silent for a few moment, the only sound was the fire crackling in the fireplace.

“Huh. That’s one way to do it.” Arthur nodded to Y/N before going back to read the paper. Finn made a show of swallowing the medicine before glaring up at Y/N.

“You are the worst,” Finn said, his pride wounded. Y/N just chuckled and kissed him lightly on the lips to not further hurt him.

“And you love me for it.” The dopey grin was back on his face as he watched her putz around the kitchen to make some tea.

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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.



A/N: Oh my gosh, you guys have been so dang supportive and kind these past few weeks i’ve been absent. Luckily, finales (for me) will be ending this Monday. And though I will be studying, I don’t have to study all that much except for Sunday! This took way too long to get out so I apologize for that sooooo much! But again, thank you all for being so patient. I have a little Game of Thrones imagine that i’m gonna whip up after this sometime, just because I’m in the mood with it coming out again! Hope you enjoyed this chapter of FTC.

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Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 02x05 and 02x06

Warnings: mass shooting.

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“I count twenty-six.”

“I got twenty-eight.” Sighing as you continued to look through the view-finder of your gun, you slowly looked over all the men you could see. It didn’t surprise you much that you found a different number of people opposed to the two boys beside you. You thought that it’d really be pointless to tell them, but you decided to anyway; “and i’ve got thirty.” Murphy looked over at you and sighed, you only shrugged hopelessly.

Turning to Finn, Murphy made the smart observation of; “these people don’t look like warriors Finn. And there’s kids. Old people.” Turning to Finn yourself, you decided to chime in; “and there’s nothing big enough to hold our people here.” You mentioned, looking across the vast of the village as you only caught sight of small huts and sheds.

“They could be underground.” Finn argued. He looked over at you, and you could see the hope in his eyes that maybe he’d find Clarke here. You wanted to sympathize with him, but after everything he’d done to you, holding a damn gun to your head, his own friend. Then shooting that grounder with no ounce of guilt or remorse, you couldn’t find much sympathy within you for him. You’d never seen such cold empty eyes on him before.  

Shaking your head in defeat, you turned back to the village, looking across at the peacefulness it ensued. Despite everything they’d done, you didn’t want to murder them. It just seemed plain wrong. 

“We wait until dark. Then we go in.” Finn ordered, you looked at him with narrowed eyes. Confusion flooded your face and you opened your mouth to question him but Murphy beat you. “Go in?” He asked, baffled. “Finn, we don’t even know if our people are here yet.” 

“They’re here. Or they were when that grounder took Clarke’s watch.”

“Finn, we don’t even know if that grounder was speaking the truth.” You reminded, practically pleading with him. Finn glared over at you, opening his mouth to argue but you stopped him. “You proved to him easily enough you weren’t afraid to turn on your own damn people in order to get something out of him.” You practically spat, mumbling it slightly bitterly. His eyes softened ever-so-slightly.

“What if we’re too late, huh?” Murphy asked, trying to bring the conversation away from that topic. You rolled your eyes annoyed, turning back to the village. “They’re probably already dead, we need to-” You heard scuffling, and turning saw Finn place his hand on Murphy threateningly. You straightened out, watching with careful eyes and Finn caught himself from doing worse. “Take it easy.”

Finn slowly let go, looking away. You looked over at Murphy, sighing heavily as you watched the back of Finn’s head. “How much ammo do we have?”

Murphy shook his head, turning back to his gun; “I think I liked you better as a peacemaker.”

“Did you get any sleep?”

“It’s okay. I’ll get sleep when we find Y/N.” Looking over at Clarke, Bellamy hesitated slightly before smiling lightly. “And Finn.” He added, making Clarke smile ever so slightly. Suddenly turning serious, Bellamy found himself staring at the fire as he reminisced. “You haven’t seen him, Clarke. Losing you, the others, the war, it changed him. He executed the grounder that drew us the map. He held a gun to Y/N’s face with no hesitance… i thought… I thought he was going to shoot her.” 

“That doesn’t sound like Finn…” Clarke mumbled, shaking her head in disbelief. She just could not imagine Finn shooting or killing anyone with no remorse, she could not imagine him holding a friend at gunpoint. The Finn she knew fought for an alliance with the grounders. The Finn she knew, no matter how much that friend pissed him off, did not hold a gun to their head.

“No, it doesn’t… I saw what he was capable of…” Bellamy hesitated, his voice shaking. “And still I let him go with Murphy and two automatic rifles. I let him go with Y/N…” He shook his head, not completely understanding that he’d ever been that stupid to let you go alone with Murphy and Finn.

“I’m sure that had to be done too.” Clarke reassured.

“When we got back to the drop-ship and no one was there… we assumed it was the grounders.”

“Of course you did, you couldn’t have known it was the Mountain Men.” Clarke shook her head, sympathizing with Bellamy. Looking at each other slowly, Bellamy sighed heavily. All he could do was think about you and if you were okay.

“What the hell are you doing?” You whispered frantically, staring at Finn in fear. “This wasn’t part of your plan.”

“We’re changing the plan.” Finn suddenly informed you, crouching forward as he walked off. Taking a deep breath, you steeled yourself of the fact that you’d be walking into grounder territory with nothing other than three guns. Following slowly behind Murphy you couldn’t help but slightly regret your decision to come with them. Something about this whole thing felt heavily wrong, and you feared the worst. 

Stopping shortly behind Finn, you looked around you cautiously for any sign of a grounder. You prayed no one would walk out, because despite your hesitancy to just kill them, you knew Murphy wouldn’t and you now knew neither would Finn. Looking over at Finn quickly, you watching him look through a shed. Your heart dropped when he spoke his next words; “this is their food.”

“Finn!” You whispered, stepping forward. “No!” You lunged for the torch but it was too late as Finn tossed it into the shed. Shaking your head, you ran forward when it lit up, fearful that a grounder would catch sight of you. You ran until you caught up with Finn and Murphy, you watched with a sick face as Finn watched closely. Upon the fire lighting up the village, grounders woke up around you, rushing out of their homes.

You watched with wide eyes as everyone fell into a state of panic. You shook your head in disgust and stared back at Finn, you couldn’t believe he’d just done that. Helplessly, you watched as they all tried to put the fire out, eventually succeeding but only when it was too late. “Distraction…” Murphy realized, turning to Finn. “Not bad.”

“Let’s go.” You shook your head, but albeit followed behind the other two. You snuck around for a long while before a man behind you caught sight, he was knocked to the ground quickly as Murphy smacked him over the head. Panicking, you turned to them both; “we need to go, now.”

“We can’t.” Finn shook his head, walking up to the limp body. “They’ll kill our people.” 

