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Preference #99 - Man Crush Monday

Harry:Zach Beeken

External image

Niall:Alex Kinsey (Ignore Sierra, even though they are absolutely cute together.)

Louis:Dave Franco

Liam:Finn Harries

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Zayn:Bruno Mars

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A/N:Credit to pictures’ owners

Preferences Masterlist

Off to bed. One Direction preference tomorrow after work. I’m so close to done, but I need to crash. Here is my most updated list of preferences. Enjoy. 

One Direction Preferences:

1. Hook Ups 

2. Children of Divorce

3. Gift He Sends While On Tour

4. Puppy

5. Grammy Dress

6. He Steps Up In Your Child’s Life

7. The Photo That Confirms You’re A Couple

8. Handling Boys in Your Daughter’s Life

9. Parents Disapprove

10. Showering 

11. Children of Divorce Pt 2 

12. One Year Anniversary 

13. Our Battles

14. Still In Love With You

15. Losing A Child

16. All Too Well

17. Disney Princesses

18. Seven Deadly Sins

19. You’re Famous

20.  Beg, Borrow, Lie, Cheat, Steal

21.Little Girls

22. Road Trip

23. Purple

24. The Other Man

25. He Embarrasses You

26. Famous Break Ups

27. His Theme Song After You Two Break Up

28. Missed Events

29. Mr. Steal Your Girl

30. Misunderstandings

31. First Paparazzi Photo

32. One More Night 

33. Taylor Swifting

34. Children of Divorce 3

35. Single Father

36. Baby Nerves

37. Duets

38. Camp

39. Uncles

40. Rehab

41. Flyers

42. Visiting On Tour [Sisters]

43. Bra

44. You Can’t Be Together

45. Most Beautiful

46. Positive 

47. Part Time Gigs

48. Meeting Your Kid

49. Just Friends

50. Wish That I Was There

51. Breastfeeding

52. Brits

53. A Drunk Man’s Words

54. Touch Your Toes

55. Teenage Girls

56. Mine

57. Crash & Burn

58. Marks The Spot

59. Ready For Baby

60. We Used to Be Friends

61. Your Mysterious Tweet

62. His Mysterious Tweet

63. Kitchen Floor

64. Colors

65. Meeting Their Kid

66. Children of Divorce 4

67. Work Out Buddies

68. Rehab 2

69. Bloodsport

70. Like It’s Her Birthday

71. Uncles 2 

72. Had You First

Five Seconds of Summer Preferences:

1. Withdrawal

2. Favorite Book

3. False Alarm

4. Brits

5. Bedroom Nerves 

6. Summertime Sadness

7. First Public Photo

8. Cockiness 

9. Song He Writes About You

10. Quick & Low

11. Nieces

12. Professional Athlete 

13. “I Hate You”

14. Little Tour Gift

15. Famous Ex

16. Ready, Set, Don’t Go

17.  Lock And Key

18. Nieces [Tweet]

19. Can’t

20. Holiday

21. Play 

22. “I Hate You” [Tweet]

23. Trying

24. Little Secret You Kept From Him

25. Provoked 

26. Daughters

27. Puppy

28. Too Soon

29. Too Soon [Tweet]

30. Struggling Musician

31. Curiousity

32. Something Private Revealed

YouTuber Preferences:

1. BAFTA Dress

2. In The Wake of Tragedy 

3. Unwinding

4. First YouTube Video You’re In

5. Uncontrolled Urges

6. When I Was Your Man

7. The Break Up Song

8. Taboo

9. Favorite Outfit

10. Champagne

11. Superstar

To all the girls who are now dating their crushes, can we go get coffee and you explain to me how you do it? Because admiring him from afar is not working for me.

My talents include:
• Falling in love with celebrities I can never have
• Knowing everything there is to know about them in 3 hours
• Doing this over and over again.

20 December: He has a crush on you and comments on your tweet ( with a british youtuber twist)


@y/t/n out with my cheeky friend and trying Christmassweaters :)x 
@Louis_Tomlinson @y/t/n where did my invitation go? 


@y/t/n Jack and I needed to take a break after all the christmasshopping :) x
@NiallOfficial @y/t/n First time om not jealous of the food but a girl x


@y/t/n Kisses to everyone xx #christmaskisses
@Real_Liam_Payne @y/t/n damn them lucky Harries twins!


@y/t/n spending Christmas in France with this cheeky lad :) x
@zaynmalik @y/t/n Next time you will be with me in France love ;)


@y/t/n wii Jack and I got my Christmas tree today!! x   
@Harry_Styles @y/t/n you could have waited for me to help you babe x

Twitter: he is your ex boyfriend and comments on your tweet


@y/t/n @Caspar_lee got mad that i took his phone without asking lol x

@Louis_tomlinson @y/t/n i never got mad when you took my phone, he is probably cheating.


@y/t/n @Finnharries love this guy to the moon and back x

@niallofficial y/t/n this breaks my heart, please take me back.


@y/t/n boat trip with @jacksgap, hope we get any fishes today x

@Real_liam_payne @y/t/n be careful babe, make sure you dont slip or fall.


@y/t/n @Marcusbutlertv makes me so happy, love you x

@Zaynmalik @y/t/n im happy for you.  


@y/t/n bike riding with my favourtie brithish boy @finnharries x

@Harry_styles @y/t/n miss our bike rides, but i miss you more.

I wanna be that blog where you can ask any thing and have weird and random conversations with and that you check every day because you love the blog but I know that will never happen.