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What I love about Star Wars is how it brings different generations together

My parents watched Episode IV when they were still dating and many years later they found themselves watching Episode III with me and my sister. We were in the cinema waiting for the movie to begin and I remember my mum suddenly turning around, looking at me and my sister and saying: “Who would’ve thought that we would’ve ended up watching the end of this saga with our daughters!” (That’s when we still thought ep III was going to be the last one, thank god it wasn’t!)

And it’s amazing how this passion just never leaves us, because now we’re waiting for the new movies together and I know that in December we’re going to sit down and watch all the old ones together because we love the saga and we just can’t get enough!

I love Star Wars, flaws and all. I grew up with these movies and I’m happy there’s more to come, more for us to see, new amazing characters to fall in love with and more galaxies to explore. Who knows, maybe one day it will be me watching it with my kids!

A distant memory - Kol Mikaelson one shot

Request: Heartbreaking one shot request here. Imagine Kol having no choice but to compel your memories away of every moment you two shared together because it is to protect you and even though he’s in love with you as you are with him he knows there is no other way around it, and that he couldn’t risk losing you due to the threat always being after him and trying to get you to get to him. But promises one day he will come back and give your memories back when the threat is gone. [reader is human].


The two of you had been best friends for five years, but the two last years your friendship turned into a relationship. He held your hand through the time you removed your wisdom tooth, the loss of your grandmother and your exam. You trusted him with your life and he did protect you with his life. 

Somewhat along the way something had made him more distant. He wasn’t the same loving Kol as he used to. He tried to be, but you noticed a small bit of change, not much, but enough to make you notice.

You decided to confront him about it since you wanted to know, so one afternoon the two of you were having a movie marathon you asked: “Is something wrong?” He looked your way, smiling that smile that made you fall in love with him. “No, why would something be wrong?” 

“You seem so distant, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s me or something going on..” He pulled you into a warm hug. “It’s not you. I promise, it’s just something with my family.” You knew he was lying, you knew him that well. But you didn’t dig any further knowing that he would tell you when he wanted to.

It wasn’t about before a month from this date that he hadn’t talked to you for six days. Not a single text and that left you worried. The seventh day you were out of you mind, calling everyone he knew and asking about him, but no one knew about him. You were about to call his brother Klaus when he walked through the door.  

You threw your phone onto the sofa and ran up to him, hugging him closely. “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call or answer any of my texts?” The tears filled your eyes, but you did not let them fall. He was here, he was safe. He pulled out and looked at you. 

“I am so sorry I scared you and didn’t answer.” He said calmly. He didn’t look at you first, but then his eyes met your. “I can’t do this anymore.” You frowned not understanding. “What..?” He stepped back looking away. “I love you Y/n, but by being with you I put you at risk for being hurt, and I can’t see you hurt.” You tried to step closer to him, but he stepped back. “Don’t..” His eyes got all teary as he looked at you again. “Kol..”  

“No, I won’t put you at risk anymore.” Not knowing what to do, you just waited for him to continue. “I have to erase your memory to keep you safe.” You walked over to him and threw yourself around his neck. “You promised me you’d never compel me to do anything.” His strong arms wrapped them self around you and held you tight. “And this is me breaking that promise.” 

“Can’t you turn me, teach me to survive as a vampire.” You didn’t really want to be a vampire, but you would to be with him. “No, I won’t turn you. And I know you don’t won’t be turned either.” He let go of you, but held your arms looking into your eyes. “I have to do this, please don’t make this any harder.” 

He kissed your forehead one last time as he closed his eyes. He knew he would regret this because he loved you from the bottom of his heart. But he had to do this to keep you safe. He took your head into his hands and looked you in the eyes. “Y/n, you will forget every memory we have together, you will forget that I ever existed, if someone asks about me you will not remember anything. But I promise you that I will be back and then we can live together again.”

You blinked and as you opened your eyes all your memories were gone. Everything.  He was nothing more than a distant memory. You looked around the room as if you forgot the thing you were supposed to do. For a moment you felt someones presens, but you saw no one. 

 Two years later you were living a normal healthy human life, except you had moved into your own apartment. You were walking home from the library when you walked pass a stranger. Being your usual self you smiled at the stranger making him smile back. Your eyes met and something in you recognized them. You couldn’t place the eyes, maybe just a random person you have met at The Grill. This caused you to stop and gaze after him as he walked up to you. 

Your eyes met and he said: “You now remember everything.” You blinked and in that short moment of time from when you closed you eyes until you opened them only a second later all your memories with Kol ran through your head. “Never leave me again.” You said embracing him. “I promise you I will never ever leave you again.” 