Murphy ran forward, in an attempt to stop Finn. “They’ll kill us!” He screamed, though it did nothing to stop Finn as he grabbed the older man and hefted him up, pointing the gun at the back of his head and walking forward. Looking back at the exit, you bit your lip in frustration before following behind him. This was all wrong, and the worst part is you didn’t even know for sure if your people were actually here.

Gunfire echoed as Finn shot up at the sky, catching the attention of the grounders. They yelped in fear, stepping back in small inches as Finn continued to walk forward. “Who’s in charge here?” Finn bellowed out, you stood slightly behind conflicted as you held your gun up. When no one answered, Finn shoved the man down, placing him on his knees. He held the gun at the back of the mans head and you watched warily beside you as he stared at all the grounders. “I’ll ask again, who’s in charge here?”

“Finn!” You called out but he easily ignored you.

A man eventually stepped forward, turning back to his people and saying something in grounder tongue as if to calm them. “Our leader isn’t here. You can deal with me.” He stood up. 

“Nobody as to get hurt.” You pleaded, trying to convince them to work with you all. You ignored the look Finn shot you, looking the grounder in the eye pleadingly. You felt the way your hand shook holding the gun, and realized that hadn’t happened since you’d first held a gun again. You tried to steady yourself, but found you couldn’t. “We just want our people back.”

Your heart fell when the grounder shook his head, and you felt fear spike within you. “We don’t have your people.”

“Then you won’t mind if we look around.”

“This just seems wrong.” You mumbled, shaking your head as you stared at the kneeling grounders. You looked over at Murphy who only shrugged, his eyes stuck on the figure of Finn running desperately around the village as he kicked down and destroyed everything in his way. You understood, you were just as desperate to find your friends as he was… But locking up grounders in a pen as if they were some animal…

You caught the eye of a grounder, he was younger maybe just a few years younger than yourself. Staring at him, you saw his eyes looking back and forth on Murphy and yourself, as he almost seemed hesitant. You shook your head, trying to signal him to not do anything, you feared what would happen if he tried. But, despite your warning, as soon as Murphy turned away he stood up. Luckily the grounder from before grabbed him, once again speaking in grounder tongue.

It instantly caught the attention of Murphy who snapped back in your direction. “I told you, we don’t have your people” the ‘leader’ spoke up, looking at Murphy. “Stop talking.” Murphy shut him up.

“Murphy. It’s fine.” You spat, making him turn to you, he glared but you only shook your head. If they said they didn’t have your people, and with the way Finn hadn’t been able to find anything yet, you figured they were telling the truth. They were only a simple village. 

Though your thought on the matter must have been wrong when you found Finn’s eyes caught on something. You leaned back to try and squint to see if you could figure it out but found you couldn’t. “Find something?” Murphy called. When he didn’t receive a reply, he raised his gun threateningly, “Finn! Finn, answer me! Are you alright?”

Soon enough the kid from before stood up again, as the older man grabbed for him. You raised your gun, as much as you hated it, you didn’t know what they’d do. But Murphy saw too and he rushed forward, placing the gun before the child threateningly; “hey! On your knee’s now!” He screamed, appalled by his anger you grabbed his shoulder. “Hey, Murphy! Murphy he’s just a kid!” You yelled at him, “he’s scared!”

The kid listened, falling to his knees and you huffed. Murphy glared at you but you only shook your head, turning back to Finn, you nodded at the grounder, signaling Murphy to continue watching them. “Finn!” You screamed, stepping forward. Finn suddenly raced forward, something in his hand as he jumped into the pen. “Slow down!” You called, but he ignored you. Instead, he threw down the object in his hand and you distinctly recognized it as one of your people’s jackets. A hand fell to your mouth in shock; “oh my god…”

“What have you done with them?” Silence was his response, you felt panic arise within you when he raised his gun, pointing it directly at the grounders face. Knowing his history, you feared what he’d do to the grounder and what he’d do to you if you tried to intervene.

“Hey, hey! Finn, calm down!”

“Their clothes are here!” Finn reminded, turning to you both. “They were here!” You could find nothing to say as you knew he was right. “You killed them.” Finn accused, placing the gun back on the grounder’s forehead. The grounders around him slowly started to stand up, but the ‘leader’ stopped them quickly. Walking forward, you tried to pull Finn away. “We don’t know if they killed them, Finn! They could’ve been brought somewhere else!” You tried to reason, he only shoved your hand off him.

“Your friends were not here.” The grounder repeated, and you closed your eyes in shame. Stepping back, you looked up in hopelessness. “I saw one, Octavia. She was alone.” You looked back when you heard the familiar name, staring back down at the grounder. 

“These people are scavengers Finn. They could’ve just found that stuff.” Murphy reasoned, and despite no one looking your way, you nodded. Though, you found yourself frozen in shock when Finn grabbed a girl and shoved her to the ground so her face was smudged in the mud. Your eyes narrowed and you stepped forward. “Finn! Stop!”

“Hey Finn!” Murphy called, “just stop! Look at me!” He grabbed him but Finn shoved his hand away as well, placing his foot on the back of the girls back. You breathed heavily, unsure of what to do as the girl whimpered pathetically in the mud.

“Finn! Please, don’t do this.” Your voice softened considerably, trying to find reason within him. “Let’s just walk out of here while we still can, okay?” You asked, tilting your head pathetically. You would try anything to get him not to kill the girl he has so ruthlessly shoved on the ground. He looked up at you, near tears as he shook his head desperately. “Please!” You bellowed, your voice cracking as you screamed in plea.

Reluctantly he stepped back, releasing the girl as he fell back against the fence. He panted pathetically as he sniffled. You felt yourself easily relax knowing the girl was in a less vulnerable spot. You looked over at the leader, catching his eye as he almost thankfully glanced over at you, you only shook your head. You were no hero… 

Bringing Finn out of the pen you stepped to the side along with Murphy. You crossed your arms over your chest, holding your gun at your side as you took quick glances at the group of grounders.

“Look just because their clothes are here, doesn’t mean anything.” Murphy reasoned. 

“He told us our friends were here,” Finn reminded, “why would he do that?”

“They guy with one eye?” You questioned, staring almost unbelievably at him. “i told you, you had a gun to his head Finn!”

“A man with one eye!” The leader suddenly echoed, and you turned to him fast. Finn raised his gun but you kept yours at your side as you listened closely to what he had to say. “You met Delano! A snake. A thief.” He held up his hands in surrender as he stood up, “he and his men were cast out, you are his revenge.”

