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I’ll tell you who the monsters are! The people outside this tent! In your town, in all these little towns. Housewives pinched with bitterness, stupefied with boredom as they doze off in front of their laundry detergent commercials, and dream of strange, erotic pleasures. They have no souls. My monsters, the ones you call depraved, they are the beautiful, heroic ones. They offer their oddity to the world. They provide a laugh, or a fright, to people in need of entertainment. Everyone is living the life they chose. But you you undoubtedly will be one of those soulless monsters. Perhaps you already are.
—  Elsa Mars - American Horror Story: Freak Show

San Francisco Comic Con 2017: Full Jeremy Shada Panel (via steven alvarez)

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“How do you even know if you’re happy if someone else decided it for you?
Don’t you want to be able to choose what you do? And where you go?”

“Sounds hard.”

“Yeah, but it’s also fun. And boring. And good and bad.
Life’s never just one thing.
We got freedom smushed up inside our guts.
We want to explore and have experiences and learn new things.”

—  Adventure Time, Islands: The Light Cloud
  • The Lich: Scared?
  • Finn: Actually, years of trauma and literally fighting for my life against the most powerful evil forces of all time have pretty much burnt out my adrenaline responses to situations like this and left me without the ability to feel normal reactions and emotions.
  • The Lich: What?
  • Finn: You wish.