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Three Buckets (Adventure Time)

After the intense drama from Whispers, the dramatic eighth season finale of Adventure Time continues in the episode “Three Buckets”.

This episode picks up right after Finn and Fern come back after defeating The Lich’s hand and focuses on Fern’s struggles to find his own identity , as well as being able to turn into other people and man, oh, man did this episode get intense!

We see Fern being able to change his appearance to look just like Finn and Finn is impressed by his new powers to do so.

They decide to go explore a dungeon hidden in a mountain that Fern discovered and Fern still gets frustrated in that Finn always seems to be one step over him, such as winning a rock-paper-scissors game.

While in the dungeon, Fern traps Finn inside of a room with a chair, a bucket of trash and some meat loaf, which Fern ends up saying that it’s actually just a pan of dirt. He mentions he’ll be back in a month with a new bucket of trash.

Finn gets upset that he was betrayed and abandoned by Fern, until he discovers that his robotic arm can do many tasks that PB utilized, such as become a fan, drill rocks and even weed whacking…

Finn ends up escaping, but gets into a fight and tries to reason with Fern, but ends up accidentally destroying Fern with his arm after thinking he said “fatality”.

This was shocking, to say the least…

He returns back home completely traumatized and speechless, to which Jake and BMO comfort him in a very quiet scene.

The episode ends on a giant cliffhanger with a mysterious man picking up the remains of Fern in a bucket and asks him “You looking for an uncle”?

Hoo boy! If there’s one thing Adventure Time knows how to do well is leaving you hanging with intense cliffhangers and more questions made than actual answers!

Before CN decided to divide the seasons, this episode was written to be the finale of Season 8 and from a storytelling perspective; it just makes so much sense to have the premiere be Two Swords and this episode to be the finale, as it really focuses on Fern’s struggles and inner demons as a person both physically and emotionally.

The overall creepiness comes from the fact how Fern feels that the only way he can be himself, is if he is the only Finn and feels he’s been in Ooo, long enough.

I actually noticed how Fern set up the dungeon room where he traps Finn, similar to his room inside the Finn Sword looked, with a chair and some food, which was definitely intentional, as Fern wanted to show Finn what it was like to be trapped in a small room for months.

Fern seems to be similar to Finn before he developed and matured at the end of Season 6, where he isn’t sure what his purpose is or what he’s meant for, whereas the real Finn matured throughout the series, especially after meeting both of his parents and broke up with Flame Princess.

I liked how this episode kind of contrasts that Finn has to battle his inner demons of whom he used to be and gets shocked after possibly “killing” a version of himself.

The comedy of this episode was pretty spot-on, such as the beginning with Jake and BMO trying to find out who broke their vuvuzela.

The mood whiplash where BMO tells Finn that they the look that Finn killed someone was pretty humorous in a disturbing way.

PB’s message to Finn on his arm was pretty sweet and it’s just adorable how she looks after Finn so much, even when he’s in trouble.

Also, the awkward stare that Fern gives to Finn after saying they’re like close brothers is pretty sad when you think about it.

Tom Herpich & Steve Wolfhard are two of my favourite boarders when it comes to making episodes with intense moments, drama and amazing comedy.

The ending with the man picking up the remains of Fern is most definitely setting up a character arc for Princess Bubblegum’s uncle, “Gumbald”.

Not only does he mention the word “uncle”, but he wears a ring and a robe with the letter “G” on it, so I wonder where he’ll fit into the final season of Adventure Time!

Gumbald was a character who was briefly mentioned way back in Susan Strong, where PB mentioned he chopped down trees in a single night, as well as building a cabin where she and Pep-But stayed during Hot Diggity Doom after the King of Ooo took over the Candy Kingdom.

The first glimpse of Gumbald we saw was during The Thin Yellow Line, where someone was imprisoned in the mural and shown to be locked away by Princess Bubblegum.

Why Gumbald was locked away and what PB has against her uncle is something I’d really like to know and hopefully gets addressed in the final season!

These episodes and Season 8 as a whole was just a fantastic ride and even though there are only about 16 episodes of the series left, if you count the shorts being the “Graybles Allsorts” from Season 6 and “Frog Seasons” from Season 7.

Regardless, these episodes were a lot of fun and what an intense and thrilling way to conclude the eighth season of Adventure Time and I cannot wait for the ninth and final season!

Fern was actually the original Finn.
The Finn we could see in the first 6 seasons of Adventure Time. Until in episode S06E19 “Is That You”. Jake and Finn had to safe Prismo the wishmaster. But their plan had consequences. Original Finn transformed into Finnsword.

It is much later in episode S07e38,39  “Preboot & Reboot“ Finnsword and grassword merged together and this is how we got the Fern we all love.

But Fern stil has the same emotions from the first 6 seasons. because he was a sword since that time.

It was a few episodes, before Finn became the Finnsword S06E06 “Breezy“ .He had to deal with some pretty emotional stuff. After  his breakup with Flame Princess he realized, he’s still in love with Princess Bubblegum.

In last episode “three buckets” Fern can be, and want to be Finn again. He has a bouquet of flowers in his hands, and it looks like he wants to deal with his emotions.