“Makes sense.” You nodded. Turning to Murphy he agreed with you as he hurriedly turned to Finn, “okay. We need to go.” He stepped forward, and you followed obediently as he grabbed Finn’s shoulder. “Now. We need to go now!” Eventually, Finn followed, turning as he began walking along with you. 

It didn’t last long though as you soon heard scuffling and the desperate cry of no. Before you could do anything. Finn had snapped around, gun at the ready as he shot multiple shots at the older man that had tried to escape. Your mouth fell open in shock as the man now fell to the grounder limp. The leader turned to you both, “he was just trying to get away!”

“Let’s go!” You called, trying to bring Finn away before he shot more. 

Everything fell into slow motion as Finn snapped to the right, the child from before hoping over the fence. He didn’t get far as Finn relentlessly shot ammo at him, making him smack against the ground. “Finn!” You screamed, jumping away from him as you stared at the boy. The grounder’s fell into panic as they all tried to run away in fear. You felt yourself step back, your feet unstable as you felt liked you’d pass out any minute.

Your sight became hazing and you wobbled on your own feet. You found your hand shaking again.

You could hear Murphy screaming at Finn to go, but your heart shattered more as another grounder jumped out, falling to the ground in seconds as Finn shot rapidly at him. You heard nothing but the gunshots of the gun come off as Finn shot at all those around him. You dropped your gun in hopelessness as your hands fell to your mouth. “Finn!” You found yourself screaming, though you didn’t hear yourself and instead only felt your mouth move.

Tears welled in your eyes as more and more dead bodies fell in front of you. A hand grabbed at you tank-top pulling at you to go, but you found yourself stuck behind Finn as he fired again and again. “I-I…”

The gunshots stopped, and everything fell into normal speed as you looked before you. Mouth open in terror you found Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia. Octavia pushed forward, as the leader from before jumped over and fell to the child. You sobbed slightly as you realized that that might have been his son, and you stepped back in shock. 

Clarke and Bellamy reached you, and as you were staring at the ground a body fell before you. You found yourself unconnected from the world as you looked up and found Bellamy, looking up at him with tearful eyes you fell into him. He easily caught you, holding you up as he called your name. “It’s my fault…”

“Have you seen my father?”

Upon hearing your voice, Bellamy turned to you, a small smile on his face as held his now full cup. You sent a small short smile back, holding your new jacket over your arms as you fiddle with the lining. Ever since coming back to the Ark, you’ve been a mess, all you could imagine was the grounders dead and limp bodies flittered in front of you.

What made it worse was the second you walked in, you’d expected your father to be right there at the ready. You’d prepared yourself for whatever was to come, only thing is he never showed up. No matter who you asked they wouldn’t answer you, or they’d return you with confused glances. It was almost as if they didn’t even know who you were. Had four years in solitary really made them forget all about you? Had your father never mentioned you even once?

Despite all this, you couldn’t help but be slightly worried. Kane was relentless and mean, but he was still your father, even if he didn’t like to admit himself.

“Y/N,” Bellamy acknowledged. “How are you?”

“I’m fine Bellamy.” You replied, but you knew he didn’t believe you as he observed your reddened eyes and pale face. He stepped forward, but you shook your head. You didn’t mean to be distant from him but there was too much happening all at once, you were finding it hard to breathe. “Anyway…” you directed the conversation elsewhere, “have you seen my father?”

“Last I heard he was on some mission to make peace with the grounders or something.” You nodded mutely, content but still discouraged. You went to walk away, desperate to find some place quiet but a hand caught your arm. You looked back over at Bellamy, who looked down at you with concerned. You sighed, knowing he wouldn’t let you go off on your own if he knew you were in distress.

“I’m fi-”

“Why don’t you come back to the table with Clarke and I?” He offered, staring at you so you knew he left no room for argument. Sighing you nodded, uncrossing your arms and following beside him. He left his hand on the small of your back, in a supportive movement you guessed but you didn’t mind. When you reached the table, you found Raven, who you hadn’t seen in a while and almost immediately your mood picked up.

Upon sitting down, as she continued explaining whatever it was she was talking to Clarke about, she sent you a smile. You returned it effortlessly. “Mount Weather’s jamming us.”

“What?” You questioned almost immediately. Raven herself quickly turned to you. “I know why we haven’t heard anything from the other Ark stations, it’s Mount Weather.” You looked over at Clarke, seemingly sharing a look of agreement with her and nodding to Bellamy, you all sat up. 

“Show us.”

“Clarke, do you read me?”

“We’re closer to the source, it’s swallowing close range now.” You shook your leg in anxiousness as you huddled underneath the tent. Witch Clarke somewhere off with Finn, Bellamy and Octavia off on their own, you worried for your friends. You knew they were smart enough to find a suitable hiding place but you couldn’t help but worry for them. And Kane was still missing… you hadn’t realized just how much you still depended on him after everything until know.

Abby sighed, her hand clenched against her ankle in worry as she talked back into the radio; “Clarke, do you read me?” When she received no response, only static; she spat in frustration; “damnit.”

Turning to her and the short amount of time you’ve known her, you tried to offer some kind of reassurance. “Clarke and Finn know these woods.”

“She left her pack and her tent is in it.” She reminded you, shaking her head. Sighing, you looked over at Raven for some kind of explanation that would help calm Abby’s nerves. Raven turned back to the radio, fiddling with it as she mumbled; “they’ll find shelter.”

You bit at your nails, your hands once again shaking and you stared concerned down at them. You hadn’t shook like this since Finn had killed all those grounders. Come to think of it, you’d been having dizzy spells a lot more, everything tired you out now. You weren’t sure why but felt your heart speeding up and your breath becoming frantic. You wondered if it was all the stress… But looking over at Abby and Raven, you realized you’d have to keep your issues to yourself, they had enough to worry about and they didn’t need you faltering on them.

Garbled voice echoed over the radio, and for a moment forgetting your own predicament you turned over to Raven with peeked interest. “Raven?” You questioned softly as she continued to play around with the tiles.

“What is that?” Abby questioned herself. 

“I don’t know.” Raven responded, her eyes squinted with determination. “It sounds like they’re jamming every frequency but this one.” Raven explained, turning to look back up at the both of you. You turned to Abby, a questioning look in your eyes as you bit your lip in thought.

More muffled voice echoed and you watched Raven’s face lit up with a smile. “You hear that? This ones clear.”

“That sounds clear to you?” Abby questioned and turning back to Raven you dryly chuckled. “Yeah sorry Raven, but that just sounds like muffled voices to me.”

“It will be clear once I crack the encryption.” 

“And what exactly does that mean?” You asked. “It means… we’ll be able to listen in on Mount Weather.” She smiled proudly, shuffling through her bag before coming across something. Upon her words, your face fell stock with shock as your eyes widened.

