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“How do you even know if you’re happy if someone else decided it for you?
Don’t you want to be able to choose what you do? And where you go?”

“Sounds hard.”

“Yeah, but it’s also fun. And boring. And good and bad.
Life’s never just one thing.
We got freedom smushed up inside our guts.
We want to explore and have experiences and learn new things.”

—  Adventure Time, Islands: The Light Cloud

How is Finn a different person now that he knows about his mom and fellow humans?“

It was always important for us to not set this up as him going home - this isn’t his home, this is just sort of where he’s from and explains elements about himself that he didn’t understand. He always looks at Ooo as home and Joshua and Margaret as his parents, so it was never meant to be a story about him finding his real parents - it was filling this gap he had, so he’d understand himself a little bit better. He knows that he’s not the last human in the world; that was never the most important thing about him to begin with; so he feels a bit more complete.

—  Interview with Adam Muto
  • finn: im too young to die!
  • marceline: im not, but i still dont wanna!

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t me on piano. I used someone else’s beautiful instrumental (with their permission of course), which you can find here :)

“We move along, when there’s nothing left for us.”

So this is a cover that I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. I just think the song is so beautiful, and the lyrics are really in line with some of the stuff that I’ve been struggling with lately. It means a lot to me in so many ways, and on top of it all I also can’t help but also think of Finn whenever I hear it. He has this light inside of him that never goes out, despite all the bad that has happened to him, and to me, that’s what this song is about. It’s a message about holding onto hope, even when you feel like you’ve got nothing left. It’s a message that I need to hear, and am trying my best to follow.

Thank you so much for listening, and I hope you enjoy it.


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  • The Lich: Scared?
  • Finn: Actually, years of trauma and literally fighting for my life against the most powerful evil forces of all time have pretty much burnt out my adrenaline responses to situations like this and left me without the ability to feel normal reactions and emotions.
  • The Lich: What?
  • Finn: You wish.