NOTE: This graphic only contains actors who have appeared in multiple seasons


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Dating The Men Of AHS Hotel:

Donovan: Falling in love with you after The Countess dumps him. Running away together. “Hey baby”. Him turning you. Hunting blood victims together at night. Kinky sex. 

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Tristan Duffy: You being the one to get him off of drugs. “Babe”. Being front row in all of his fashion shows. Going to all of the hot parties together. Being at VIP in every club. Giving you his credit card to take yourself shopping.

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Will Drake: Being the only woman to turn him straight. Lip biting. Having an over the top wedding. You’ll always be wearing fashionable clothes from his clothing line. He’ll make sure you always have your hair and nails done by the best artists.

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John Lowe: Having fun getting drunk together. Amazing drunk sex. Scarlett and Holden loving you as their stepmom. Him confiding in you about his problems.

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Rudolph Valentino: Wine and slow dancing. Speaking to you romantically while whispering in your ear. “Mi Amore” “Bellissima”. Leaving trails of kisses from your neck, down to your stomach. Lots of love making. Randomly gifting you with a rose, and sometimes a bouquet of roses.

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James March: Love at first sight. Him being overprotective and jealous. Killing any man that even looks at you. Hand kisses. Always has Miss Evers prepare your meals. Cleaning his face for him after his kill. “Darling.” “My Queen”. Hair pulling and ass slapping during sex.

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