“You mean we’ll be able to hear everything they have to say?” You repeated.

Looking up at you with a cocky smirk, Raven grinned; “that’s what I said.”

“What’s taking so long?”

“I’ve almost got it.” Raven interrupted; “they’re using a type of audio modulation here, like a feedback loop. I just need to pinpoint the origin of the loop, hone in on the pure transmission.” You squinted as you tried to understand her technical words, you always considered yourself somewhat smart, but Raven was another level on you.

The signal sputtered; “I just need to find the right…” She bit her lip in concentration, focusing solely on the radio. You made sure to stay quiet, trying to allow her to focus as easily as she could. 

“Side and report back. Over.” You smiled widely when the voices became clear and you looked up at Raven, grinning as you nodded at her proudly. 

“You did it!” You cheered, leaning over and high-fiving her. Abby grinned beside you both, and pounced with Raven’s achievement. This was a huge step towards saving your friends and you wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. 

“Copy that. Checking the western boundary line, stand by. Over.” The male voice echoed over the radio. “No signs of life, over.” 

“Has the veil lifted yet? Over.” You listened with intent, curious as to what they were talking about. Turning your, you pointed your left ear towards the radio as if that would help, and listened with curiosity. 

“Negative, sir. Coverage is still ninety percent. Over.” You watched Raven’s smile drop as the conversation suddenly turned a lot darker, squinting you tried to understand what they were discussing. The other man was clearly the leader if him calling him ‘sir’ had anything to do with it.

“Keep searching. When they pop up, hit them again. Over and out.” 

“The veil.” Abby suddenly hoarsely said, “they’re talking about the fog.” Your mouth fell open with realization and you stared in fear at the radio. Were they really capable of creating acid fog? You guessed so… Raven nodded and you shook your head, though this was a huge step towards saving your friends, your enemy was much more bigger than the grounders. It seemed they had technology that could beat your own and on your own, you knew this would be difficult.

“They’re using it as a weapon.”

“Which means they attacked us.” Raven nodded. Abby snarled her lip in frustration, turning and looking through the make-shift window to find the acid fog still there. Rolling her tongue she called out; “sergeant Porter?”

“Yes, m’am?”

“Build your bomb. When that fog lifts, take the tower down.” You looked over at Abby, though her reason was justified you found yourself shocked at her lack of hesitation. “Copy?”

“I copy, m’am.”

Raven had begun shaking her head, though you weren’t sure why. Turning to her, you questioned; “what’s wrong?”

“We’re listening to the enemy. Blow the antenna and we won’t be able to do that.” 

“Don’t blow it and we won’t make contact with any of the other ark survivors, and we need those reinforcements Raven.” Abby reminded. You hesitated to say anything, listening to the enemy could help save your friends. And you and the rest of hundred had been able to ration without any supplies…

“Tough call.” Raven stated. 

“Well I know what Clarke would do.” You stated suddenly, catching the attention of the both of them. Finding their eyes on you, you realized you’d been the only not to state your opinion. Fifty fifty, you thought. Ignoring the shake of your body, you held your chin high, “don’t blow the tower. We need to hear the enemy.”

Fall Back Down, Pt. 2 [Finn Balor]

So this is a continuation of this prompt request I wrote. Many of you asked for a continuation so here it is. I’m planning another part, and possibly a fourth. Undetermined at this time.

I’ve decided to call the story Fall Back Down, from the Rancid song.

Let me know if you want to continue to be tagged, taken off, or added. :)

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WARNINGS: Mention of death from cancer. Just a heads up.

26 days.

26 days since you held your dad’s hand and he took his last breath.

It all seemed so blurry still. One minute he was calling you and telling you to come home to see him. And then two days later he was barely conscious. On the third day, he passed away, with you, your stepmom, and little sister surrounding him at home.

None of it made sense to you. He’d only been diagnosed a little over four months ago. You knew cancer was a terrible disease, but did it have to be so terrible and kill so quickly? You’d barely come to terms with his illness, and he was already gone. All your worst thoughts had come true. And it just sucked, for the lack of a better way to explain it.

You’d spent two weeks in Texas with your family after his passing. He ended up asking to be cremated and having his ashes put in three separate containers for this “three favorite women”.

That beige little box sat on a shelf on your TV stand in your bedroom now; inconspicuous on sight, but daunting in feeling.

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dating finn | finn shelby

what its like to date finn and the things you do

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To you, dating Finn Shelby was the easiest thing in the world. There was hardly any arguments, just love and happiness.  

He would buy you flowers every week, without a doubt. Often the flowers contained a card, where he would express how lucky he was to have you in his life. Every Valentine’s Day, you would wake up to a huge bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed. Most boyfriends only treated their girlfriends/wives like this rarely, but Finn made sure that he made you feel special all the time. Even if it was little things like doing the dishes, or making you a cup of tea, he wanted everything to be perfect.  

Like any other couple, you did argue. However, they were only small pathetic things that you easily got other. You once fell out because some didn’t make the bed. The worst was when you thought that Finn was seeing someone else behind your back. You had heard rumours down at the shops and you were stupid enough to believe them. Things were soon sorted however when you realised that Finn would never treat you like that. He loved you more than anybody or anything else in the world and he couldn’t imagine his future with anybody else.  

You can remember your first date perfectly. Finn had panicked over it for weeks, trying to find the perfect place to go and after much debating he decided on your favourite restaurant and the pictures. He got the best table in the house, with candles and your favourite meal. At the pictures, he made sure that nobody else was in the room and asked the workers there if they could play your favourite film. It was that night that you decided you wanted to spend the rest of your laugh with him.  

Finn was the youngest of his brothers and was often teased by his elder brothers. They meant no harm by it, they all cared deeply for him but something about winding Finn up amused the boys. They would often you bring you into the teasing, making slight jokes about your relationship. They would embarrass you both at family meetings, earning them a smack from Polly.  

Lazy days were something that didn’t happen as much as they did. When they did come around, you would both lay on the sofa and read books, talk about the week that had just passed or have a bath. It was the one time that you and Finn could be completely alone without the interruption of everyone else.  

A downfall of dating Finn was the constant worry that something was going to happen to him. He wasn’t as strong as his brothers so when he stayed out late, you worried until he returned home safe.  

In the mornings you would wake up to Finns arms wrapped protectively around you. He would whisper, ‘good morning sweetheart.’ As he placed light kisses along your neck. You would both lay there for a while longer, silently, just enjoying the presence of each other.  

