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For the people who did see the episode “ketchup”, it was obvious that this was an episode full of emotion for Marceline. She told a story about how “rock star girl” wanted to safe her best friend, “lollipop girl”. After that, we could see a picture of her and her mother. She didn t even remember she had the picture.

But why ketchup? Why is this episode called ketchup? Not because BMO misheard Marceline saying ketchup?

No she wrote a song, dedicated to her father Fries Song

The fries made Marceline wonder if her father even loves her.

below is a scene frome episode “03.03 - Memory of a Memory“

As you can see she has ketchup in her hands and her father is eating her fries.

Also in the currently last episode of adventure time, “three buckets” Finn discovers some “dried ketchup“ on his arm.

Ketchup again, why is it ketchup? A metaphor for (un)resolved issues?

Well…… by removing “the dried ketchup”, Finn could hear a message from princess Bubblegum. And this was his way out……

my favorite thing is when someone references Eddie’s gazebos line in their post and someone unironically comments ‘ummmmmmm, they’re actually called placebos??????’

love it

i like how nick just walks by and interacts with hancock.

 out of all my playthroughs this particular interaction has never happened until now. still finding new things i’ve never seen before. 

this might be something really common, but i usually get to goodneighbor first before doing the main quest? so this was really new to me. 

Never Let Me Go

A Finn Balor soulmate story.

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn and you go way back. He’s your true soulmate but you were afraid to admit it because you are scared of losing him.

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 3.7k

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.:The Present:.

I picked up the flowers at the shop and placed them close to my nose, inhaling the scent of spring on this still cold February day. I could feel a pair of eyes staring at me. I turn around but there was nobody there.

“Can I help you?” A friendly flower shop assistant asked me.

“I’m taking these, ta.” I answered and offered her a weak smile.

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What I love about Star Wars is how it brings different generations together

My parents watched Episode IV when they were still dating and many years later they found themselves watching Episode III with me and my sister. We were in the cinema waiting for the movie to begin and I remember my mum suddenly turning around, looking at me and my sister and saying: “Who would’ve thought that we would’ve ended up watching the end of this saga with our daughters!” (That’s when we still thought ep III was going to be the last one, thank god it wasn’t!)

And it’s amazing how this passion just never leaves us, because now we’re waiting for the new movies together and I know that in December we’re going to sit down and watch all the old ones together because we love the saga and we just can’t get enough!

I love Star Wars, flaws and all. I grew up with these movies and I’m happy there’s more to come, more for us to see, new amazing characters to fall in love with and more galaxies to explore. Who knows, maybe one day it will be me watching it with my kids!

The most relatable thing ever trauma survivor thing put in a cartoon is that that one scene in Adventure Time where Jake tells Finn “You’re repressing the memory dude! You’re hiding whatever she is in a mental vault” and Finn just goes“Oh yeah, the vault! That’s where the stuff I can’t handle goes.” and Jake is just like “Ok so you even know you’re doing it.” and Finn in response is still all “Yeah! hahaha!”. It’s so relatable i feel as if it was written as a personal callout for me.