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One Direction:

Niall Horan:

You and Niall like each other but don’t know so you friendly flirt with Harry and Niall gets jealous

You and Niall are neighbours and friends and it’s been ages since you last saw each other and the nights ends up with you confessing secrets.

Best day of my life
Niall is popular, you not so much. So you think Niall will party instead of spending time with you. You end up getting surprised.

Harry Styles: 

You fly out to see Harry and it ends up with feelings getting hurt. 

All thanks to her
You are Lou Teasdale’s sister and dating Harry.

Best friend’s brother 
Gemma finds out that you, her best friend, and Harry are dating

Harry saves you from drowning

Louis Tomlinson: 

Green monster 
Louis gets jealous of you and Niall’s friendship

You are the stylist and Louis acts like he hates to hide his feelings 

Your teacher is Louis Tomlinson and you have to act out a love scene with him

Liam Payne:

Liam realises he loves you at a concert

The Vampire Diaries:

Stefan Salvatore:

I like you 
You like Stefan but are unsure of his feelings for you

Klaus Mikaelson:

Just a talk
You discover Klaus isn’t that bad

The Avengers:

Steve Rogers/Captain America:

Movie night 
Tony has a plan to get you two together

Surprise gone wrong
Steve tries to surprise you with breakfast

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier:

After a hard day all you want is to cuddle

Interview with the cast 

You and Bucky have to be fake-married for a mission. In order to do that you invite him over to get to know each other.

Tony Stark:

Tony won’t stop following and calling you pet names 


How you met 

Star Wars:

John Boyega: 

Star Wars marathon 
Star wars marathon with your boyfriend John 

Poe Dameron: 

Mission accomplished
BB-8 tries to get you and Poe together


Dean Winchester: 

Having a sister/daughter relationship 

Deans distances himself from you and a secret ends up getting spilled

John Winchester: 

#78. Follow your heart
#91. I want to hold you for longer


Dan Howell/Danisnotonfire:

Best friends 
You are plus size and Dan and Phil sticks up for you

Dan invited you to a party and got a whole lot more out of it

Phil Lester/AmazingPhil:

First date with Phil

Best friends 
You are plus size and Dan and Phil sticks up for you

Joe Sugg/ThatcherJoe:

You and Zoë don’t get along and Joe locks you in a room 


Ashton Irwin: 

#22. I don’t even know what’s going on.
#53. It’s all in your mind. 

Luke Hemmings:

What’s wrong part 1  part 2
Luke takes his anger out on you and it results in you leaving tour and breaking up.
#127. Have fun in Mexico without me

You decide to cover Amnesia and it brings you more than just views on youtube

Michael Clifford:

#10. “Teach me how to play?”

Calum Hood:

He promised to keep in contact and nothing happened resulting in bad news

The 100:

Finn Collins: 

Finn likes you being a bad ass

Bellamy Blake: 

Together or not 
#62. I am afraid to be close to you
#100. Loving you isn’t a choice

Safe and sound 
You have been away on a two week mission and can’t wait to see Bellamy again

Harry Potter:

Fred Weasley:

Daft Idiot
Fred likes you but doesn’t think you like him back.

Harry Potter:

Stupid Weasley Twins version 1 version 2
The Weasley twins get you into trouble and Harry lovingly teases you 


Alex Summers/Havok:

Energy Burst
A training session goes wrong but ends right

Anything for you
You’re super stressed and Alex helps you relax 

Charles Xavier:

Tickles and giggles
A relaxed afternoon with Charles


Simon Lewis:

Tongue Tied
Your Clary’s long distance best friend and meet Simon for the first time

Alec Lightwood:

The warlocks daughter
Your relationship with Alec improves after you get hurt during a mission.

Arranged Marriage (Brother)
You sacrifice your happiness and agree to an arranged marriage. Alec is not happy.

First date

Jace Wayland:

You should be mine
Jace gets jealous


Matt Murdock/ Daredevil:

You’re turned into a vampire and Matt distances himself 

Jurassic Park:

Zach Mitchell:

Thank you
First kiss


Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Lock screen
At a game night you discover something that will chance your life

Daveed Diggs:

After a long week on Broadway, Daveed invited you over to chill.

updated 11/12/16