After a long day, Finn would come home and immediately join you on the sofa. He would move so he could lay his head on your lap and he would tell you about what had happened, while you played with his hair. Whenever you’d had a long, bad day, he would hold you close and tell you how much he loved you and that you were the most important person in the world to him. His words would bring a smile to your face and you would forget all about what had happened before.  

Whenever you were both feeling bored and wanted to play some pranks, Tommy was your first target. Both of you would sneak into his office and move his things around, steal some cigarettes and hide important letters. As soon as he came back and figured out it was the both of you, he would lecture the both of you, telling you that you were now adults. It didn’t stop the both of you, the more it wound Tommy up, the more you wanted to do it.  

You knew that Finn was the love of your life and nobody, or anything could stop the two of you from being together.  

Probably, an unpopular opinion... - Anti-Cle.xa Post -

Yeah, I’m gonna write this because all this hate over the Bellarke fandom is really annoying me. 

FIRST: For those who ship Cle.xa, yeah, you really gonna hate what I’m about to write but I really don’t care… 

To be honest, I appreciate very much my freedom of speech, so,  please, I don’t need you to accept what I’m gonna say, but I really appreciate that you don’t send hate to my ask box because yeah, probably I’m not going to answer.

Just so you know, I don’t ship Cle.xa because I’m homophobic.. I don’t ship Cle.xa because I think that their relationship is the worst developed relationship on the show… 

The Bellarke relationship has been developed since the beginning of the show. 

Bellamy and Clarke GROW UP AND LEARN, TOGETHER, how to be leaders, how to be friends…

How to TRUST in each other… 

How to BELIEVE in each other…

They are the head and the heart of the show. They are the leaders and so much more… 

They rely on each other. 

They are better leaders, together. 

They make better decisions, together.

Clarke and Le.xa relationship has nothing of a good developed relationship.

At least, not for me. 

For me, it’s toxic,

Just for the start, the fact that was Le.xa, who convinced Clarke that love was weakness is the WORST thing you want to see on the beginning of a relationship.

A person who make you doubt of yourself, who put your feelings in check and say to you that love is weakness is not good for you. 

For me, at least, is not. For me, as woman, as an intelligent and independent woman have someone who doubts of my choices, of myself or my feelings would be awful. 

If you love someone, you don’t want see that person doubt of you… You wanna that that person believe in you and that that person would be by your side even in the worst moments. 

Just like Bellamy and Clarke.

I agree with the representation. 

I have nothing against that but, in my opinion, if the writers wanted to put the representation on the show, at least, they could do that in a different way. 

For me, the Cle.xa kiss don’t make sense. Because their relationship is poorly constructed. 

To be honest, I would prefer to see Clarke kiss Raven.

I understand why they put the kiss on the show, I wrote about that a while ago, but that doesn’t mean that I have to accept the way that they did that.

And now, for all of you who believe, after last week episode, that the Cle.xa relationship is possible, I just have something to say. 

Do you really believe that, after the betrayal that Le.xa did to Clarke, that she will be able to forgive her? 

After all that Clarke pass, after everything that she sacrificed? 

Finn, Bellamy, her humanity? 

Do you really believe that is possible that Clarke will forgive Le.xa? 

Yeah, I don’t believe in that. 

Even when Finn betrayed Clarke, with all the history with Raven, Clarke don’t forgive him, why on earth she would forgive Le.xa?

You can tell me that I can’t compare the way that Finn betrayed Clarke with the way that Lexa betrayed Clarke, but guess what? Yes, I can. 

Yes, they betrayed Clarke in different ways, but, Lexa’s betrayal is worst than what Finn did. 

And you know why? Because when Finn betrayed Clarke, the only person who was hurt was herself.  Finn’s betrayal only hurt Clarke’s feelings. 

On the other hand, Le.xa’s betrayal, even if isn’t directly associated with Clarke feelings, is associated with her people. 

Her mother, her friends EVERYTHING that she fought to bring back to her side, since the beginning of the season. 

Finn’s betrayal only hurt Clarke’s feelings, Le.xa’s betrayal condemned her people, to a certain dead. 

After all that, do you really believe that this is only the beginning of Cle.xa relationship? I don’t. Because I really think that their relationship is dead.

The End.

Finn Harries Imagine

External image

“Cada loco con su tema.”

“Ugh, what does this mean So easy but so forgetful.” you muttered to yourself. 

So tomorrow’s your big and final Spanish exam. You decided to study because you didn’t want to fail. Your teacher lent you some problems for you to practice but some were so confusing. You kept tapping your pencil to figure out this weird problem when you feel arms around your waist. It was Finn.

“Finn, you know I have to study.” You said

“Well, can I help you at least? Is there one you’re not getting?” Finn asked

“Well, there is one…” You said softly

“Finn the Spanish man is here!” He yelled in a kid-like voice, making you giggle

Finn laid his head on your shoulder, looking over the phrase. 

“I have an idea. We’ll translate each word, and every time you get it right; I’ll kiss you. Like it?” He asked

You nodded and giggled. Finn took your notebook and sat across from you.

“First word,‘casa’." 

"Oh,that’s easy. It means 'each’." 

Finn moved closer to you and gave you a peck on the cheek.

"Next word,'loco’. This is quite easy.”

“Crazy or mad, most likely crazy.”

Finn gave you another kiss except this time, it was on the forehead.

“You’re doing well so far babe. Okay next one,'con su’.”

“Um.. isn’t it with something or um. Ugh, I don’t know. I’m so stupid.” you said

You dug your face into your arms, you never felt so stupid. And it was in front of your boyfriend. You were good at Spanish but sometimes you tend to have those black out moments where you don’t remember anything. The fact that you had to experience that in front of your boyfriend was just plain embarrassing.

“Don’t say that to yourself. That’ll make it worse. Be confident in yourself and you’ll succeed. You’re not stupid Y/N. I’ve seen you in class, you’re pretty damn smart.” Finn said

“And Y/N, we all make mistakes. I remember one time where I left my phone in a taxi! Pretty stupid once you think about it, right? You’re the smartest girl I know and love." 

Finn lifted up your head with his finger and pulled you in for one, smooth kiss. You pulled back and couldn’t help but smile. 

"Happier?” He said with a smile

“Yeah, a bit.” you replied

“We got plenty to do, come on. Let’s keep reviewing.” Finn said smiling as he sat next to you.

Stood Up #6 - MMFD Fanfic

 Okay, this has a scene that might be a trigger for anyone who has anxiety. I don’t think it would be, but I’m putting the warning there anyways. Also there is a bit of a note at the end that is important to anyone who wants to continue reading this.. Hope you all like it. Feedback is welcomed and really appreciated. Also if anything doesn’t make sense, feel free to let me know. <3                                                 <br>




This was not supposed to happen. I was not supposed to come to the pub, I was not supposed to have a full on make out session with Finn in front of everyone and I was definitely not supposed to run into fucking Stacy.

