finn the twin

Someone asked for my smut masterlist, so here:

Below is 5sos, 1d, and old YouTuber stuff I used to write. 


1. All Ears: Phone sex with Michael.

2. Noob: Ashton’s never done this before.

3. Bedroom Nerves: 4/4 preferences. It’s the first 5SOS ‘smut’ I ever wrote, it’s very innocent.

4. Cockiness: 4/4 preferences.They feel a little threatened/jealous and want to prove themselves.

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Favorite Cartoon Characters! By nounouille (deviantart)
The style kind of looks like an old kid’s storybook!
Nice style! 😉

I couldn’t sleep last night so at 3 this morning I found myself on Marty’s Instagram and went all the back to like 2013. I found some absolute gems that I thought I’d share for those who haven’t seen them.

oh hey Finn!

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