Finnrey ficlet

Rey has worked with metal parts and mechanics her entire life. On Jakku, waste was not allowed : everything, up to the tiniest scrap of metal, was to be either sold or turned into something useful so that she could ensure her survival. But here, at the Resistance… she finds that some damaged or outdated circuits and ship parts are simply put aside or thrown away, no one having any use for it. And as the scavenger she is, she can’t resist taking all of it and putting it in her room. All this waste is unbearable ! There has to be something she can do with all that.

At first, she tries to build tools and circuits out of it, but the scraps are really beyond any use - even her mechanical genius can’t turn them into something functional. So, frustrated and a little bored, she starts playing with the metal rods, tweaking and curving them, using the blowtorch to fuse them together. She finds that the activity relaxes her, and when she’s done she realizes she has made a sculpture. A tiny metal sculpture looking like a sunflower turned toward the sky. Rey loves it so much that she starts working on a second one, a tulip this time. This one turns out to be prettier and more elegant than the first, probably because she knew what she was doing this time. When she’s done, Rey scoops up her sculptures in her hands and runs toward the shooting range, eager to show her work to Finn.

She finds him hitting perfectly target after target with his blaster, and she stays put for a little while, admiring the focused and determined look on his face. Eventually, Finn notices her and puts down his blaster.

“Hey, what’s up ?” he asks, putting an arm around her shoulder and kissing her forehead. Rey leans into his warm touch.

“I wanted to show you something I made,” she says, suddenly self-conscious.

She knows that Finn would never laugh at her work, but showing it to him still makes her feel weirdly exposed and vulnerable. She trusts him with her heart and her life, though, so she puts the tiny sculptures in his hand. Finn carefully looks at them, delicately turning them between his fingers, and then his face lights up with wonder.

“You made these ? That’s amazing ! They are really beautiful. I didn’t know you liked art.”

“I didnt know either until now,” Rey blushes under the compliments. “I never had the luxury of making something whose final purpose was to be beautiful and not functional. But.. i like it.”

Finn nods and stays silent, then a secretive smile stretches his lips.

“Come on,” he says, offering his hand. “I also want to show you something.”

Rey takes his hand and follows him to his room, intrigued.

“Is this an elaborate plan to get me naked, Finn ? Because you could have just asked,” Rey teases with a wink.

Finn laughs wholeheartedly, then shakes his head with an amused smile.

“That is a very attractive prospect, but I actually do have something to show you.”

Rey watches him open a drawer in his desk, and pull out stacks of paper. She realizes these are drawings and paintings. Finn seems a little embarassed, but allows her to browse through his artworks. He’s made colourful watercolors of landscapes and starry nights, and pencil sketches of droids and various people. There are a lot of sketches of Rey sleeping or working on her ship, and she smiles while wondering how she never caught him drawing her. Some other paintings are more abstract, looking like an attempt to depict an elusive memory.

“Finn, all of these are gorgeous ! I can’t believe you’re only telling me about this now,” she says while admiring a little painting of Takodana’s lush forest.

“Yeah, I know. I started sketching when I was still bound to bed, it was helping a lot with my frustration and boredom, and I ended up really liking it. I didn’t really hide it from you though, it just didn’t seem worth mentioning. Also,” he adds with a chuckle, “I kinda like drawing you when you’re not paying attention.”

Rey playfully smacks his arm, then puts her arms around his waist and her head on his shoulder. Finn squeezes her in his arms and she sighs, content. She couldn’t imagine a better place to be than Finn’s arms.

Stuff for S4

Raven Reyes builds a space ship and saves all their assess and finally stops suffering. She also gets hugs and smiles every. 2 seconds.

Bellamy Blake gets to laugh and hug Raven, Clarke, and Octavia ALL IN ONE DAY!!! He gets to mourn over the loss of his friends and the people he killed.

Clarke Griffin gets to mourn Wells Jaha, Jake Griffin, Finn Collins, Lexa Kom Trikru and all the people she killed. Also nap while Raven flies them to Jupiter or some shit,,, use a stargate.

Octavia Blake gets to finally break down and deal with her anger so she can heal and grieve over her childhood and Lincoln. She also need to apologize to Bellamy and SIBLING REUNION.

Murphy just needs cuddles with Emori. And some depression medicine.

Abby and Kane need to frick frack and get married probably. Also they’re the mom and dad of the 100 now.

Jasper and Monty need a bro hug and some funny movies to watch.

Indra needs to connect more with Octavia and they need BFF moments. Also Kane and Indra bffs.

Literally they need to chill, mourn, and then be safe and happy. They have survived enough, they need to LIVE now.