“Hey,” Finn whispered pulling Rae away from her thoughts. Their faces were less than an inch away and their lips were still close enough to kiss. His hand was still planted on her cheek blocking her vision from seeing anything but him. Instinct wanted her to pull away, to remove herself from his arms and away from Stacy’s wrath, but her heart left her ass planted in the seat. She couldn’t leave him to face this alone and even if she wanted to, his left arm was holding on tightly to her thigh that she couldn’t have moved. His eyes hadn’t left hers, but they both knew she was staring at them, and all too soon she spoke again.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” Stacy spat and Rae cringed knowing that she was never going to be able to stay under the radar now that she had seen them kissing.

“Question is what the fuck are you doing here, Stacy?” Chloe said causing Rae’s heart to skip a beat. “See, the only reason why any of us put up with you was because for some reason Finn was dating you, but now that’s over and so are you. Take a hike and if I ever hear you talk to or about my best mate again then I’ll break your face. You got that?”

Her best friend was defending her, but all Rae could do is continue to look at Finn who was now tracing words onto her thigh. Her head was too caught up in what Chloe had just said to even make out what he was writing or the reply that stacy had given. She tried her best to make out the words but couldn’t so Rae did the first thing she could think of to do. She kissed him again, drowning out the words of her best friend who was now in a full on argument with Stacy.

There was something about his lips and how perfectly they fit with hers, their tongues moving together in unison. She had only kissed one boy before Finn in primary, on a dare so she didn’t have much to compare it too which suited her just fine because nothing could have been better.

Finn’s right hand had moved from Rae’s cheek and was now tangled up in her long flowing black hair and his left hand was rubbing her thigh up and down causing her heart to jump every time he got near her scars. It was wonderful and thrilling and all too private a moment to be having here.

Rae reluctantly pulled away from Finn just in time to see Stacy heading out of the front door. Before she could lose her nerve, she leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Can we get out of here?”

“Um, yeah but um, can you give me a minute?” he blushed looking down to his crotch area and her eyes followed with a laugh. Oh my God, she had no idea she could have had the same effect on him and he had on her. She pulled back, turning away from as to not embarrass him, but it was too late.

The entire table was watching them, their mouths open not even trying to hide their shock.

Rae’s eyes widened and her cheeks got even more red. “Oh shit, sorry mates I guess we got um a little bit carried away.” humor was her defense mechanism, but nothing she could have said would have made this situation any less awkward. She could tell they all had questions, but all she wanted to do was get out of here and be alone with Finn.

“Thank you for that Chloe” Rae smiled towards her best friend knowing she owed her much more than just a thanks.

“You know nobody is allowed to talk to you like that, well except for me” she giggled and Rae smiled knowing that although she and Chloe had grown apart recently, she would never treat her like Stacy did.

“Really, it means a lot.”

“Rae, the only reason why any of us put up with Stacy was because of Finn. She was never a part of our gang and she never will be. You may not have been around much since we got to college, but you will always be my best mate, nothing will change that.”

“Yeah Rae, we never liked Stacy, sorry Finn” Izzy turned to Finn and apologized before continuing “plus you two are so cute, are you dating now?”

“Yeah Finn, when did you two become such good friends?” Archie chimed in.

Chop added, “And when did you become so intimate?” he wagged his eyebrows putting emphasis on the last word.

“Dammit, this was exactly why we shouldn’t have come here” Finn muttered causing Rae to look at him.

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked him and her lips began to tremble. Was he embarrassed that his friends thought they were dating? The thought made her want to cry, but she would never allow herself. That was something she was quite good at, turning hurt into anger.

“Don’t be daft girl, I just meant that I knew we would get a million questions that we can’t really answer.”

“First of all, I am not daft, second of all coming here was your damn idea, and third I can answer them just fine.”

She turned towards Izzy before he could say a word, “No, of course we are not dating.” she then turned towards Archie “We officially met yesterday so we hardly even know each other. I wouldn’t go as far as saying we’re friends” then she turned towards chop taking a deep breath to steel her nerves “I didn’t think making out in a pub was considered intimate Chop. It was just a stupid bloody kiss.”

It was so much more to her, but clearly to him it meant nothing. She stood up quickly  "I’m going to go to the toilet" and she walked away before she had to look at him again.

At least she didn’t run, she thought to herself.





This is exactly why he didn’t like to talk. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it, taking a deep puff and inhaling before blowing the smoke out releasing some of the tension that had built up after not having a cig all day. Who was he kidding, the tension was because the girl of his dreams basically just blew him off.

What if she really meant what she said. That it was nothing more than a kiss. Deep down he knew she couldn’t have meant it after the night and day that they had shared, but the words really hurt him. And maybe she was right, they barely knew each other. She didn’t owe him anything regardless of the fact that he would give her the world.

“ouch, that was harsh” Chop said patting Finn on the shoulder. “You’ve been pining over that girl for months, you better go fix it.”

‘What did you just say?“ Finn replied shocked.

“Oh come on Finn, we’re your best mates you think we can’t tell when you’ve got it bad for someone? It was Chop here who paid that bloke to kiss Stacy so you would finally dump her.”

“Archie!” Chop exclaimed punching his mate in the arm “We made a pact we weren’t going to ever tell”  he said standing and moving away from Finn who spun around so quickly he nearly got whiplash.

“Chopper?” Finn questioned standing up ready to punch his friend for interfering in his life.

Chop held up his hands and began to back up, “No hold on Finn, can’t you see we was just looking out for you. We know how torn up you are about your nan and you’ve just been kind of stuck. We was just trying to help, plus it’s not like we forced Stacy to do it. Just shows you what kind of hag she is.”

“Stay out of my business the lot of you.” Finn began walking away.

“Are you going to go after her Finn?” Chloe questioned as he headed towards the toilet instead of the front door.

“Yea,” he said putting out the cig in an ash tray on the bar.


Do not cry, do not cry she said to herself as she looked in the mirror at her swollen lips and messy hair. She wanted to slam her fists against the mirror until it, or they, broke but she didn’t want to risk getting kicked out. She was embarrassed enough.

After kissing her like he did in front of everyone how could he say bringing her here was a mistake? She was so stupid to have thought that what they had shared was real. Of course she was stupid, it had only been a day and yet she was acting as if she was in love. How could she have told him about the hospital and hurting herself. With her luck he will have told everyone come Monday, she was such an idiot.

“Rae, I’m coming in” she heard him say, but she didn’t have time to lock the door before he opened it up.

“This is a women’s bathroom Finn, piss off before you get us both kicked out.”

“I don’t care about that” he said locking the door behind him, closing them both into the two stall bathroom. “You got it all wrong Rae”

“Look, I don’t really have anything else to say to you Finn. You made it perfectly clear that you regret bringing me here and I’m not going to sit around and let you make a fool of me especially when you know how nervous i was about coming here.” she said, but he was right, it had been a mistake.

“That’s not what I meant. If you would just let me explain before you assume the worst.”

“Why? What’s the point Finn? You think a few questions from some friends is bad, think about how bad it’s going to be for me on Monday at school. You kiss me right in front of everyone and then say it’s a mistake when they want to know why.”

“I wasn’t thinking, I just didn’t know what to say and…” he paused.

“It’s over. Forget it Finn.” and she wasn’t sure if she meant their argument, their night, or them.

“Did you mean all that stuff that you said?” and she could tell by the look in his eyes, that she had hurt him which only served to make her even more angry with him and herself. This was such a stupid idea come here. He was totally right, what was she thinking?

“Look Finn, I’m just going to go.” she got up preparing to leave. She couldn’t lie to him, but she couldn’t tell him the truth when she just didn’t know how she felt.

“Please don’t go. Don’t leave it like this.” he pleaded reaching for her hand. “I’m sorry I said the wrong thing, just please let’s go back to mine and we can talk and get this all straightened out.”

“I have to go home.” She just needed to get away from him so that she could breath again. Home was the last place she wanted to be. Even just the thought of being there alone made her want to cry. Home had nothing but bad memories that would hunt her for the rest of her life. At the thought she could feel the panic grabbing at her lungs and her breathing began to rapidly increase.

“Then I’ll walk you. Please Rae. Please I don’t think I can let you go until we talk. The fact that you think I’d regret anything that happened between us kills me. I told you, meeting you was the best thing that’s happened to me.” and he looked like he meant it, but she couldn’t breath and she needed to get away.

Without another word she walked around him, unlocked the door and made a bee line for the exit. She didn’t stop when she heard Chloe call her name and she made it to the end of the block when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t understand why you are trying so hard to fight this. Why are you running away from me?” and the moment she heard his words, she shattered.

The words were like a punch to her stomach and she bent over, her hands on her knees. She couldn’t breath as she tried to remember all the techniques she had learned in the hospital. Nothing was working and as she slowly started counting backward from ten she began to cry.

“Rae, are yo….” but she couldn’t hear a thing he was saying. Her lungs were burning and grasping for air and she knew it was only going to be a few minutes before she fainted. It was the only way she could get the panic to stop. The only way she could get the words out of her head as they continued to repeat over and over again, ‘Why are you running?’


Finn dropped to his knees and looked up into Rae’s face taking both her cheeks in his hands. He knew she was having a panic attack. A short time after his mom had left them, Finn would frequently wake up to his Nan comforting his dad. It had taken years for him to get over them, but once he had come to terms with the fact that she was gone, he had gotten better.

“Open your eyes Rae. Look at me.” he said pulling her up with him.

She shook her head and attempted to pull herself away. Before she could escape he wrapped her in his arms, holding tight as her body thrashed. “Let me go, let me go, let me go.” she repeated loudly, but he held on tight and before long she was quietly sobbing into his shoulder and clutching him back.

He held on to her, a million questions in his mind. He knew now that as open as he though she’d been she had only scratched the surface. What could possibly be worse than hurting herself? Whatever it was, it crippled her and left his heart aching to save her from it.

Her breathing had slowly started to calm as they continued clinging to one another. He began to rub her back as they were both silently aside from a few muffled sobs into his neck. He instinctively knew that he shouldn’t ask her any questions and that he should wait for her to talk. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her any more discomfort.

When she pulled back from him she immediately looked to her feet and he grabbed her hand before she could run off again. He tentatively pulled her hand a bit leading them both to a bench that was sat about five feet away.

She took a seat without any prompting and he sat as close to her as he could without actually sitting on her lap. Her head was still lowered to her lap and he couldn’t help it when he began tracking circles onto her leg just above her knee. After a few moments of complete silence he began tracing “ok?” into her leg.

He knew she wasn’t okay, and he knew he was a complete knob for even asking, but he wanted more than anything for her to say yes.

'NO’ she wrote back on his leg.

'HOME?’ he made sure to write the words slowly as to make sure she understood the question.

The second the word was spelt she was shaking her head.

'YOURS’ she wrote, her hands shaking.

Without another word he pulled her to her feet and they were walking in the cool night towards his house.

He held her hand and she squeezed it tightly as he led her towards his house. It was a short walk, but she did not speak or look up the entire way. He knew she needed time to sort through whatever was going on in her head, but he needed to know what was going on with her.

He needed to know so that he could do everything in his power to help her through it. It didn’t matter that she had hurt him with the things she said, it didn’t matter whether or not the hurtful words were the truth. His feeling didn’t matter as long as she was okay.

Going forward the story is going to get a bit dark at times. I don’t want to give anything away, but there will be some flashbacks involving emotional and physical abuse. Be warned. There will also be some mushy gushy, smut, humor and hopefully more of the gang.

I hope you all like this.

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Old Mates -

“I’m pretending to be your BFF because you looked VERY uncomfortable with that person at the bar hitting on you” AU - Rae/Finn


At this point in her life, there were two things that Rae really hated.

The first was going out to mingin’ bars.

The second was “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler.

And thanks to her supposed best mate Chloe, Rae was now dealing with both.

“Oh, come on Rae, you have to come,” Chloe said earlier on their way back to the uni residence halls. “It’s the best pub in town – everyone says so!”

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Random thoughts about The 100 & San Diego Comic Con 2015

Okay, so, since I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut and I always have the need to write what I’m thinking, let’s do this.

I’m going to start by saying that my anon ask it’s turn off because in this moment, with all the shit that I’ve been through in the last few days with my family, the last thing I have patience to do is to deal with haters. 

You can always talk to me and I can answering to you in private if you want to. 

Second: I liked Le.xa on the beginning, but now, I don’t like her. And I have my doubts that that will change even with her returning to S3.

Now, I don’t ship Cle.xa. I will never going to ship Cle.xa. 

I have my reasons to not like Le.xa and not like the ship. You don’t have to like it, you just have to understand that we can have different opinions.

This post it’s not for the ones who like Le.xa and Cle.xa and I know that I’m posting this on a public forum, but this is a Bellarke tumblr and I appreciate that the haters, please, try to stay away from my post. 

I don’t reblog Cle.xa posts saying shit about them. 

Please, have the courtesy and the good sense to not do that. 

Third: Canon or not, I will never going to stop to ship Bellarke. 

I don’t mind what producers, actors and other people are saying, Bellarke is and is going to be, forever, my main ship and I will never going to stop to ship them. 

I’m going to be a Bellarke shipper until the end, even with all the obstacles that JR & company put in their way. 

I still didn’t lost my hope. And I believe in Bellarke and in their relationship until the end. 

Even without being romantic, yet, they are, by far, the most well constructed relationship in this show.

And I’m going to defend that until my last breath on earth.

Le.xa is back. Good. I know I said that I didn’t believed that ADC was going back to S3, but, well, guess I was wrong. 

I still don’t like her. I love ADC, but I hate Le.xa and that’s not going to change.

Now, I wrote about this a while ago and I’m not going to change my opinion now. [x]

Seeing JR saying that “Clarke can find a way to forgive Le.xa” and that “reconciliation between them it’s possible” or whatever (probably this is not the exact words the he used but, it’s something similar…), makes me really mad to be honest. 

After all the shit that Le.xa did to Clarke, I really don’t see how can she forgive her.

For me, if something like that happen, they are ignoring all the development that her character had… For me, in my personal opinion, it’s totally out of character. 

Let’s see: 

- She didn’t forgive Wells, FOR YEARS, even when he was her best friend. 

-  When Finn betrayed Clarke, with all the history with Raven, Clarke didn’t forgive him. 

- She didn’t forgive HER MOTHER, because of what happened with her father. 

Clarke don’t forgive easily. If you watch the same show as I, you know that. 

And now, after all that Clarke pass, in large part, because of Le.xa, why on earth make sense she forgive her? 

After everything that she sacrificed? 

Finn, Bellamy, her humanity? 

I know that some of you are going to say that I can’t compare the way that Finn betrayed Clarke with the way that Le.xa betrayed Clarke, but guess what? 

Yes, I can. 

Yes, they betrayed Clarke in different ways, but, Le.xa’s betrayal is worst than what Finn did. 

And you know why? 

Because when Finn betrayed Clarke, the only person who was hurt was herself.  Finn’s betrayal only hurt Clarke’s feelings. 

On the other hand, Le.xa’s betrayal, even if isn’t directly associated with Clarke feelings, is associated with her people. 

Her mother, her friends EVERYTHING that she fought to bring back to her side, since the beginning of the season. 

Finn’s betrayal only hurt Clarke’s feelings, Le.xa’s betrayal condemned her people, to a certain dead. 

Clarke did everything in her power to protect her people, and with Le.xa actions, she saw her people being condemned to dead. 

She had to kill a mountain full of people, (even with Bellamy by her side, this is something that is going to haunt them forever…), she sacrifice herself, her feelings, her humanity and everything that she love and fought to protect (by stay away from the Camp…) because of Le.xa actions. 

It makes no sense to me if they put CL together and Clarke forgiving Le.xa..

And, please, don’t say to me that she forgiving Bellamy it’s the same thing that forgive Le.xa. It’s not. 

Yes, Bellamy was an asshole in the beginning of the show. 

Yes, he said he wanted to kill her, but he didn’t.

The situations are completely different… Let’s see, Bellamy never left their people to die (and no, I did not forgetting what happened on the show, with the radio and all that, I’m not blind, and, like I said, Bellamy was an asshole in the beginning…), on the contrary, he did everything to protected and save them… He risked his own life to protected and saved them. 

He risked his own life to save and to protect Clarke several times. (I know Clarke is strong and that she can save herself, but you can’t ignore how protective Bellamy is with her…).

He saved her, even when it was in his best interest, to have her dead (in the scene with the pit when he grab her hand - I’m not romanticizing anything, I’m just comment what happened - ).

Next from the spoilers that I read: 

Raven is going to suffer, AGAIN! 


Raven deserves to be treated with respect. 

She need to have a story-line who doesn’t involve her being hurt! 

She need to be recognized as the amazing character that she is, who saved everyone asses more than once. 

I’m so fucking tired to see Raven suffer! Fuck, it’s not enough people?! 

Grounders, grounders and more grounders… Do a fucking spin off people, this is “The 100″ not “The Grounders.”.

To be honest, I would love if they did a better job giving more plot-lines to, for example, Raven, Monty, Miller, Jasper, Harper, Monroe, Jackson and others than to have them always focused on the grounders plot-line.



Good, because all of them are traumatized after everything that they pass since the beginning. 

I know that I probably going to remember more things to say, but it’s late over here in my country and I’m going to finish for now.

If I remember something new, I will write again xD

Thank you to everyone who read it and feel free to talk with me and to share your opinion with me. Anon ask are turn off, but we can always talk in private :)

  • KITTY: You are the worst liar in the history of the world and the fact that I now have to spend six hours a week on the Island of Misfit Losers singing about how much better life gets after graduation (and the only way I can imagine that happening for them is if the whole world, except them, miraculously goes blind and deaf) is the worst thing I have ever been told in my life.
  • KITTY: I almost would prefer the suspension.
the courage of stars (5/?)

or, the arranged marriage between grounder!bellamy and sky person!clarke for blakebellcmy for my writing giveaway 

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Despite the intentions of Bellamy and Clarke’s marriage, and despite the fact that they are now allies in the war against Mount Weather, there is still tension between the Grounders and the Sky People. It’s in the little things - the way they won’t make eye contact with one another, the way elbows accidentally knock into ribs. Even Finn, the one who had so desperately pushed for the treaty at the outset, the one who had pled for peace time and time again, is still keeping up his newly-adopted anti-Grounder attitude, and although Clarke isn’t speaking to him, she can feel it in his stares, in the way he eyes Bellamy like a foreign object rather than a person. It’s petty, and it’s ridiculous, and Clarke is fucking sick of it.

Which is what Clarke is telling Raven the next day, as Raven tinkers with a radio and cusses quietly to herself, Clarke pacing around her in exasperation. “It’s like they can’t see that they’re human beings!” she says on a groan, running a hand over her face. “And Finn - God - Finn is one of the worst. Did I tell you what he said to me the other day?” Raven mumbles something incoherent, so Clarke surges on. “He told me I shouldn’t have married Bellamy,” she half-yells, anger creeping into her tone, and she stops and stands across from Raven at her work table, grabbing the table with both hands to steady herself. “He told me that he didn’t think it was a good idea, that Bellamy is just a monster hell-bent on killing all of our friends, that all the Grounders are.”

At that, Raven looks up, horror coloring her face. “He said that?”

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